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If you are a student of Inver Hills Community College, you may need the tutorial of how to use the D2L Brightspace program. However, there will be a bunch of tools that you can use to perform various activities on the D2L Brightspace program.Certainly, if you’re new on D2L Brightspace, you will be confused how to use it.

Thankfully, this post will show you how to use the D2L Brightspace for Inver Hills Community College. Let’s see our post below!

D2L Brightspace Inver Hills Overview

D2L Brightspace Inver Hills

Inver Hills Community College is part of the Minnesota State College and University systems (MnSCU) which is an educational institution at the forefront of improving accessibility for its students. The college’s charge has been to improve its community to provide higher education for a variety of learners for more than forty years.

With more than 70% of students from underrepresented populations and 20% first generation college students, Inver Hills strongly believes that fulfilling this principle makes education accessible to all.

Well, the reason can be the background why the Inver Hills Community College uses the D2L Brightspace program for their learning method. To perform the D2L at the college, Graetz began to implement a process for creating accessible videos using open captioning after being approached by instructor Carrie Naughton, a teacher of online development math.

Graetz utilized technologies from Kaltura, Automatic Sync Technologies and the D2L to make sure videos were accurately and effectively captioned in a short time frame. Moreover, Naughton’s existing course videos are used for online learning which is located within the Brightspace platform.

Graetz uses the Kaltura Management Console and its integration with Automatic Sync’s CaptionSync service to tag video which really needed captioning. Videos are automatically uploaded to CaptionSync, transcribed by professional transcriptionists, captioned, and returned to instructors via Kaltura for use at Brightspace.

Logging Into the D2L Brightspace Inver Hills

To login into the D2L Inver Hills, you should access the login portal first. Afterwards, you need to enter your username and password. Make sure that you do not forget the username and password. Thankfully, Inver Hills gives two options for logging into the D2L Brightspace, here’s how it breaks down!

  • Login with Inver Hills username

The first choice to log into the D2L Brightspace Inver Hills is to use the username and password. The password and username here are obtained when you have registered in the faculty before. So, if you want to log into the D2L Brightspace Inver Hills, use your username and password.

To log into the D2L Brightspace Inver Hills with username/ non-StarID, you can access the page at https://inverhills.learn.minnstate.edu/d2l/login?noRedirect=1.

How if you forget your password?

Don’t worry! If you forget your password, you can reset your password through this link here.  Then, you will be required to enter your username. After that, the Inver Hills team will send you a password reset link to your email address associated with your username. Then, click on the reset link and make your new password.

  • Login with StarID

Aside from logging with username, you can also log into the D2L Brightspace with your StarID. However, the StarId here is a username which replaces a lot of login IDs with one ID and one password, everywhere and every portal login.

Moreover, you can only need one StarID where you can use the same StarID across Minnesota State to log into many services such as the D2L Brightspace, email and many more. Of course, you can only change your password in one place, starid.minnstate.edu and it will change everywhere.

Additionally, the StarID and password are needed to access your student email account and other campus information. So, if you forget the username and password to log into the D2L Inver Hills Community College, you can use your Minnesota StarID and password, as an alternative.

To log into the D2L Brightspace Inver Hills with StarID, you can access the page at https://inverhills.learn.minnstate.edu/d2l/lp/auth/saml/login

Learn about the D2L Brightspace Navigation at Inver Hills!

Through these navigations below, it will help you to lead what you want to do, here are they:

  • Minibar

Minibar navigation will always be visible and will help you to access the Brightspace Learning Environment.

  • My Home

This navigation will get you back to your organization’s homepage. On ‘My Home’, you will  usually find plenty of  important information from your organization on the homepage.

  • Course Selector

The Course Selector can be used to access your courses. You can pin your courses to the top of the list for easy access,

  • Messages

Messages will notify you about instant messages and unread mail sent by your instructors and other learners.

  • Subscriptions

The Subscriptions navigation will inform you about new blog posts, threads, topics and subscribed discussion forums.

  • Updates

The Updates will inform you about grades, new and updated announcements, due dates and end dates.

  • Username

The username will always allow you to change your user profile, account settings, notifications,  and log out.

  • Course Homepage

This navigation will provide quick access to find the  important information related to the course. Well, the course homepage for each course probably will be different.

  • The Navbar

The Navigation bar definitely provides links to course-specific tools, including the assignments, quizzes and discussions. The navbar here may change depending on your course. Here are what you will find on the navbar:

  1. Materials dropdown will lead you to course materials like the syllabus which are commonly found in the ‘Content’.
  2. Communication dropdown will lead you to find the tools to communicate with others in your course, view the course ‘Announcements’ from your instructor or also participate in online ‘Discussions’.
  3. Assessments dropdown will show you a bunch of tools such as  ‘Quizzes’ where you can take online tests, ‘Assignments’ where you can submit papers, and ‘Grades’ where you can view the grades which are given by your instructor.
  4. Resources dropdown shows you the links to useful academic resources such as Technology Support, eServices, and more.

Okay, that’s the D2L Brightspace navigation that you’ll find when accessing the D2L Inver Hills Community College.

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