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Realizing that the education system has to look at the world in new ways, this is one of the foundations why D2L was founded in 1999. John, the founder of D2L, believes that one of the most essential things we can help each other is to make sure that everyone should have access to the best possible learning opportunities.

D2L (Desire2Learn) is now working with thousands of schools, colleges, and any academic institutions as well as corporations around the world. Well, D2L seems to transform the way the world learns which has grown to include over 750 employees around the world.

One of the academic institutions which use the D2L learning system is Depaul University. As Depaul’s priorities where teaching and learning should be the highest point. That’s why Depaul University eventually chooses the D2L learning system to help the students have access to the best learning system.

How Does D2L Depaul Work?

Desire2Learn (D2L) works in Depaul University as a learning management system. With D2L, the educators or instructors easily give the students online access to course syllabi, readings, assignments, online quizzes, electronic drop boxes, grades, discussion board, and more.

D2L is a trusted learning system where a lot of professors at Depaul use this electronic course system. Well, D2L really gives the students online access to discussion boards, course documents, an online gradebook, assignment submission, quizzes and more.

With D2L, the school’s staff or also educators enable interaction between the faculty and students. In this case, D2L incorporates discussion board, document sharing, email, assignment drop boxes, small group areas, chat rooms, online quizzes and more.

How to Access the D2L Depaul?

If the students want to find more information about how to use D2L and also other technology available at Depaul University, they can visit the Student Success Technology Page that can be accessed here.

Access the D2L Depaul

Before being able to access the D2L, the students can log in first by visiting this login page. http://d2l.depaul.edu/ Then, they should use Campus Connect username and password. Contact the Help Desk if you need assistance in the term of using the D2L.

If you are a faculty member who just knows the D2L, it’s highly recommended to visit Teaching Commons that can be accessed here.  However, this page will help you to get helpful tutorials including written guides and videos which explain how to create and combine courses, communicate with students, upload course content, create quizzes, create a gradebook, record attendance, record grades and various other tasks.

The D2L’s Features

Just like other educational technology, the D2L offers the students and school’s staff to use more sophisticated technology for learning. With a bunch of gorgeous features within, it hopefully will help the users better engage with the students or faculty’s staff.

Here’s list of the D2L features that you can use when working with it:

  • Content

The ‘Content’ feature offers you to share all of your course materials including data, video, documents, link and any other resources.

  • Classlist

The ‘Classlist’ feature works to see the students enrolled in your course, communicate with students by email and add a teaching assistant to your course.

  • Course Home

The ‘Course Home’ feature allows you to design or adjust a custom landing page for your course site, set up a course calendar which shows the important dates and also add news items to it.

  • Discussion

The ‘Discussion’ feature can be used to create discussion forums where the students can discuss topics which are related to the course, share their work and collaborate on assignments.

  • Grade

The ‘Grade’ feature allows you to set up a grade book connected to assignments in yoru course site and allow the students to track their scores.

  • Groups

The ‘Groups’ feature works to organize the students in groups in your course and also set up group-restricted dropboxes and discussions.

  • Panopto

The ‘Panopto’ feature provides host, record, and share video and audio files.

  • Quizzes

The ‘Quizzes’ feature provides a quizzer maker which can be taken online by the students and graded within D2L.

  • Submissions

The ‘Submissions’ feature gathers the assignments from the students and provides feedback online.

  • VoiceThread

The ‘VoiceThread’ feature works in creating the courses, host an audio-based discussion board or also have the students create presentations which use audio, video, text and also image as part of an assignment.

  • Zoom

The ‘Zoom’ feature provides virtual meetings with your entire class or hosts one-on-one meetings with your students.

  • More Tools

There are a lot of the D2L features that you can use which enables the students to build a flexible and collaborative learning experience.

How to Get the D2L Request Forms?

To get the D2L forms, you can request by choosing one of the forms with common D2L tasks as follow:

  • Quiz Request Form

Through this form, you should draft your quiz using a template and then submit it to Faculty Instructional Technology Support. They will then set your quiz up in the D2L and inform you when it’s available for your preview. It’s important to note, you should submit all of your quiz materials at least 5 days in advance to guarantee where it’ll be set up in time.

  • Other D2L Forms

You can also request other D2L forms by copying course content, request a course, combine courses or add TAs. Then, if you have a D2L Sandbox, it will allow you to experiment with D2L features in a course which doesn’t have any students enrolled in it. Meanwhile, if you do not have one yet, you can request one by completing the course creation request form here and put ‘D2L Sandbox’ in the Course Name Box.

  • Course Assistance and Development Form

Through this assistance, you can request help to build out or/and update the contents of a course.

For more information, you can see Online Teaching on the Course Assistance and Development form here. When accessing it, make sure to use the button to access the Request Forms for combining two courses,  copying a previous course, and more in the D2L online learning management system.

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