Do You Get Paid to Live in Alaska?

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When you are looking for information about one of the largest states in the United States named Alaska, you may find that people get paid to live in this state. Upon reading or hearing this, you may be wondering if it is true. So, do people really get paid to live in Alaska?

Do You Get Paid to Live In Alaska?

The answer to the question ‘Do you get paid to live in Alaska?” is actually no. Alaska does not pay anyone to live there. However, people who live there get some kind of payment from the government. Basically, the government gives a token to their residents in order to support them because living in this state is expensive.

How much do you get from the government of Alaska? According to the Alaska Department of Revenue, the PFD amounts vary. Since 1982, they have ranged from $331 to $2,072 for every single individual. In 2015, it was $2,072 for everyone or $8,288 for a family consisting of four. In 2018, the amount was $1,600 per person. As of now, one can get up to $2,000 every year just for living in this state. From the information, it can be concluded that everyone can get different amounts. What is sure is that these residents get a small portion of the oil wealth of the state every year.

Once again, the money that is given to the residents by the Alaska government is the oil royalties of the state which are divided up evenly among citizens and paid out via an annual dividend to everyone who is living in Alaska, including children. The money or funds for this is known as Alaska Permanent Fund. For your information, Alaska Permanent Fund was established in 1976 as a financial incentive. This one can help the residents of Alaska to make up for the higher cost of living in the state. Prior to its establishment, 164 tracts of state-owned land were auctioned to an oil company for $900 million. It happened in 1969. At the time, there was a discussion about where the money should go. The governor of Alaska at that time, Keith Harvey Miller, suggested for it to go directly to the people in the state. Fortunately, a lot of people agreed with his idea.

Do You Get Paid to Live in Alaska

Who Can Get Paid to Live in Alaska?

Some people claim that every citizen of Alaska qualifies to get paid in this state, even children. In fact, not everyone who applies will get paid. In 2018, there were 670,759 people who applied for this but only 629,820 received payments. In case you are wondering why, it is because those who are rejected did not meet up with the criteria. It means you will need to meet up with the criteria if you want to get the payment. So, if you are interested in living in Alaska so that you can get paid, you will need to make sure that you meet all the requirements, such as:

  • You are not claiming citizenship in any other state or country.
  • You should be physically present in Alaska for 72 consecutive hours during 2022 or 2023.
  • It is a must for you to live in Alaska for at least 180 days in the year. It means, it is a must for you to establish a full residency in the state. However, you will have to show proof to achieve the goal. Talking about the proof, it can be something such as home purchase, Alaska driver’s license or ID, employment (such as a W2 or paystub), voter registration, vehicle registration (Keep in mind it should be vehicle or truck and not motorcycle or motorhome), moorage or boat harbor fees (if you are living in a vessel), state benefits that require residency like Senior Benefits or Alaska Housing, lease or rental agreement in the name of the applicant, and moving household goods to Alaska and providing a shipping receipt.
  • It is a must for you to have plants living in Alaska permanently.
  • You should not be sentenced, convicted, or incarcerated for a felony during the year.

The Cost of Living in Alaska

As stated before, the reason why the government of Alaska pays the citizens is because the cost of living in Alaska is considered high. However, it varies a lot. To why the cost of living in this state is considered is because of some basic factors such as:

  • The cost of rent: If you want to get an apartment in large cities such as Anchorage, you will have to pay $1216 per month, according to For a house in a town, you can spend $837 a month.
  • Utility cost: In Alaska, utility cost is generally high. The number is especially higher during winter. While it is true that there is a difference in a few cities and towns, it is not much.
  • Feeding cost: Foods are important everywhere. In Alaska, people who live in the rural area tend to spend more on food compared to the ones that live in the cities. The reason is because moving food to rural areas is not cheap and the consumers have to pay for it.
  • Transportation cost: This cost also depends on the location. In general, you will have to spend a lot on transportation if you do not have a personal car in Alaska. Besides, public transportation is also very limited. Apparently, auto insurance is pretty affordable in this state. On the contrary, gas is more pricey.
  • Fewer job opportunities: It is not easy to get a job in Alaska. One of the reasons is because it has a small population. While it is true that the competition for employment is less than the other states, it is still not easy to get a job in this state.

The Other Reasons Why You Should Live in Alaska

Apart from the chance of getting paid by the Alaska government, there are some other factors that you can consider to live in Alaska, including the real estate is pretty affordable, it has a lot of breathtaking places, you will not have to pay state income tax or sales tax, and it has a rich and unique history.

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