Charlize Theron Birth Country Crossword Clue

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Charlize Theron birth country is one of the crossword clues that was seen on Daily Themed Crossword Puzzle. If you have no idea about the answer, the possible solution is RSA. You can check how many columns that are available. If there are three, there is a high chance of RSA to be the right answer.

For those who have no idea what RSA is, it stands for Republic of South Africa. This one is more known as South Africa in short. This country is the southernmost country in this continent. It has more than 60 million citizens, making it the 23rd most populous nation in the world. Unlike most countries with only one capital city, South Africa has three: executive Pretoria, judicial Bloemfontein and legislative Cape Town. The strange thing is that no one of these cities named as the largest city in the country. If you want to know, the largest one is Johannesburg.

Charlize Theron Birth Country Crossword Clue

Aside from the birth country of Charlize Theron, RSA or Republic of South Africa or RSA is also described as:

  • Cape Town’s country: Abbr.
  • Cape Town’s home: Abbr.
  • Mandela’s land: Abbr.
  • Press. Ramaphosa’s nation
  • Country that has 11 official languages and English is only the fourth most common (abbr.)
  • New York talmudic yeshiva known informally as chofetz chaim (abbr.)
  • Only African member of the G20 internatioanl forum, for short
  • Pretoria’s land: abbr.
  • Us org. that researches the ancient art of persuasion (abbr.)

As mentioned before, Charlize Theron birth country was seen on Daily Themed Crossword Puzzle. This crossword clue is included in the across section. There are a lot of clues in this section. The other ones include:

  1. Slack jawed reaction: The possible answer includes AWE.
  2. Apple desktop: The possible answers include IMAC and MAC.
  3. ___ Rasputin…: 2 wds.: The possible answer includes RARA.
  4. ___ beta kappa: The possible answer includes PHI.
  5. Cigar residue: The possible answers include ASH and ASHES.
  6. Egg in a zoology lab: The possible answer includes OVUM.
  8. The Last ___ 2018 documentary about four triatheles: The possible answer includes MILE.
  9. Doesn’t die out: The possible answer includes LASTS.
  10. Divine garden: The possible answer includes EDEN.
  11. Heart: Flatline to ___ Line 2016 documentary about six cardiac patients participating in athletic events: The possible answer includes FINISH.
  12. Wedding words: 2 wds.: The possible answer include IDO.
  13. Froot ___ (cereal brand): The possible answer includes LOOPS.
  14. ___ DiFranco singer of Fire Door: The possible answer includes ANI.
  15. Homer Simpson’s cry: The possible answer includes DOH.
  16. Chemical suffix: The possible answers include ANE, ENE, IDE, INE, ESE, ODE, ASE, YNE, ONIC, ACENE, OSE, ITOL, OLIC, EINE, INOL, DIOIC, OLIDE, IEN, and ICON.
  17. Utility bill data: The possible answer includes USAGE.
  18. Actress Gardner from The Night of the Iguana: The possible answer includes AVA.
  19. Cable alternative: Abbr.: The possible answer includes DSL.
  20. Coastline feature: The possible answers include INLET and RIA.
  21. Ambulance sound: The possible answer includes SIREN.
  22. Plead: The possible answers include ASK, BEG, and ENTREAT.
  23. 100 ___ 2016 Spanish film about a man with multiple sclerosis who competes in a triathlon: The possible answer includes METERS.
  24. The Man with the ___ 2018 documentary about British professional triathlete Tim Don: The possible answer includes HALO.
  25. Manicurist’s targets: The possible answer includes NAILS.
  26. Length x width for a rectangle: The possible answer includes AREA.
  27. Raggedy doll: The possible answers include ANN and ANDY.
  28. Cricket pitch measuring unit: The possible answer includes YARD.
  29. Play parts: The possible answers include ACTS, SCENES, and ROLES.
  30. Young boy in Scotland: The possible answer includes LAD.
  31. Gardener’s tool: The possible answers include EDGERS and TROWELS.
  32. Take a ___ at (try something): The possible answer includes SHOT.
  33. Oinker’s dig: The possible answer includes STY.
  34. Call ___ day: 2 wds.: The possible answer includes ITA.

The question about the birth country often appears on the crossword puzzle. Apart from the question about the birth country of Charlize Tharon, some other ones that commonly appear include:

  1. Clue: Birth country of “Captain Phillips” actor Barkhad Abdi
    Length: 7
    Answer: SOMALIA
  2. Clue: Birth country of Barack Obama’s father
    Length: 5
    Answer: KENYA
  3. Clue: Birth country of Niki Lauda
    Length: 7
    Answer: AUSTRIA
  4. Clue: Sir John A. Macdonald’s birth country
    Length: 8
    Answer: SCOTLAND
  5. Clue: Series about lunatics in their birth country?
    Length: 14
  6. Clue: Birth country of M. Baryshnikov
    Length: 4
    Answer: U S S R
  7. Clue: Isabel Allende’s birth country
    Length: 4
    Answer: PERU
  8. Clue: Birth country
    Length: 10
    Answer: FATHERLAND
  9. Clue: Maryam Mirzakhani’s birth country
    Length: 4
    Answer: IRAN
  10. Clue: Birth country of the Olympiad
    Length: 6
    Answer: GREECE
  11. Clue: Person who doesn’t live in their birth country
    Length: 6
    Answer: EMIGRE
  12. Clue: Birth country of Magnus Carlsen where skiing is a way of life for locals
    Length: 6
    Answer: NORWAY
  13. Clue: Nobel prize-winning author noted for his comic portrayal of his birth country, Trinidad, in novels
    Length: 7
    Answer: NAIPAUL
  14. Clue: Mexico’s neighbor that’s the birth country of writer Miguel Angel Asturias
    Length: 9
    Answer: GUATEMALA
  15. Clue: Bordered to the south by Latvia, the birth country of former chess grandmaster Paul Keres and Skype co-developer Jaan Tallinn
    Length: 7
    Answer: ESTONIA
  16. Clue: ‘Birth Nation’
    Length: 3
    Answer: OF A
  17. Clue: Birth state of David Rabe and Janet Dailey
    Length: 4
    Answer: IOWA

Completing a crossword puzzle is about having a knowledge about many things. One will not become the best immediately. Just like any other things, practice makes perfect. Even though it is your first time or you fail a lot, it does not matter as you can always try again.

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