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Learn to Read provided by www.starfall.com is known as a complete beginning phonics instruction and practice resource. The main menu of it features 15 colorful panels. Feel free to click on any one of them for an activity to engage emergent readers. There are some instructional songs and videos, concentration matching games, complete the word activities, and many more.

The content offered by this tool includes isolating, blending, vowel pairs, short and long vowels, and consonant digraphs. Arrows on every page can be used by children to explore freely, but if they work in order, all completed levels will reward them verbal praise, stars, and a review of all the things learned by them.

Starfall Learn to Read is able to be accessed wherever your kids are learning and playing, including on tablets and mobile devices. Please go directly to www.starfall.com/h/ltr-classic to try it. Starfall does not have ads and does not collect or sell personal information, so you do not have to worry while visiting the site.

Aside from that, this amazing thing is also available in the term of the app. To get it, you can just go to something like Google Play Store for Android phones. When you are there, find the app and press the Install button so that it will be installed in your device and you will be able to enjoy the app.

An amazing series of dynamic and interactive phonics lessons in auditory, visual, and tactile learning style is offered by Starfall Learn to Read. This free app is created by the supporters of Starfall, a publicly supported non-profit organization. Each activity on the site is used to motivate through exploration, positive reinforcement, and play. If you want to access all the contents provided by Starfall, please visit www.starfall.com/accesibility.php.

Since the early 2000, children around the globe have learned to read with Zac the Rat and the children in this era should too. Each section on Starfall features a vowel sound and all related spellings. With this app, your kid will be able to hear, touch, read, and eventually become a master of sound spelling through some engaging activities, movies, and songs. As a parent, it is better for you to encourage your kids to play and explore. In the end, you kid will be able to recognize the relationship between the spoken and written language while having fun learning to read. It is such an excellent app for stimulating the brains of the readers and the English language learners.

What’s good about the Starfall Education Foundation is the fact that they are committed to providing access for blessed kids. There is the accessible Index which is the result of the project to convert activities from the old Flash player model to the HTML 5, the new one. The main purpose is to provide accessible educational activities directly to the official website of Starfall for computers as well some other devices without having to download or install software or apps.

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