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The Pima Community College or PCC always tries its best to provide the access to learning without being limited by the time, place, or distance. In order to enable the community of students to access the Pima Community College courses taught entirely online, Desire2Learn, which is also more known as D2L, is used by the Pima Community College. This one is also helpful to access hybrid courses taught both in face to face classrooms and online and traditional face to face courses with supplementary materials online.

Furthermore, Desire2Learn or D2L was made by John Baker in 1999. Everything started when his engineering class was getting challenged to look at the world in a new perspective by throwing some questions that had never been asked before by anyone.

D2L Pima Community College Review

At that time, Baker was aware that technology was on fire but he knew that his university was left behind. The question that he had was about how people could use technology to transform learning. He always thinks that ensuring that everyone gets the access to the best possible learning opportunities is one of the most important things people can do to help each other. Thanks to his mind, right now, D2L is teaming up with people all around the world to provide the learners that was hard to imagine.

If it is your first time hearing the thing about D2L Pima Community College, here is the review for you.


Pima Community College always tries their best to provide a variety of learners that rely on online connectivity to reach their academic goal. They are making an effort to find innovative ways to lower costs while they keep providing a high quality education to the students without seeing the barriers they encounter, be it economic, location, or personal schedule.

Reorganization of online learning

The story of how the Prima Community College turns into the next online learning started by identifying the needs of their community. There are a total of six campuses operated by Pima, that serve the county and population area around Tucson, Arizona. It is not easy for the students to access education. There are some challenges that they have in front. Some of them live in remote and rural areas while some other ones are challenged by the economic situation or they are busy with work or family. Education is clearly important for these kinds of students to earn well and to walk a flowery path, which in the end is good for the community as well. As the attempt to fulfill the needs of its students and the community, Pima is eager to provide an education that is affordable, flexible, effective, and the one that is helpful for the students to achieve their dream.

To make everything possible, the Director of Learning Management Systems and Services named Carlos Carrillo searched for the thing that supports the online learning environment of Pima to improve the things offered by the university and to risen the enrolment in the programs so that they can reach more students without caring about their location, age, economic situation, or personal schedule.

The initiative for open education resources

Pima has successfully worked on a total of 20 online courses that use OER or Open Education Resources. Basically, the students have a chance to complete an associate in Liberal Arts in a fully online program. There is no cost required to be paid for the textbooks. It is such good news for the students as they can save their money.

Student centered learning

Every student of Pima gets some advantages from the ability to bring their experience and their interest to their education. The discussions in the class can be more fun because the students are allowed to express and share their thoughts with the instructors as well as their friends. This kind of circumstance is definitely good for the students because they can relate their course to real life. The environment provided by the learning management system makes it possible for the students to upload, link, share news items, social media posts, and so on to explore their mind.

The impact of technology on enrolment

When the enrolment numbers from the previous years were low, things have gotten better. According to Michael, the numbers have increased. In the other words, more students can get the benefit from an education compared to the previous years. Better mentoring of faculty, better oversight of quality are the main aspects for the increase, as stated by the Dean of Distance Education named Jan Kempster. In addition to that, more consistency in the courses in Brightspace also plays a big part.

By teaming up with Desire2Learn of D2L, Pima Community College now owns an established quality review process. They have a regular way of looking at online courses, hold them against a rubric, evaluate them, and then identify the methods to make them better on a regular cycle.

Exceptional student response

There will be a survey held by Pima each year to allow the students to give their voice about the online program. According to the students, the reliability of Brightspace is the most important thing when it comes to online learning. As for the thing that satisfies them, it is the reliability of the LMS.

Connecting students with careers

Pima is teaming up with the business partners in the region to provide the jobs for the students. These partners will take the students that are well trained and well prepared for certain positions. The team from Pima will provide course creation services. Besides, they will also help the companies to develop courses that focus on the skills and proficiencies needed by the companies.

About accessible video learning

When it comes to online learning, video learning is really helpful. The statement is correct, especially when learning languages. Each student is able to get more experience with their instructors and course material by seeing and hearing instruction material. This kind of thing is something that was always wanted by Pima.

The advantages of continuous delivery

Thanks to the continuous delivery and monthly updates by D2L, Carlos and his team get some advantages. The issues can be handled before it damages the system.

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