What Schools Accept Penn Foster College Credits?

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Penn Foster offers financial credit and academic credit for high school transfer credits you have already completed. Penn Foster also looks at credits you have obtained from accredited colleges to see if your credits qualify for transfer credits into their College program.

Otherwise, Penn Foster also has partnered with a number of schools, making Penn Foster credits have been accepted for transfer into colleges across the country. Of course, the students will need to check with a specific college to see whether or not they accept Penn Foster credits, due to credit transfer can vary depending on the school.

Let’s dive into our post to get to know what schools that can accept Penn Foster credits!

Here’s a List of Schools That Accept Penn Foster Credits!

There are a number of schools that have accepted the Penn Foster credits, also many of Penn Foster’s individual courses have been recognized by the American Council on Education’s Credit Recommendation Service for potential transfer.

It’s important to note, there’s no form of accreditation guarantees which any leaning institution can accept credits from any school as transfer credits. It is known that Penn Foster has articulation agreements with the following schools which will allow the students and graduates to transfer their applicable Penn Foster credits to those schools and gain a higher degree.

Here’s a list of schools that will accept Penn Foster credits:

  • American Business & Technology University (ABTU)
  • American Intercontinental University
  • Aspen University
  • California Coast University
  • Capitol Technology University
  • CCEI
  • Charter Oak State College
  • Columbia Southern University
  • Grantham University
  • Herzing University
  • Patten University
  • Propel Career Academy
  • Sophia
  • VetMed Team, LLC
  • Walden University

Aside from that, if a school is accredited by the same agencies, there will be a greater opportunity of acceptance. So, make sure to check out the accreditation of the school you want to enter and compare to Penn Foster’s accreditation. Here’s a list of accrediting bodies on its site:

  • Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC)
  • Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities (CVTEA)
  • National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA)
  • The American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT)

However, it does not hurt to ask any school that you are interested in attending, because the schools can make their own decisions and exceptions for acceptance of credits.

How to Transfer Penn Foster College Credits to Other Schools?

To transfer an official of your Penn Foster academic transcript directly to a school or an employer you are interested in, you can use Credly’s Acclaim Platform.

Credly is a leading digital credential provider that has partnered with American Council on Education (ACE), allowing you to get your badges and transcripts. The badges here will contain information about your completed courses that explain what you’ve learned and the recommended equivalent credits.

It is known that some Penn Foster courses carry college credit recommendations from the American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service (CREDIT®). Of course, you can use Credly’s Acclaim Platform to send your official transcript.

Of course, you shouldn’t use the ACE Transcript Registry or pay for your transcript, instead you can click ‘Send Transcript’ from the drop-down account menu in Acclaim to begin sending your free transcripts to other schools or employers. Interestingly, you can also share your badges on your resume, on social media or anywhere else you want.

1) When setting up your profile, you need to enter your information carefully, due to this being an official document. To request a transcript, you will need the name and/or department and email address for the recipient of the transcript. Since it will vary with each institution, you can look on the college’s website for information about where to send transfer transcripts.

2) You may need to click on ‘View Transcript’ to download a free copy before your request. Penn Foster recommends you to use this copy of the transcript to check that all of your credentials will be displayed correctly before you send an official version.

3) Additionally, you can also keep this copy for your records. It’s important to note, you don’t send a copy of your transcript to a college yourself, as most institutions will consider a transcript that is sent by a student as unofficial and won’t accept it.

4) If a credential is missing on your transcript but it shows up on your profile, you need to check to ensure that the credential is set to ‘Public’, so that it can be included. Need to know, ACE transcripts will only be available for Penn Foster College students who have gained a ‘C’ or higher in an ACE-approved course. ACE transcripts are also not available for High or Career School courses or programs.

5) If you want to request approval of your ACE courses, you can visit the Student Record Locator here.  If you want to find your student record, you need to fill out the form by entering your personal information including:

  • Your country
  • Your student number
  • Your first name
  • Your last name
  • Your Address 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Your city
  • Your state
  • Your phone number

6) After that, you need to fill out the course you are requesting an ACE transcript for to the best of your ability. After this form is submitted, the information will be reviewed and your ACE transcript will be delivered to the recipient you indicate.

7) Then, if you want to set up your Acclaim Account, you can go to Credly. If you do not have a Credly account yet, you can create it first by entering your first name, last name, email, country, password and don’t forget to tick the terms of services. But if you already have a Credly account, you just simply enter your email and password you have created when registration.

Okay, that’s how to transfer the official of your Penn Foster credit to other schools or employers. Make sure to transfer your credits to other schools by following those steps that we have explained above procedurally in order to successfully get credit transfers.

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