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The D2L program, a learning management system, has been trusted by millions of users, schools and corporations. Currently, D2L was awarded a contract with Montana State University (MSU). Well, more than 20,000 enrolled students of MSU will get online learning classes with the D2L program.

Of course, if you are a Montana student who wants to access the D2L, you should login first using your username or also NetID. With the D2L at MSU, you will get various tools for easy-learning in an online classroom. Let’s see how to log into the D2L Montana State University below!

D2L Montana State University

Logging Into the D2L Montana State University, Here’s the Guide!

To login into the D2L Montana State University, you should access the login portal first. Afterwards, you need to enter your NetID and password. So, make sure that you do not forget your NetID and password in order to get access to the D2L Montana State University.

Once you access the page, you will be required to enter your NetID and password. If you successfully log into the D2L Montana State University, you will see the courses when the instructor has made the course (s) active.

For more information, all courses provided in Banner each semester will be automatically provisioned or created in Brightspace. In this case, the users who are registered for a course and log into Brightspace will find their course offering if the course has been activated by the instructor.

The D2L Brightspace Montana State University Overview

The Brightspace Learning Environment is a learning management system to create, host and edit online learning resources. Moreover, Brightspace contains a flexible suite of tools for creating custom content for courses, institutions and also users.

A learner is the individual who views course content in the Brightspace Learning Environment. However, they are assessed on the knowledge they acquire on their learning journey. If you want to access the documentation, tips and also additional topics which are related to Brightspace, you can visit the Brightspace Community Site here.

Learn about NetID

A Network ID or NetID is a personal network login which is assigned to you, allowing you to access University services including calendaring, student records, Office 365 email, payroll information, e-learning like D2L, and many more.

The NetID consists of your initials which are followed by one or more numbers. Well, you can use it along with a password to get access to online services such as administrative systems and email.

A password will be required with your NetID to make sure that none but you are able to access your confidential Cornell information. In this case, your NetID and password will also give you access to services which are exclusive to the Cornell community.

Moreover, the NetID username is not case sensitive when used as a login credential. For more information, your NetID username is randomly generated from University records which typically includes some combination of your first, middle and also last name. In this case, your NetID username is not the same as your campus ID number or your email address.

How reliable Is Your NetID for MSU?

Of course, Your NetID will remain active throughout your time at the University. It is also possible to remain active after leaving the University, but this depends on your affiliation. The NetID will be eligible for students who are eligible to enroll in the current semester.

The NetID will also be worth for the former students who were enrolled in Summer 2010 or later will remain eligible for a NetID. It’s important to note that the students studying abroad are considered former students when no longer enrolled at MSU. Sure, all applicants are eligible for a NetID.

How to Create your MSU NetID ?

Of course, as an enrolled student, you will be required to create a MSU NetID. So,  here’s how to create your MSU NetID!

  1. Go to the Password Portal.
  2. After that, you need to click on the ‘Go to Setup Tool’ button in the New User Setup file.
  3. Then, enter your NetID and Click on the ‘Continue’ button.
  4. If you are new to MSU and have never set a password for your NetID, you should enter ‘MSU ID’ and ‘Date of Birth’ and then click on the ‘Continue’ button.

For example: -12345678. DoB format example for April 23, 1989: 04231989

For more information, the applicants who have set a password for their NetID prior to Aug 16, 2018 will also have the choice to enter it during this step and as long as it has not expired. If it has, they can enter their MSU ID and DOB instead.

  1. Choose and configure ‘Authenticatiion method/s’

However, the methods you choose to set up during New User Setup will be available for you to use in the future when you log into the portal.

  • 5 challenge questions: You will be required to configure 5 challenge questions
  • Email: It will provide an email address to use to receive verification code.
  • Text: It will provide a cell number which can receive a verification code.

It’s important to note that you only have to set up one authentication method, however, you are required to configure challenge questions regardless. You can also use the ‘Skip’ button to pass over the options if you do not want to configure. Well, you can always update your profile later to update or add an option.

  1. Once completion of setting up your new user profile, you can leave/ close the page or continue to set/reset your NetID password.

Well, if you have created the MSU NetID and want to reset your password, you can click on the Password Portal above and then click on the ‘Go to Reset’ button and follow the onscreen instruction to set your new password.

Need to know that your password will expire 180 days from the date you set/reset. Of course, you have a right to change your password at any time, so waiting for expiration is not required.

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