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It is important for you to know the guide of using D2L if in your college your instructor demands you to use it. By knowing the guide of D2L, it will be easy for you to use it when you have to submit your assignments, take quizzes and the other things related to it.

How to Login D2L OCC Royal Oak

According to Oakland Community College (OCC) website, if you want to use D2L, of course you need to log in first. To log into D2L, you have to enter your MyOCC username and password. After you enter your username and password, then you have to click on the Login button. Now, you have the access to D2L and you can do the things that you want to do with it such as submitting assignments, taking quizzes and many more.

How to Login D2L OCC Royal Oak

If you forgot your password, you are able to click on the ‘Forgot Your Password’ link. Then, you have to follow the instructions there to reset your password. If you find that you are not able to reset your password, you are able to click on the ‘Unable to Reset your Password?’ link and then you will be directed to the Self-Service Password Reset. What is it?

Self-Service Password Reset is a self-service way to reset your password when you have forgotten it. You are able to access the password reset button from MyOCC. After the password reset option is chosen, then you will be prompted for your Last Name and SSN or Colleague ID/ Student ID to validate your identity. After that, you will have to choose from a drop down list which personal email on file to receive the temporary password. If there is no non OCC email address on file, there will be an error message.

This service can be used by students, faculty and staff. To be able to use this service, you need a non OCC email address. You have to make sure that you register your personal email address by logging into MyOCC, choose the Student or Employee menu and then Change/ Add Email link.

If you have forgotten your password, you are able to reset it by yourself by accessing Reset My Password. However, if you are not able to reset your password, if you are students, you are able to contact the Enrollment Services office @ 248.341.2280 during campus service hours. If you are college employees, you are able to contact the Information Technologies Support Center.

OCC Help Desk

The OCC D2L Student Help Desk is present for you to get help with anything related to your D2L technical needs including email. You will need your student OCC ID and your OCC student email address in order to be helped. Those requirements are needed to ensure the protection of your account and personal information.

If you need help from OCC D2L Student Help Desk, you can do that through phone, email or chat. If you decide to contact them by phoning the helpdesk, you can call 1-855-772-1235 and it is toll free. They can be contacted anytime because they are available 24/7.

If you choose to send an email to get help, you can do that by filling the form at the Brightspace by D2L. You are able to access it by clicking on the Contact Support on the OCC D2L Student Help Desk page. Sending email can also be done anytime because it is available 24/7.

If you choose to chat, make sure that you do that from Monday to Friday at 8 am to 8 pm. You are able to choose the ‘Chat With An Expert’ icon that is located in the bottom right hand corner and then fill in the required fields. You need to note that the ‘Chat With An Expert’ will not open outside of the chat services business hours. It means that if you need help outside of business hours, you are able to contact one of their representatives through phone or email.

When you send an email to OCC D2L Student Help Desk, you must fill in your first name, last name, email address, user ID, telephone, student ID, description, urgency and attachment.

So, if you also need help with more guides about using D2L for Oakland Community College (OCC) Royal Oak, you are able to contact the phone numbers, email, or chat as we explained above.

Browser Supports for D2L OCC

To make sure that the process of using D2L is smooth, you have to make sure that you use the right browsers. So, you will have an optimal experience where you can have better performance, accessibility and security.

You need to use the latest version of a supported browser. If you use computers, specifically Apple Mac OS, you can use Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Mozilla Firefox. If you use Microsoft Windows, you can use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox.

Can we access Brightspace Learning Environment from D2L through tablets and mobile devices? Of course you are able to access D2L from your tablets and mobile devices. But again, you have to make sure that your tablets and mobile devices have the latest browser versions. If you use Apple iOS for iPhone and iPad, you are able to access D2L by using Apple Safari. If you use Android OS for Android phones and tablets, you are able to use Google Chrome.

There are several things that you need to know about using D2L. First, you have to make sure that JavaScript and cookies are enabled in your browser. Then, as of December 31, 2020, it is important for you to know that Adobe does not support Flash Player anymore and blocked Flash content from running in Flash Player on January 12, 2021.

What will happen if we use unsupported browsers? If you use an unsupported browser, a feature appears in the Brightspace Platform release notes, informing users about this change. If you force to connect to a Brightspace instance with an unsupported browser, there will be an error message, preventing you from logging in.

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