Which of the following is not a factor mentioned in the lesson that might affect Texas political culture over time?

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If you access the Quizlet site, you will be able to find some questions. The questions will increase your knowledge. On that site, you will be given the question and also the answer. So, you will learn about a lot of things a little by little.

What are questions of the quizzes that we can find there? Here are some of the questions that you are able to find including about a factor which is not mentioned in the lesson that might affect Texas political culture overtime. If you wonder what the answer of this question and maybe other questions, you come to the right site because here we will inform you about it.

If you find this question on your homework, quiz or any other platforms, you are able to answer it with the things that we give below.

  • Question: Which of the following is not a factor mentioned in the lesson that might affect Texas political culture over time?

Answer: resurgence of the religious right

Other questions that you may find in the quiz that you are taking or homework are listed below.

  • Question: According to the lesson, marijuana is legal…

Answer: in a lot of states, but it is illegal at the federal level.

  • Question: According to the lesson, what percent of Texas Republicans support the idea of school vouchers?

Answer: It is 61%

  • Question: Texas political culture tends to be…

Answer: conservative and individualistic

  • Question: According to the lesson, what percent of Texas say thatm by law, a woman should always be able to get an abortion as a matter of personal choice?
  • Anwer: 38

The quiz above in the Quizlet can be found in the Unit 3 Quiz Texas Public Opinion.

In the Unit 3 What’s the History? Political Culture: Quiz, you are able to find these questions and answers for learning at home.

  • Question: Some of the spirit of independence and self-reliance in Texas comes from…

Answer: a dearth of governmental structure in the new frontier.

  • Question: Which of the following is not a legend from the days of the frontier that was mentioned in the lesson?

Answer: Sitting Bull

  • Question: The Idea that the United States should span from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific is called…

Answer: Manifest Destiny

  • Question: Which of the following is not an invention of the cowboy frontier days?

Answer: poncho

  • Question: Cattle ranching was originally a Spanish and Mexican tradition.

Answer: true

  • Question: If you are interested in learning more about frontier life, you are able to check out the … in Lubbock, TX.

Answer: Ranching Heritage Museum

In the Texas Political Culture 2 in Quizlet site, you are able to find a lot of questions about it. Here are some of them.

  • Question: Which economic factors does San Antonio relay on?

Answer: national military bases, educational institutions and tourism.

  • Question: Which of the following statements about political culture in Texas are accurate?

Answer: The political culture of the suburban areas tends to differ from that of west Texas. The political culture in Texas has changed overtime.

  • Question: Provincialism in Texas has been eroded by which of the following factors?

Answer: -The growing influence of minorities, women and gays.

                  – Increasing urbanization

                 – The Texas importance in the global economy

  • Question: Why was Texas able to pull out of the Great Recessions sooner than most states?

Answer: – Texas has a well-diversed economy.

                  – The values of real estate did not surge in Texas they did in California or Florida.

                  – The oil and gas industry was resurgent.

  • Question: Which of the following features of the cotton economy in Texas are accurate?

Answer: – It established an underclass in Texas society.

                  – It helped bolster the populist movement.

  • Question: Which of the following countries is least representative of the racial and the ethnic breakdown in the state?

Answer: El paso

  • The dominance of business interest in Texas politics is best supported by which of the following statements?
  • Answer: – Business groups are major players in the dancing of political campaigns and the hiring of lobbyists.

                   – Labor unions are rare in Texas.

                   – Consumer interests in Texas are poorly organized.

  • Question: Which of the following characteristics which apply to an individualistic political culture?

Answer: – Government’s job is to ensure stability.

                                  – Politics is a matter for professionals.

  • Question: Identify the period when the majority of Texas’s population first lived in urban areas.

Answer: 1950

Texas Political Culture

Political culture is defined as a shared system of beliefs, values, and habits of behaviour which is related to government and politics. Various cultures can coexist in a society. However, usually one culture is dominant and the dominant beliefs, values and habits of behavior will be able to affect all members of the society.

How about political culture in Texas? This state combines the individualistic and traditionalistic political cultures. The activity of government is encouraged only to the extent that it creates a chance for individual achievement. The traditionalistic political culture which emphasizes deference to elite rule in a hierarchical society and traditional moral values, represents the values of 19th century Southerners who migrated to the rich cotton land of East Texas. The activity of government is not encouraged unless it reinforces the power of the dominant groups of society.

Texas becomes a politically conservative state, hostile to government activity, especially government interference in the economy because of individualism and traditionalism. It is expected that the government can stay out of the people’s affairs and when it does get involved, it should be controlled locally. Political culture in Texas mixes economic conservatism with a conservative approach to social life where the government becomes a barrier to any change to the political and socioeconomic hierarchy which may result from individual competition. However, even though individualism and traditionalism generally reinforce a conservative political environment, they are able to exist in uncomfortable tension with one another. It is because whereas the individualistic thread in Texas culture stresses individual freedom from government intrusion, the traditional thread can foster the promotion of government of particular moral values upon those very same individuals.

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