Which of These Does Research Show is the Best Study Technique?

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Which of These Does Research Show is the Best Study Technique?’ is a question that is usually provided in a school test and some online quizzes. The answer of this question generally comes in multiple choice and essay answers.

If you are taking a quiz and accidentally find this question, make sure to answer it correctly. So, what is the answer to the question? Well, the answer to this question will be shown through our post below!

Which of These Does Research Show is the Best Study Technique

The Answer of That Question

On Brainly.com, the question that says ‘Which of These Does Research Show is the Best Study Technique?’ has multiple choice answers. Well, the answers are:

  1. Highlighting
  2. Rereading
  3. Doing practice questions
  4. Summarization

The answer to this question is a. Highlighting.

Experts on Brainly.com answered that the best studying technique based on the research is Highlighting. Moreover, Highlighting will help students to memorize point-by-point that they need in a phrase or a sentence.

Highlighting can be defined as the process of marking the significant or important information in a chapter or text. This studying method will help the students to keep their focus on the important details and ideas of text.

Aside from that, it will not only help the students to memorize the information effectively, but also to revise them during the exams as the important details are already highlighted. This method really allows them in effective and efficient learning of the main concepts and to understand the texts comprehensively.

In addition to being available on Brainly.com, we also find this question on Quizlet.com. it’s different from Brainly, the answer of that question is available in essay answer.  According to Quizlet, the answer of ‘Which of these does research show is the best study technique?’ is spacing out your practice over time.

Certainly, the same question has a different answer if both are provided in the two answer forms: multiple choice and essay answer. We can conclude that the best studying technique according to research is by highlighting. But, practicing a lot here can also be one of the best studying techniques that everyone may perform. So, both answers are correct, we think.

5 Best Studying Techniques

You may wonder which best techniques that you can use for studying. Of course, there are a number of studying techniques that you can choose to make your learning method easier. What are they?

The researchers have found some great techniques that can increase sustainable learning and retention when incorporated in students’ daily study habits. However, those techniques are hard and need a serious effort.

Here are some best studying techniques that you can choose to make your learning method more effective:

  1. Pre-Test

When you practice to answer the questions, even incorrectly, your future learning is advanced. The research has indicated that pre-test will improve post-test results more than spending the same amount of time studying.

  1. Spaced practice

Spacing your study session and focusing on a topic for a short period on different days has been proven to improve retention and also recall more than massed practice. According to the ‘How We Learn’ book, it explains that spaced practice will feel hard as an initial forgetting of knowledge and takes effort to get the knowledge again.

The effective way is to create flash cards used for spaced practice and also self-quizzing. You also have to make different piles when you are reviewing the flash cards. Well, the cards that you can answer must be put in a pile to review three days later. Then if your friend gets hard to answer the question in the flash card, they should be reviewed two days later.

  1. Self-quizzing

In terms of testing really has a negative connotation in this era, however, it is a form of active retrieval practice. If you’re a teacher, you can encourage your students to create test questions for themselves when they study a new concept.

You can think about the types of questions that you may ask on a quiz or test. They must incorporate those quizzes into their study sessions, answer every question and even they believe they know well.

  1. Interleaving practice

You probably rely on blocked practice and learn a set or problems like multiplication problems. A more effective method is to work on a set of problems which are related, however not all of the same kind, for example, division, multiplication, subtraction and a set of math word problems.

In this case, the consecutive problems are not able to be solved with the same strategy. Well, this is more effective than doing one multiplication problem after another.

  1. Paraphrasing and reflecting

You might have read a few paragraphs in a textbook only to realize that we didn’t retain a single concept of a key point available in those paragraphs. To get the point on paragraphs, you need to utilize intentional learning strategy.

However, it is related to what is being learned from prior knowledge, think about how they can explain the content to a 5-year old and also reflect on and ask questions about the content.

Okay, those are five effective studying techniques that you can choose to make your learning method easier.

Aside from effective studying methods, there are also some ineffective studying methods that you may also perform. What are they? Let’s see them as follow:

  • To study for long periods of time
  • To study a single subject for a long period of time
  • To repeat phrases over and over to memorize them
  • To review one topic repeatedly before moving onto another topic
  • To read and reread a text or a phrase
  • To highlight or underline important concepts in a text and review it.
  • To review notes

After you know some points that we show above are ineffective studying technique list, make sure not to perform one of the points or even all of them, as it will not make your studying method effective. What you should do is to perform five great studying techniques that we have shown previously.

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