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Do you want to access Lexia Core 5? As a student, you may be required to access Lexia Core 5 and you need the guide to login to Lexia Core 5. Here, we have some information about it which may be able to help you.

How to Login to Lexia Core 5

To be able to log in to Lexia Core 5, you can start it by accessing this linkĀ https://www.lexiacore5.com/register. Then, you will see that there is a field where you have to enter your teacher’s email and then click on Save.

How to Login to Lexia Core 5

Another way to access Lexia Core 5 is that usually the login page link is available on the website of your school. For example, if you are a student of Gotwals Elementary School, you are able to find the link for logging in to Lexia Core 5 by accessing the official website of Norristown Area School District atĀ www.nasd.k12.pa.us. And then, you have to put your cursor on the District Schools menu and choose Gotwals Elementary School. Now, you will be taken to the Gotwals Elementary School page and you have to put your cursor on the Students menu. Then, click on the Lexia Core 5. You will be taken to a page where there is a link to access Lexia Core 5 login page. Click on that link and then you will be taken to the Lexia Core 5 login page and then enter your teacher’s email in the field and hit the Save button.

If you do not know the login information that you have to enter in the field for logging in, you have to contact your teacher.

About Lexia Core 5

What is Lexia Core 5? If you are a new student or you are the parents of a new student, you may be curious about it. According to the official website of Lexia Learning, Lexia Core 5 Reading is an adaptive blended learning program which can accelerate the development of literacy skills for students of all abilities so that it helps them make that critical from learning to read to reading to learn.

As we know that elementary school years are an important time for reading development. It is because they create a foundation for learning across all subject areas. However, as explained on the website of Lexia Learning, according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), year after year, roughly 60% of American fourth-graders are not reaching reading proficiency. If there is no targeted instruction and intervention, for these children, literacy will continue to have a steeper uphill climb.

So, Lexia Core 5 is present and has a mission to mitigate that gap. Lexia Core 5 was built on Structured Literacy which is aimed to help provide equitable learning opportunities for all students and also to transform student learning for success and well-being. With Lexia Core 5, educators are allowed to provide differentiated literacy instruction for students of all abilities. The research-proven program of Lexia can help substantially reduce the students’ risk of not meeting grade-level standards while still being able to give accelerated and on-track students the instruction they need to thrive.

Key Features of Lexia Core 5

Here are the key features which are offered by Lexia Core 5 according to the official website of Lexia Learning.

  • Adaptive blended learning model

Lexia Core 5 offers a three-step adaptive blended learning model. Here, students are given motivation by their own success as they follow their own personalized learning paths. Lexia Core 5 makes performance data of students easy to access and simple to interpret. Teachers also have the resources that they need for face to face instruction and independent student practice.

  • Real-time actionable data to inform instruction

In Lexia, there is a patented Assessment Without Testing (AWT) technology which provides teachers and administrators a full view of progress by student, class, school or district without stopping instruction to give a test. It can save teachers up to a month of instructional time by identifying student risk levels, predicting future performance, prescribing instructional intensity and providing real-time data and action plans.

  • Research-based and research-proven

The quantity and quality of efficiency research on Lexia Core is unparalleled. It has 20 peer-reviewed and published research studies that meet the standards of evidence needed under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). A strong rating, the highest ranking available, was received by Core 5 from Evidence for ESSA. The National Center on Intensive Interventions (NCII) made a report about positive effects favoring Lexia users over non-users in all reviewed studies.

  • Three-step instructional branching

Lexia Core 5 has explicit, systematic, and adaptive learning, scaffolding students if they struggle, providing guided practice or even direct instruction on the specific error type and advancing them to higher levels as they show proficiency.

  • Core 5 Scope and Sequence

In Lexia Core 5, a systematic and structured approach to six areas of reading including vocabulary, phonics, phonological awareness, structural analysis, comprehension and automaticity/ fluency are given to all students from at risk to on level and advanced. For each student, the program makes a personalized learning path via an adaptive placement and scaffolded activities that align to rigorous state standards.

  • Mobile technology for students and educators

Students are allowed to access Core 5 in the classroom, on the go and at home by using their laptops/ desktops including PC, Mac, and Chromebook and tablets including iPad and select Android models. Whatever the platform that students use, they have access to a full program and they can move between supported devices seamlessly. Besides, the educator platform of myLexia on iPad, web browser, iPhone and Apple Watch brings student, classroom and school-level performance data to your hand. So, it permits educators to leverage the power of data-driven action plans for students anytime, anywhere.

Based on the performance of students in the online program, specific intervention and practice resources are recommended by Lexia Core 5 and it empowers educators to focus on the most important thing, namely delivering just the right instruction at just the right time.

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