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As a new student at OCC (Oakland Community College) or may be as a candidate of the student of OCC, you may wonder about D2L. So, what is it? This thing is important to know because it is part of the learning tools at OCC. So, here we will give you information about it.

What is D2L?

D2L stands for Desire 2 Learn (desire to learn). This is a global software company. D2L is a cloud software for educational technology. The offices of this company are in the United States, Singapore, Canada, Europe, Australia and Brazil. D2L develops the Brightspace learning management system. Do you know what Brightspace is? It is a cloud-based software suite which is used by schools, institutes of higher education, and business for online and blended classroom learning. Besides, D2L also develops Open Courses which is a Massive Open Online Course platform.

What is D2L

In 2004, D2L introduced support for Competency Based Education for the first time and then they launched an integrated ePortfolio product to permit learners to be able to document their own learning.

A beta of a redesigned interface using responsive web design was launched by D2L. It is for offering full functionality on mobile devices which saw general release in 2017.

The products which are offered by D2L are:

  • Brightspace

It combines an ePortfolio, Learning Environment, Learning Repository, Video Recorder, Virtual Classroom, eTextbook platform called Binder, and Mobile apps in one cloud-based platform.

  • Engagement Plus

It combines interactive components for engaging course designs, a cloud-based Lecture Capture system, and a Course Catalogue/ Registration System.

  • Performance Plus

It is a bundle of learning analytics which aims to help automate tasks and identify risks.

  • Open Courses

It is for facilitating experimentation with new pedagogy and developing new ways to reach global learners.

Meanwhile, the services which are offered by D2L are end-user help desk support, cloud-based learning system, technical account management, technical data management, advisory consulting, training, program management, course development, accessibility design support and customization.

The Functions of D2L at OCC

What is D2L at OCC

With the use of D2L, you are permitted to access online course materials and activities. Besides, you are able to collaborate with your instructor and other students from your home, office or anywhere with an internet connection.

Oakland Community College (OCC) has a dedicated D2L technical support team which can help you for 24 x 7 x 365. So, if you have questions specific to D2L, the team is always ready to answer your questions.

The Things to Know About D2L at OCC

  • What do we have to do if we do not see our course listed in D2L?

If you are in this situation, you are able to check your My Class Schedule on MyOCC. But, first you need to check whether you register today? If so, you have to wait 1 business day for your enrollment to be added to D2L. However, if you do not register today, let’s say that you have been registered at least for 3 days, you have to make sure that you see a link to D2L beside the course section in the My Class Schedule. If you see it, you can check the dates for the section. After that, you will see that the course appears in D2L from the Select a course… dropdown menu 7 days before the MyOCC start date. It is important for you to know that the course will disappear in D2L from the Select a course dropdown menu 10 days after the MyOCC end date.

But, what should we do if we do not see the link beside the section? If you do not see it but you believe your instructor is using D2L, then you are able to contact your instructor for getting more information.

  • How to know if my course is in D2L?

You will know if your course is in D2L, you will see a link next to the courses listed under My Class Schedule when you are logged into MyOCC. If you see that link, it means that your instructor will be using D2L.

  • What is the meaning of this error: “No login. Either you have failed to login or your login has expired.”

If you see this error when you try to use D2L, it means that your D2L session has ended because of inactivity. Note that an inactivity timeout of 180 minutes (3 hours) has been set for the D2L system at OCC. If you are logged into the system and you find that it remains idle for longer than 3 hours, the system will log you out automatically. If you try any function in the D2L system of OCC and have been logged out because of inactivity, you will get the error message as you can see in the question above. If you want to continue to use the D2L system of OCC, then you have to log in again. It is important for you to note that any information which is not saved will have been lost and it is not recoverable because of the inactivity and the resulting end of session.

  • Where do we go to be able to help with logging into D2L?

Well, it is important for you to know that D2L uses your MyOCC credentials to log you into the system. If there is a situation where you do not remember your username on your MyOCC, the things that you have to do is to choose the ‘What’s My User Name’ link that you are able to find at the bottom of MyOCC. However, if you do not remember your MyOCC password, the thing that you have to do is to choose the ‘What’s My Password’ link which can be found at the bottom of MyOCC. Alternatively, you are able to visit any Enrollment Services location and then ask to have your MyOCC password reset.

  • Where do we have to find information regarding D2L’s web accessibility compliance?

Now, the D2L Learning Environment is used by Oakland Community College . If you want to review the information about the Learning Environment, you are able to visit D2L’s Accessibility Standards Compliance page.

  • Why do certain areas of the D2L system stop working when we install and use the beta version of a browser?

It is because beta versions of browsers are not supported. So, you are able to use a supported general release version of the browser.

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