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For those who are looking for the information about the answer key for the Cabinet Departments Worksheet, you are able to read the text below. Here we are going to try sharing that information. Also, we are going to share other information related to Cabinet Departments.

The Answer Key for Cabinet Departments Worksheet

Here are some of the answer keys for the Cabinet Departments Worksheet:

A. On the President’s Authority. Debating about the purpose of an executive advisory council focused on the question of authority. Learn the two positions and make at least two reasons to support each! Which is your strongest support? Why?

Answer: Answers are going to vary. Please check for support by students for their selection.

B. Please follow these two flow charts which show the process of becoming a cabinet member. Each one has a crucial part missing. Signify that part, and state what would be at risk if it were skipped in the real process.

  • Which important step is missing?

Answer: Vetting by the White House

  • If this step is skipped, what is at risk?

Answer: If the White House does not check on the nominee’s background in the process, they may miss crucial information which will disqualify the individual and embarrass the president in the more public Senate settings.

C. Nomination hearings take a special brand of dramatics to Capitol Hill. Please take on the role of Senator for the questions below.

  • You are a part of the same party as the president and support nominee. What convinces you to withdraw your support from a nominee during the process?

Answer: The answer will vary

  • You are a part of the opposition party and you do not support nominee. What convinces you to alter your mind and support the nominee?

Answer: The answer will vary

  • You are a member of the opposition party and do not support the president’s recess appointment. How do you respond to media inquiries regarding the appointment?

Answer: The answer will vary

D. Cabinet Contents. Use the information from the list of departments to assist with these questions.

  • Which century saw the most growth of the cabinet? How many departments were made?

Answer: 20th Century, 8 departments added to the cabinet.

  • Name a department which you think has the most impact on your day to day life? Why?

Answer: The answers will vary, but look for solid reasoning for each.

  • Choose one cabinet position, then list at least two qualifications you think a nominee should have if appointed.
  • Answer: The answers will vary. Please look for thoughtful qualification ideas.

E. The presidential cabinet will be able to impact you in three main methods. Choose one discussed in the lesson and explain why it will be the most important form of impact to you.

Answer: The answer will vary

What Is the US Cabinet?

The US Cabinet is a series of the departments within the Executive Branch of government that are meant to give advice to the President on problems related to their respective offices. Each department has a secretary who oversees all department activity and also reports to the President. The US Cabinet Secretaries are chosen by the President of the United States, with a Senate confirmation hearing needed for approval of nominees. Cabinet appointees can be dismissed by the President at any time without the approval of the Senate.

What Is the Role of the Cabinet?

The role of the Cabinet is to give the President various matters regarding their respective offices. Each secretary of the department is expected to inform the President in any way that she or he requires. Those departments do not have power of their own, however work closely to the President. Also, they are responsible for presenting directives speaking to the needs of the American people.

Various Cabinet Departments

Here are the cabinet departments:

  • Department of State
    The Department of States will handle matters related to international relations and national foreign policy.
  • Department of Treasury
    This Department is led by the Secretary of the Treasury. They handle the production of currency in the United States.
  • Department of Defense
    Led by the Secretary of Defense, the Department of Defense handles matters regarding national security and the United States Armed Forces.
  • Attorney General
    The Attorney General is the head of the Justice Department and serves as the chief lawyer to the United States Government, representing and supervising the country in all legal matters.
  • Department of the Interior
    The Secretary of the Interior led this Department of the Interior, which is responsible for managing federal lands in regards to conservation and natural resources, such as reservoirs, dams, and wildlife.
  • Department of Agriculture
    This is the Executive Department which deals with all matters relating to food, farming, and rural economic development.
  • Department of Commerce
    Led by the Secretary of Commerce, the Department of Commerce is going to handle matters relating to economic growth, like setting industrial standards or collecting data for policy-making.
  • Department of Labor
    Led by the Secretary of Labor, the Department of Labor handles unemployment benefits, wage standards and workplace safety.
  • Department of Health and Human Services
    Led by the Secretary of Health and Human Services, this department oversees matters relating to public health and family services.
  • Department of Housing and Urban Development
    This department will manage the programs like Housing and Community Planning and Development, passing legislation which affects development, and fair housing.
  • Department of Transportation
    Led by the Secretary of Transportation, the Department of Transportation makes sure the safety and modernity of American transportation services.
  • Department of Energy
    The Department of Energy deals with policies regarding energy production, nuclear weapons and waste disposal.
  • Department of Education
    The Department of Education will handle a number of duties related to education such as financial loan and grant management, and also collecting data about schools for future policy.
  • Department of Veterans Affairs
    This Department provides healthcare and benefits to veterans of the United States.
  • Department of Homeland Security
    This Department is the third largest Cabinet office, handling public security problems like terrorism, cyber security, border security, disaster prevention, and immigration

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