Why Deakin University ?

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When you decide to get into a university, it is an important time because we have to choose the best universities. There will be several questions in your mind when you have to choose a university. Is the university reputable? Does the university have the best lecturer? How about the facilities and access? So, what’s university do you want to apply?

Deakin University is categorized into the best university and it can be an option for you. The university which was established in 1974 is one of the top 20 universities in Australia because this university is ranked in 18th position in Australia. In the world, this university is ranked in 309th in 2019. Even this university is also ranked the 1st for skills development in Victoria because of having course curriculum that can integrate real world expertise with practical skills.

With Deakin, you will get award-winning courses, innovative teaching, and facilities which are world class. The flexible study options, opportunities to study abroad and work placement programs will make you do not just study a course at Deakin but you also will get a great experience while getting ahead in your career. The extensive research capabilities of Deakin University can attract millions of dollars in grants and also foster strategic national and international partnerships in key research facilities that include The Centre for Advanced Design in Engineering Training, The Deakin Regional Community Health Hub, The Geelong Technology Precinct, The Australian Future Fibres Research and Innovation Centre, Deakin Motion Lab and Yolla.

Teams of research at Deakin are changing lives with their projects and those include using accounting skills to re-empower indigenous communities, inventing super absorbent nano sheets to prevent future oil spill disasters, finding a group of molecules that target and kill TB bacteria, rethinking public spaces in the battle against racism, developing manufacturing processes that can reduce cost and carbon emissions in the automotive industry and also teaching robots to respond to music and human movement.

Deakin University offers a lot of majors. In the Faculty of Science, Engineering and the Built Environment, you are able to find Bachelor Of Biological Science, Bachelor of Computer Science, Bachelor of Cyber Security and more. In the Faculty of Business and Law, you are able to find Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Laws and more. In the Faculty of Health, you are able to find Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science, Bachelor of Health and Medical Science and more. In the Faculty of Arts and Education, you are able to find Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Communication (Advertising), Bachelor of Creative Arts (Drama), Bachelor of Criminology, Bachelor of Design (3D Animation), Bachelor of International Studies and more.

If you are worried about the tuition, Deakin University also offer a lot of scholarships. There are a wide range of research scholarships for students who are eligible. If you want to be competitive for a research scholarship, you will need to have an H1 grade average or equivalent.

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