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Wheatley Park School (WPS) is a co-education public secondary school which consists of approximately 1,150 students. WPS is located in Holton, Oxfordshire, England about 8 miles east of Oxford. Since May 2014, WPS has been an academy. This school is very popular for producing the United Kingdom’s former Prime Minister, Theresa May.

Are you one of the WPS students who are looking for the student portal? If so, accessing the WPS student portal is quite easy for you as long as you really know the related link. Don’t worry! This post will give you a link to access the WPS student portal. Here you go!

WPS Student Portal
The link to access the WPS student portal is here. Once you access the link, you’ll be taken to sign in page. On the sign in page, you’re allowed to enter your username and password that you already register. After entering your username and password, you can then click on the Sign In button. If you enter the correct username and password, of course, you’ll be successful to access the WPS student portal.

Through WPS student portal, you can also get access into Gmail, Google Drive, Google Classroom and also Google Calendar. However, it will ease you to get what you need in the learning process.

With Gmail, you will easily receive email especially from WPS or your teacher. Google Classroom here provides you to get your school tasks and the tasks that you have finished. You can also see the list of your school tasks on Google Classroom.

Google Drive will store your important data of your school tasks or anything in the form of documents, images or also videos. While Google Calendar allows you to see the date which will remember you into your school tasks or scheduled school activities.

Knowing for WPS Departements

Here’s a list of WPS Departments that you should know:

  • Art and Photography

In year 7 and 8, WPS has a strong emphasis to develop the skills and also understand a wide range of 2D and some 3D materials. However, it’s supported with a study of artist’s work and experimentation with great technique. Artists such as Picasso, David Hockney, Van Gogh and Hundertwasser are the superb inspirators for WPS students.

  • Business and Economics

Business and Economics are such a main subject which can assist the students to be aware that business behaviour can be learned from the perspectives of a range of stakeholders. This subject also develops a critical understanding of organizations. Through this subject, the students will get a range of skills including problem solving and decision making.

  • Computing and IT

This department provides the first class teaching, developing subject knowledge, embedding subject knowledge and creating enthusiasm in Computing.

  • Design and Technology

In this departement, the WPS students across the disciplines of Design & Technology, Textiles, Food and Nutrition. For Design & Technology, it is well equipped which is committed to develop their resources and technologies to support teaching and learning.

  • Drama

This subject provides a wealth of chance for all pupils to use Drama as a way of expressing their ideas and opinions. Aside from that, it also builds as a recognisable medium for learning and a superb method of communicating ideas. Need to know, drama is such an essential curriculum at WPS.

  • English

English subject at WPS is to assist students to harness the power of language, expressing their own views with purpose and precision. What the students do in these subjects include reading as writers, choosing words carefully, writing in context and core GCSE knowledge.

  • Geography

Geography subject allows the students to learn about numerous fantastic places. In year 7, the students learn about Africa & Kenya and Urban Environments. In year 8, the students learn about Watery World of Asia – India & China and Ice on land. In year 7, the students learn about the wasteful world, hazardous world, global people, Middle East and Russia.

In year 10, the students learn about Graphical skills, mathematical skills, river landscapes, coastal landscapes, coastal landscapes and rural-urban. In year 11, the students learn about weather, climate change, ecosystems, development and social issues. In year 12 and 13, the students learn about water and carbon cycle, changing places, hazards, global systems, global governance, coastal systems and landscapes and geographical fieldwork investigation.

  • History

History subject is to develop a clear understanding of past events in helping the students conceptualize the world around them today. Aside from that, this subject also allows the students to know how events, people and innovation have caused continuity and change over time.

  • Mathematics

Through math subject, the student will learn to describe their thought processes and also justify their answers. It also talks about mathematical concepts clearly.

  • Media Studies

The WPS students learn media to empower the students to create better informed choices through a deeper understanding of the media-rich world they inhabit. They will also learn to be suspicious and cynical about media,

  • Modern Foreign Languages

This subject is to provide all students to enjoy learning of foreign languages as well as embracing linguistic challenges, so they can choose to further their language studies.

  • Music

Music is one of the important curriculums at WPS where the students can express their emotion and also hone their talents in the music.

  • Physical Education

This subject provides a space for students to have fun with stimulating lessons. It will also provide a high quality extra-curricular program. It also gives the students a chance to develop the leadership  and coaching skills.

  • Psychology and Sociology

Psychology subject really help us to understand about mental illness, criminal behaviour, learning and memory and many more.

  • Religious Studies

Religious Studies allows the student to understand the role, mature, influence of different religions, beliefs, traditions and lifestyles in the world. The aim of this subject is to emphasize that people may desire to connect with God.

  • Science

Science is the most influential subject at WPS as it becomes the most popular subject which is much sought after by people. At WPS, the students will learn Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.

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