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Are you a new student of James Madison High School? If you are a new student of this high school, then you have to know some information about student portal of James Madison High School. It is because you will need to login to your account to do everything related to your academic activity.

Student Portal of James Madison High School can be found in the Student Life menu. When you access the website of James Madison High School website, you will be able to see some menus at the top of the screen including About JMHS, Who We Help, Academics, Admissions, Tuition, and Student Life. To go to student portal, you have to direct your cursor on the Student Life. Then, there will be appear some sub menu such as Student Portal, Connect Online, Graduation, Career Services and Blog.

Click on Student Portal. The student portal of JMHS was designed with you in mind. It has versatiles features, user-friendly functionality, surprising simplicity which add up to a satisfying student experience and a clear path to course completion. If you want to login to your account, you just need to click on the blue Students Portal Login that you can find clearly in Students Portal page. After you click that, you will be directed to a student login page. To login, you will have to fill in your username in the username field and also your password in the password field. Then, do not forget to hit the Login button.

Sometimes, there are students who forget their username or password, if it happens to you, do not be worried. The thing you can do is to click on “Recover it here” under “Forgot your username/ password?” beside the login section. When you click on that, you will be brought to a page where you have to enter your username to reset your password and then hit Submit button. If you forget your username, you can click on “Click here” under “Forgot Username?”. By clicking that, there will be a pop up window where you have to enter your email address and then click on Submit button.

What should we do if we are not a student yet? If you are not a student yet, you need to click on “Learn More” that you are able to find under “Not a student yet?” beside login section. If you have any questions or you probably face some problem when you login, you are able to click on “Contact Us” under “Have a question?” beside login section. There, you will find some contacts that you are able to use when you want to ask something. If you want to ask about your student account or transcript, you are able to ask the student services advisers which are available on Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 9:00 pm and on Saturday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

If you want to know more about how to login, make profile updates, access course eBooks, view grades, and other tips for exploring the Student Portal of James Madison High School, you are able to watch the simple instructional videos that you can find in the Student Portal.

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