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SNHU (Southern New Hampshire University) is a university which offer online programs for its students. This online programs will be able to help you clear the obstacles which stand between you and your career. There are more than 200 online degree programs that can help you meet your goals, navigate the financial aid process and transfer credits to get you to the finish line faster. To apply this program, SNHU uses some tools and one of them is Blackboard. What is it and how to access it? Continue reading this until the end.

If you are new students of Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) and you want to access Blackboard, you have to access the Student Portal of SNHU. The SNHU Student Login page can be used for accessing Blackboard, Webmail, One Card and mySHU portal access online and it can be access at Besides, MYSNHU is also a portal that si able to connect you to class schedules, billing, technology support, grading, messages from advisors and more.

You are able to access the official website of Southern New Hampshire University at Then, there will be a lot of menu in the main page including Academic Programs, Admission, Tuition and Financial Aid, Student Experience, About SNHU, Request Info, Apply Now, Visit SNHU, Employers, International Students, Military, my.SNHU Login and more. If you want to access Blackboard, you need to click on my.SNHU Login menu which is available in the top right of the main page. However, this menu can also be found in the bottom left of the main page. After you click that, you will have to fill in your username and password. After you login, you will be able to access everything including Blackboard. Blackboard is an environment of virtual learning and system of learning management which is developed by Blackboard Inc. It is web-based server software which has course management, customizable open architecture and also scalable design which permits integration with student information systems and authentication protocols. The main goals of this program is to add online elements to courses traditionally delivered face to face and to develop completely online course with few or no face to face meetings. The contents of Blackboard includes:

  • ¬†Course content. It permits teachers to post articles, videos, assignments and more.
  • Calendar. This function can be used by teachers or lecturers t post due dates for assignments and tests.
  • Learning modules. It is used for strictly online classes and permits professors to post different lessons for students to access.
  • Assessments. It permits teachers or lecturers to post quizzes and exams and permits students to access them via internet.
  • Assignments. It allows assignments to be posted and students to submit assignments online.
  • Grade book. Professors and teachers can post grades on Blackboard for students to view.
  • Media library. In this function, videos and other media can be posted.

So, if you want to be able to access all features in Blackboard, you need to login first to your SNHU account.

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