Which Political Culture Places a High Value on Government and the Collective Good?

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If you access Quizlet, you are able to find a lot of questions and answers for learning. One of the questions and answers that you can find is about political culture which place a high value on government and the collective good.

In the Quizlet, the question of it is like this:

  • Question: Which political culture places a high value on government and the collective good?
  1. Moralistic                     C. Traditionalistic
  2. Individualistic                D. Traditionalistic/ Individualistic

Answer: A. Moralistic

Moralistic Political Culture

In the framework of Elazar, states which use a moralistic political culture see the government as a means to better society. Also, it promotes the general welfare. They expect that the political officials can be honest in their dealings with others, put the interests of the people that they serve above their own and also commit to improving the area that they represent.

The process of politics is seen in a positive light and it is not seen as a vehicle which is tainted by corruption. The fact is that citizens which live in moralistic cultures have little patience for corruption. They also believe that politicians should be motivated by a desire to give benefits to the community rather than by a need to get profit financially from service.

Therefore, moralistic states tend to support the role of the government which is expanded. They believe more that the government should promote the general welfare by allocating funds to programs that will be beneficial for the poor. Besides, they see it as the duty of public officials to advocate for new programs which can be beneficial for marginal citizens or solve public policy problems, even when public pressure to do it is not exists.

Among the Puritans in upper New England, the moralistic political culture developed. And then, after some generations, these settlers moved westward and then their values diffused across the top of the United States to the upper Great Lakes. Scandinavians and Northern Europeans joined this group of settlers and reinforced the values of Puritans and it happened in the middle of the 1800s. These groups moved further west together through the northern portion of the Midwest and West and then along the West Coast.

Other Questions and Answers

If you need the other questions and answers as the example above that you can learn for increasing your knowledge, you are able to access Quizlet. Below, we provide you with some other questions and answers that you can learn.

  • Question: According to the lesson, what percent of Texas Republicans support the idea of school vouchers?
  1. 32%                  B. 61%                   C. 71%                   D. 89%

Answer: B. 61%

  • Question: Proponents of school choice argue that it will encourage …
  1. Competition
  2. The first amendment
  3. More public school funding
  4. Spreading religion to all public school children

Answer: A. competition

  • Question: Texas political culture tends to be ….
  1. Traditional and moralistic
  2. Public policy oriented
  3. Conservative and individualistic
  4. Liberal and traditionalist

Answer: C. conservative and individualistic

  • Question: The culture of many western states combines moralistic roots with a …
  1. Hierarchical structure
  2. Traditional  Order
  3. Frontier Spirit
  4. Duty-driven attitude

Answer: C. Frontier spirit

  • Question: If you are interested in learning more about frontier life, you can check out the … in Lubbock, TX.
  1. Cowboy Theater                        C. Wild West Institute
  2. Ranching Heritage Museum                      D. Native American Museum

Answer: B. Ranching Heritage Museum

  • Question: Some of the spirit of independence and self-reliance in Texas comes from …
  1. Traditional and hierarchical values
  2. Formal government institutions along the Mississippi River
  3. Cooperation with Native American governments
  4. A dearth of governmental structure in the new frontier

Answer: D. a dearth of governmental structure in the new frontier

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