What is the Difference Between Headsprout and Raz-Kids

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If you have a plan to use Learning A-Z products, you may be a bit confused as there are a bunch of products that you can choose. However, all products in Learning A-Z focus on reading to improve vocabulary, comprehension, and also understand what is in the text.

You may think what the best product of Learning A-Z that you should choose for your students or child, considering there are similarities in each product. As we know, the most popular product in Learning A-Z is Raz-Kids. Now, there’s a new product, named HeadSprout.

When deciding which of these two products is suitable for your student or child, of course you must understand the difference between the two. Thankfully, this post will show you the differences between Raz-Kids and Headsprout to easily choose the proper one for your children/ child.


Raz-Kids can read the books which are assigned to an early literacy program which is used by grades K-6. With Raz-Kids, the students by their Lexile levels and complete comprehension exercises and also running records. Raz-Kids is such a provider of books with different difficulty levels with a total of 29 levels.

With digital and mobile access, students can of course practice personalized reading anytime and anywhere. The online controls here also make it easy for teachers to quickly manage and track their students’ reading progress in minutes.

Headsprout is a neat-new Learning A-Z product which will assist the students to get their reading comprehension. In HeadSprout, there are lower levels for younger students which work on phonics. After 80 episodes of Headsprout’s early Reading program, non-readers and new readers are able to read at intermediate-2 level.

However, there are a bunch of readings provided in the story with a cast of captivating characters. At HeadSprout, students can complete ongoing, interactive online episodes to teach the critical foundational reading skills and comprehension strategies students need to excel both in and out of the classroom.



Raz-Kids will deliver appropriately leveled books and quizzes for kids to read. In Raz-Kids, the students automatically progress to the text level after successful completion of an assigned level. Here’s a list of features you will find in Raz-Kids:

  • Leveled eBooks

Raz-Kids provide the differentiated reading practice kids need in order to increase the student’s reading ability with a library of more than 500 leveled books.

  • eQuizzes

After listening and reading the text, the students will be allowed to take a quiz related to the text. Well, the quiz here is to make sure the student’s comprehension with corresponding eQuizzes which follow the completion of every eBook including the multiple choice and constructed response questions.

  • Interactive Annotation Tools and Features

Raz-Kids engage the students as active readers which provide the chance for them to develop important 21st century and Common Core skills including close reading, critical thinking, and also understanding the main idea and the main theme of a book.

  • Library

With a personal library in Raz-Kids, it makes reading fun for every student and includes built-in incentives and awards which keep them motivated and engaged day-to-day.

  • Digital Reporting

With the digital reporting feature, Raz-Kids provides instant feedback on every activity or assessment a student completes including  assessment score, activity progress and feedback on specific Common Core skills.

  • Available In Multiple Languages

Aside from English, Raz-Kids are also available in other languages, such as Spanish and French Translation. You can access hundreds of leveled eBook and eQuizzes which are translated into Spanish which are ideal for ELL, bilingual and dual language programs.

The students can also access hundreds of French translated eBooks at 27 levels of difficulty which are perfect for native French reading practice or immersion programs.

  • Mobile App

Raz-Kids program is also available on mobile app which includes the students’ leveled reading content on Google, Apple and Amazon mobile devices. So, the students can easily take reading on the go with the Raz-Kids app.


Headsprout provides eLearning learning through a story by featuring adorable characters in each episode. Through HeadSprout, students can read comprehensively to ensure that students learn high-level skills such as learning vocabulary in context, making inferences and also identifying main ideas and details in a story. Here’s a list of Headsprout features you’ll find:

  • Interesting Visual

Headsprout looks like a game environment which shows interactive and interesting animation which makes reading fun for all students. They can interact with vibrant characters and settings as they move through episodes which isolate the particular literacy skills.

The animations which feature curious aliens and colorful planets can create a background for students to engage with reading puzzles which help them connect sounds to letters and words. The students will learn reading skills which help them navigate future episodes as students play with the puzzles and characters.

  • Adaptive Instruction

Adapting to each student’s level, Headsprout allows students to feel achievement and gain confidence as they level up at their own pace.

  • Accessible eLearning

Headsprout is an online program, so the students can access it anywhere and anytime with laptop, tablet and mobile. This 24/7 accessibility will make reading a family activity which can be performed outside the classroom.

  • Rewards

Rewards and incentives will keep the students engaged with various incentives which can motivate them to continue reading. After completion of episodes and assessments, the students will get stars as rewards. Then, those stars can be used toward personalizing their own space-themed character and environment.

The students can use stars to buy furniture, equipment, plants which customize their Raz Rocket’s space-themed environment. The students are also able to customize their own robot avatar with colorful accessories.


Raz-Kids retail price is $118.00. While,  Headsprout’s retail price is 216.00, that’s more expensive than Raz-Kids’ retail price.  With that price, each product includes access for up to 36 Kids per classroom, online and mobile student practice through Kids A-Z, dedicated support team available by chat, phone and email and complimentary webinars, videos and guides to help you get started.

The point is, the difference between Raz-Kids and Headsprout is  in the displayed learning and grading system where Raz-Kids has three stages: Listening, Reading and Taking a Quiz in a reading, not an animation. Meanwhile, HeadSprout displays readings with interesting animations in each episode.

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