Is CPD Certification Recognised in USA?

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In the United States, thousands of training courses, e-learning programs, etc are officially accredited. Most training course, certification programs really help people to upgrade their skills and give a closer step for them to pursue a career on their path.

How about the CPD certification program? Is CPD Certification also recognized in the USA? If you have a plan to take the CPD certification program or even if you are currently in the program, you may need to know whether or not CPD certification is recognized in the United States. To find out the real information about, let’s dive into our post below!

Is CPD Certification recognized in the United States?

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development that is referred to as continuing education (CE). This program aims to allow people to boost their personal skills and proficiency throughout their careers. Moreover, the professionals engage in enhancing and strengthening their talents.

If you participate in CPD, you can ensure that your academic and practical qualifications remain current and relevant and of course it allows you to grow yourself consistently, regarding occupation, educational level and age.

In the United States, CPA is formally recognized and is often described differently, for example:

  • CE – Continuing Education
  • CPE – Continuing Professional Education
  • CME – Continuing Medical Education
  • CLE – Continuing Legal Education.

In fact, there are a number of universities in the United States that offer CPD courses and degrees such as University of Minnesota, Virginia Tech, California State University, Fresno.

Similar to the United Kingdom, there are also severe standards of CPD certification in the US for professionals to participate in CE in various sectors, with more than 4000 professional institutes, groups and authorities located around the country.

Of course, this is a very complicated subject, since each of the 52 states has different CE requirements for lawyers practising in regulated sectors. For example, lawyers in Alaska should complete less than four hours of CPD per year, while lawyers in Ohio should complete 24 hours of CE over a two-year period.

It is known that the CPD Standards Office actually works with numerous providers who are based or have their headquarters in the United States including Pinnacle Performance, Rosetta Stone and Columbia Business School in New York.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) was established in 1996, of course it is an independent accreditation service which is recognized. Furthermore, CPD assesses the educational program according to the highest standards and their accreditation is a symbol of qualification and credibility.

Is CPD Certification Recognized Internationally?

It is very beneficial if CPD is recognized internationally, especially if you have a plan to work outside the UK. The CPP is actually recognized for individual and professional body CPD requirements if the training provider has submitted the course content for CPD accreditation and the provider will also use words such as CPD accredited, delivered or awarded for CPD.

A CPD certificate recognized for a particular role or job function will depend on what you are using it for and who you are applying to. If you apply for a particularly specialist job with higher learning educational requirements, they may have specific prerequisites to the role which should be researched as well as your CPD to be considered prior to enrolment.

Is CPD Accreditation Recognized for Online Courses?

Yes, of course! CPD accreditation is officially accredited for online courses. Reportedly, tons of CPD training courses, e-learning programs, events, workshops, conferences and seminars are actually accredited every year, adding significant value for audiences and providers alike.

CPD’s unique experience and history working with training providers, academic institutions, professional bodies and corporate organizations allows them to support training providers looking for authoritative accreditation and are CPD courses recognized to industry standards and expectations.

The industry qualification and courses which are CPD certification recognised can benefit the relevant industry as a whole, since they really help ensure training providers offer great and high-quality learning experiences for students.

How to Learn Continuing Professional Development (CPD)?

There are a variety of ways to study CPD, including courses, online learning, workshops and educational events. However, it shouldn’t be seen as a replacement for a qualification. CPD online courses can be understood as ongoing development of skills that are already attained alongside existing degrees, qualifications or industry awards.

Furthermore, CPD assists show that individuals are invested and committed to their own professional learning and career progression. However, studying CPD online courses which are recognized will give you a head start to find a job in your desired industry.

What Subjects Are Taught in CPD Courses?

You should know that online CPD courses actually cover topics from basic computing principles to computer science and mathematics.

One of CPD certification recognized is coding and programming that can teach the fundamentals of how computers work and practical computing skills to build a strong career. Of course,  every individual can learn to write and read code and of course, it’s an increasingly high demand skill across a range of industry sectors.

In addition to learning coding and programming lessons, you will also learn digital marketing, which is a rapidly growing field of expertise and the demand for SEO Experts and content marketers is on the rise. In this CPD’s course, you will learn skills from customer engagement, PPC, organic SEO, digital marketing strategy and social media platform management.

Reporting and Analytic is one of the subjects you may learn in the CPD course. This subject allows you to understand and build effective online business strategies. Furthermore, online courses in this field may include data analysis, windows functions, queries and SQL (structured query language)

You may want to increase your skills on digital design. Of course, you can do it with CPD. CPD course will allow you to learn design, presentation, branding and website skills to boost your career opportunities in the digital world.

With CPD course, you may learn Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and other major software platforms like Ms. PowerPoint to assist people learn fundamental skills and techniques for enhancing and editing photos, building powerful marketing literature and also web design.

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