Best Free Magazine Subscriptions by Mail 2022

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A lot of people love to read magazines. In this modern era, some people still love doing it. The difference is that instead of reading the magazines in the form of papers, they prefer to read the one online by using the mail option for delivery. One of the most common reasons is because of high printing costs.

Every day, there are always magazine subscriptions that you can claim online for free. If you are interested in these kinds of magazines, you may want to consider some of them below:

  1. Town and Country

One of the best free magazine subscriptions by mail is called Town & Country. In the magazine, you will be able to get a wide variety of business publications. If you are interested in it, you can subscribe to it by giving personal details such as your name and your email address.

  1. DuJour Magazine

For those who are into fashion, design, and travel, DuJour Magazine is perfect for you. This one is no doubt one of the free magazines by mail that you can get in your inbox. By reading the magazine, you can broaden your perspective of these key areas.

  1. HGTV Magazine

If you are looking for the best DIY ideas, budget buys, homes that you will love and all the great tips from HGTV starts, you can subscribe to HGTV Magazine. This magazine is believed to be one of the best magazines by mail that is available today. Not only is it free, the old edition of this magazine featured a holiday gift guide that gets rid of the stress of thinking about a gift.

  1. Women’s Health Magazine

If you are a woman and want to get a proportional body or just want to have a healthy life, Women’s Health Magazine is worth subscribing to. It will inform you about the right diets, quality exercise routines, and so on.

  1. Men’s Health Magazine

Just like Women’s Health Magazine, Men’s Health Magazine is for those who have a healthy life. As you can guess, the difference is that it is for men while Women’s Health Magazine is for men. Not only about the fitness, nutrition, and health, this magazine also discusses some other things such as grooming, sex, and so on. For men, knowing these things is necessary. For instance, by gaining knowledge about fitness, they will be able to get a proportional body.

  1. Healthcare Innovation

The best next free magazine subscription is also related to health. This one is called Healthcare Innovation. This magazine focuses on the issues in healthcare. It involves some topics such as medical equipment, the use of I.T., its function in the complete development of healthcare, and so on. It is such an amazing magazine as it sets a new trend in the health industry.

  1. Arthritis Today

If you need counsel on the management and treatment of arthritis, Arthritis Today offers such a thing for you. Even though the publication of this magazine will come to an end in the Fall of 2022, you can still get some other things from this platform.

  1. Diabetes Self-Management

One of the most interesting magazine subscriptions by mail is Diabetes Self-Management. It is unique and different compared to the others. By subscribing to it, you will be able to get practical and current information on different exercises, routines, nutritions, and so on, which are good to help you deal with diabetes. Actually, this magazine is not only for those who are currently suffering with this disease. If you are free from diabetes, you can also consider this magazine as you can get important information about diabetes that you can use to prevent it from infecting your body.

  1. Hearing Health Foundation

Hearing Health Foundation is the name of the magazine that gives you information about various hearing conditions. This one is published quarterly. Some information given by this magazine comes from personal experiences, human interest stories and resource guides.

  1. Elle Décor

By subscribing to Elle Décor by mail, you will be able to get a number of interior design ideas. Everything that is given by this magazine is top-north. All the ideas come from professional and experienced interior designers who are experts in maximizing every space and know how to make your home best. This magazine is well-loved, including by celebrities.

  1. Esquire

Esquire is clearly the kind of magazine that you need. It covers many things, including political insights, entertainment news, sports news, and many more. All the information can be found here. It means you do not have to look for a few information about different topics somewhere else.

  1. Bridal Guide

Are you planning a wedding but you do not have an event planner due to a limited budget? There is nothing to worry as there is a Bridal Guide that will help you to access everything that you need to make your wedding successful. Everything can be found here, including registry advice, event venue and the places for honeymoon.

  1. C California Style

C Magazine is the name of the magazine that focuses on brands related to lifestyle and luxury. This magazine has been around for more than 10 years. It is one of the best in culture, ceremonies, and news. For anyone who is into shopping, you will get the chance to get the best items in California by using its e-commerce store.

  1. Gentleman’s Quarterly (GQ)

The thirteenth free magazine by mail that you can consider is Gentleman’s Quarterly, which is also more known as GQ in short. It is the best place to find a wide variety of fashion tips on the lifestyle, health, and fashion of the gentleman.

  1. This Old House

Home maintenance is known to be hard. If you are thinking of doing a complete home makeover, you may need directions from experts in the industry who are believed to know more than you. Fortunately, there is This Old House, the one that will offer you the step-by-step instructions.

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