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For those who are looking for the information about the Helb portal second subsequent application, here is the step by step guide on how to apply for it online. Apparently, the procedure of the online application includes the documents that student needs to have them when applying for Helb for the first time and online application guide.

Even though the procedure of Helb application is done online, the student is required to download the Helb form for signing and submission to the nearest Helb offices. Please keep in mind that some of the documents that you should have when starting to apply for Help include.

Here are some of the Helb loan application requirements. The first one is the national ID card. the second one is the bank account. The third one is the KRA PIN. The fourth one is the parents details photocopy of the national identification card. The fifth one is KCSE and KCPE results. The sixth one is the email address. The seventh one is the details of any three people who will be your guarantors that are already employed. Do not forget that you should have the copy of their ID.

In case you do not have the KRA PIN, here are the steps that you have to follow. First, open KRA web portal and click on the register button. Second, select the Taxpayer Type as individual and Mode of Registration as online form and then click on the next button. Third, fill in the basic information. Fourth, obligation details. Fifth, source of income. Sixth, download and print the PIN Certificate.

After everything is complete, all that you have to do is to complete the procedure of the Helb second and subsequent application. First, access the Helb web portal on your browser. Second, fill in the form provided by entering the correct information. Third, click on the Sign Up button that is located at the bottom in order to create your account. Fourth, check the email account in order to verify the account created on Helb portal. Fifth, log into your Helb account and click on tab that indicate crate account in order to create your Helb account. Sixth, after logging into your account, click on the link saying “First time and Subsequent TVET Online Application”. Seventh, fill the form provided accurately. Please keep in mind that you will be expected to provide the personal information such as the education, university, parents, family expenses, guarantors, and bank details. In order to save the information, you have to click “Save”. Eighth, on the completion, access the homepage of your account to check and confirm the information that you have provided. Ninth, still, on the same page, click on the icon indicated “Print form” in order to print your Helb form. Tenth, download and print two copies of your filled loan application form. Eleventh, have them signed and stamped by the relevant authority and guarantors. This one is for the first time applicants only and by your dean at the university for the subsequent applicants.

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