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In 1932, Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) was founded as a tiny, privately funded and operated school. It was created to train bookkeepers in both the theory and method of accounting. It started as a two-room business school above a nondescript storefront in donwtown Manchester, NH. At that time, the tiny enterprise enrolled fewer than 10 day students and 35 evening students in bookkeeping, accounting and secretarial courses.

Now, this campus has more than 85,000 students and 250 programs which are available online and on campus. This campus is recognized as one of the nation’s most innovative organizations and fastest-growing universities. As a nonprofit institution and pioneer in innovative higher education, SNHU is committed to student success. To apply that commitment, they offer two faculties including campus faculty and online faculty.

In campus faculty of SNHU, there are full-time and adjunct professors who can bring extensive academic, career, and life experience to the classroom. They do not only bring the wisdom of experienced teachers and mentors, but also passion for drawing out the best in each and every student. How about online faculty? In online faculty, they are also committed to their mission of student success. They require strong academic credentials, relevant industry experience and a passion for teaching so that SNHU can hold faculty members to high standards.

If we talk about online faculty, you may want to know how to access Student Portal of Southern New Hampshire University. To be able to access it, of course, you need to access the official website of SNHU. Through this website, you are able to access anything including information about study, tuition, student portal and more. When you access the website, you will be able to see that there are some menus including Employers, International Students, Military, My SNHU Login, Request Info, Apply Now, Visit SNHU, Academic Programs, Admission, Tuition and Financial Aid, Student Experience, and About SNHU. If you want to access Student Portal, you have to click on my.SNHU Lohin which you are able to find in the top right of the website’s main page. After you click that, you will be directed to a page where you have to enter your username and also your password. If you are successfully log in, you will be able to access anything such as Blackboard, webmail, One Card, grading, messages from advisors, billing, class schedules and more.

In Southern New Hampshire University, there are student service that can help student in any fields. The student service includes academic advising, campus accessibility center (CAC), campus ministry, student services, international student services, the Wolak learning center, office of diversity programs and wellness center. Wellness center is a place where you can meet professional counselors who will sit down with you to listen your life issues. The Wolak Learning Center is a program which is designed to help you make the best transition to the on campus experience. Campus ministry is a place where you can share your faith and explore your spirituality and there are spiritual direction and counseling. How about other students service? You are able to read more in the official site of SNHU.

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