Which Video Lectures Best for CFA Level 1?

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Studying through videos is one of the most favorite things preferred by the students. The same case happens to the students of CFA Level 1. If you are one of the students who are currently preparing for the CFA Level 1, you may be wondering which video lectures are best for CFA Level 1. So, which video lectures are best for CFA Level 1?

For those who are wondering which video lecturers bet for CFA Level 1, you may want to consider some recommendations by users on Quora. A user called Shubham Arora says that there are only a few good teachers providing online videos for CFA Level 1 preparation. After a number of research and attending some demo classes, he joined The Wall Street School’s online CFA Level 1 course. Below is the list of some advantages and disadvantages of The Wall Street School’s online CFA Level 1 course:

The advantages:

There is a really energetic and passionate instructor named Vikas Vohra. He compensates all the benefits of a classroom program. He has the time saving techniques. Not only energetic and passionate, it seems like the instructor is also a nice guy and helpful. He is always ready to reply on WhatsApp and to answer phone calls. He is fast at replying. Aside from fast, his replies are also straightforward and simple to understand. Besides, he is easy to approach. In the videos, the man takes up a number of examples for explaining any and every concept, which is good for self-studying. He has an innovative teaching style. Basically, he is great at turning difficult topics into extremely easy ones.

The disadvantages:

While it is true that the instructor named Vikas Vohra is energetic, passionate, friendly, and helpful, he goes too much into a topic by using his conceptual approach, which sometimes gets elongated for an hour straight. For those who have limited time, it might be time consuming and at times, a bit non-economical. Apart from that, another disadvantage is that his video software gets antivirus notifications sometimes. While it is not a big issue as it gets resolved quickly, he should maintain this technical smoothness, given that the content he delivers is really valuable to CFA aspirants.

The second recommendation comes from CA Vikas Vohra, who is known as Faculty at The Wallstreet School. He answers that the best video lectures for CFA Level 1 is The Wallstreet School. In his post, he gives the reasoning as to why they created this course. First of all, he highlights the problem. There are two main problems with the CFA online courses, as follows:

  1. First of all, students waste a lot of time online. They go through forums and watch free videos. As the crap-to-content ratio is very, very high on the web, it just leaves them confused. As a result, they end up spending on clickbaits such as “Free Ebooks for CFA ”. The instructor says that no matter how big the motivation that the students have is, they need a plan, they need focus, and they need the correct direction. Fortunately, The Wallstreet School has tried to cover almost every type of prep source to get the concepts etched indelibly in one’s memory, be it summarized formula sheets, adaptive test planners or exhaustive video solutions, to name a few.
  2. He says he has been teaching CFA for years and the biggest issue is overly prescriptive preparation strategies that assume that one process fits every candidate. Not only that, a number of CFA tutors also incorrectly assumes that all the students have the same level of expertise and comfort. In order to address the issue, The Wallstreet School has covered the most basic finance concepts and driven them to the exam level problems, step by step. He says people would benefit from it, especially the ones from non-finance backgrounds.

The third answer is from Shrey Sinha. He says he has been preparing for CFA Level 1 for the past 2 months and going around the web for almost anything that he can get his hands upon, related to the exam. To begin with, he enrolled into a classroom CFA coaching in Pune and paid them a bulk of money in return for some weekend classroom tutorials and mock tests and study material.

He says that there is a clear difference between online and classroom programs. According to him, the quality is uniformly maintained in the online classes because the same teacher records the same content and publishes it online. Aside from that, the students can also view it at their own pace.

Furthermore, he says he started watching videos on Youtube and started following CFA related groups on Facebook. In the end, he bought online classes of the Wallstreet School. The faculty is Vikas Vohra, which according to him is one of the best teachers to reach for this exam. He adds that once the students get the taste of his teaching style, they will not be able to convince themselves to study on their own. Apparently, the instructor will hand-hold the student on every question in the C-book in his videos.

When talking about the best, he says another quality good teacher is Aswini Bajaj. Even though he has not taken his videos, he has second hand advice for his classes. There is also Fintree who is also known for his online CFA videos. In addition, there is Utkarsh, the one who is popular for being a brilliant faculty.

In addition to these names, some users on Quora also recommend Arif Irnfanullah and Mark Meldrum. Apparently, their videos about CFA Level 1 can be found on Youtube. If you want to find these videos, all that you have to do is to go to Youtube. It should be easy for you to find these videos. To be able to find them, you can just try to enter the keywords such as “Arif Irfanullah CFA Level 1”, “Mark Meldrum CFA Level 1”, and so on.

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