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As a DePaul student, you may have limited time to access the official DePaul website to view your courses, schedule, progress reports and more, because of your busy studying everyday. You may need a handy-app that you can access anywhere and anytime.

Well, DePaul University seems to answer what the students need with the launch of a mobile application called iDePaul. One of the advantages that you can get with this app is to get access to the D2L, DePaul’s learning management system.

So, let’s find out more information about the iDePaul mobile app if you’re really interested in using it!

What Is an iDePaul App?

iDePaul is the DePaul University student mobile app which delivers relevant, timely information to the students which works to improve the student experience and deeping campus engagement. iDePaul app was relaunched in the summer which has a new look.

This DePaul student app definitely shows content from multiple university resources such as social media accounts, campus news and even DePaul event calendars. However, it will refresh automatically based on each student’s unique interests and preferences.

Apart from being a convenient hub for university information, the students can also access other mobile-friendly resources directly within this app. Through the iDePaul app, the students are able to browse their courses and view the D2L assignments, look for the University Library catalog, use campus maps and many more.

Get the iDePaul App Now!

As an effective communication channel app for the university to reach the students and also distribute personalized announcements and notifications, it’s highly recommended for you to start downloading this app on your smartphone.

The iDePaul app is available on App Store and Google Play Store. Well, if you want to download this app, you just simply go to your mobile stores either App Store (for iPhone) and Google Play Store (for Android).

Download iDePaul on Play Store here.

Download iDePaul on the App Store here.

Get the iDePaul App Now

Additionally, the main audience of the iDePaul app is current DePaul students. Therefore, this app pulls only student registration information from Campus Connection. In this case, Faculty cannot see the courses that they’re teaching.

This iDePaul app only integrates with Desire2Learn (D2L), not CDM’s Course On-Line (COL) Learning Management System. Then, if a course and its multiple factors are associated to one section in D2L, the iDePaul app cannot display the discussions and assignments.

What’s In the iDePaul App?

iDePaul app provides plenty of features to ease the students to find what they need within this app. Here’s a list of great features that you’ll find on iDePaul mobile app:

  • D2L Courses

As we’ve mentioned, in order to access the D2L easily, the iDePaul app may be needed for the students. Through the iDePaul app, you’re allowed to browse any courses, especially D2L assignments and discussions, see class times and locations, all on the go. The students will also get real-time information for courses they’re enrolled in.

  • Campus Maps

Through the ‘campus maps’ feature, you can totally drive out your stress of getting lost on campus. With this feature, you can find out where your buildings and classes are located on campus.

  • Events

With the iDePaul app, you can also get the information about when and where your favorite events are taking place. Through this app, you can view details on upcoming events across campus including concerts, exhibits, campus speech and more.

  • Directory

You can search the public campus directory to get email and phone numbers. For DePaul students without active FERPA blocks, the directory feature will display preferred email only. For DePaul faculty and staff, the ‘directory’ feature will show them business email and phone.

  • Notifications

The iDePaul app also provides instant notifications and campus bulletins including registration dates, reminders of tuition payments and more.

  • Important Numbers

With the iDePaul app, you can immediately access the students help lines, public safety office and other important resources.

  • News

The students will get the latest headlines from across campus by easily accessing the students and campus news.

  • Videos

The iDePaul app provides recent event videos, speakers and campus orientation. So, the students can enjoy by seeing what’s been happening around the campus through the iDePaul app.

  • Library

iDePaul app allows the students to easily search the library catalog and databases, access the research guides and view locations and hours.

  • Athletics

Get the latest development and news for your favorite campus team including sports articles, scores, up-to-date news and videos covering university athletic programs.

Well, those are all features that you can use when working with the iDePaul app to get any information.

Other DePaul University Apps

DePaul University also has a bunch of apps, here are they:

  • DePaul University – Experience

This app allows the students and families to easily navigate the campus and learn about their unique locations, programs and also cultures. This interactive student guide will accompany you as you explore their offerings through the use of GPS-enabled campus maps.

Get DePaul University – Experience on Play Store.

  • DePaul University Int

You will find the fact why learning at DePaul University is a right choice for you. This app will provide the information about DePaul university including DePaul University facts, programs they offer, contact the school, interactive campus map, get notifications on important dates and upcoming deadlines and be able to share with your friends on social media as well as watch videos and view pictures in the gallery.

Get DePaul University Int App on Play Store.

  • DePaul University ELA

This app can be used especially for English Language Academy. Through this app, you can also find that ELA is a right choice for you when deciding to study at DePaul University. Through this app, you can also find the ELA student services which inform you important services to follow and more detailed information related to these and additional services.

Just like DePaul University Int, with DePaul University ELA app, you can also find some informations including DePaul University facts, programs they offers, contact the school, interactive campus map, get notifications on important dates and upcoming deadlines

Get DePaul University ELA on Play Store.

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