What is Blend AISD?

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What is BLEND Austin ISD? If you want to know some information about Blend AISD, you have to read this entire article. Here we are going to talk about BLEND Austin ISD. Please make sure that you will not miss any information from this page.

What is BLEND Austin ISD?

Need to know that BLEND is Austin ISD’s Learning Positioning System, or LMS (Learning Management System). BLEND AISD allows the teachers to connect several digital tools in one place and also streamlines classroom instruction by using one platform. Probably, you hear people refer to BLEND as Canvas, as it is the same system, only rebranded for Austin ISD.

Automatically all Austin ISD employees are enrolled in a course named “BLEND 101 for Educators.” The course has information about BLEND professional learning opportunities, BLEND tips and tricks, exciting BLEND features and BLEND celebrations.

Also, they have a course that will lead you via lots of features of the BLEND named Kung Fu Canvas. For your information, Kung Fu Canvas is a course designed by Canvas, and it is modified to meet the specific needs of AISD. If you want to register for Kung Fu Canvas, you are able to access the registration page within HCP. You may be asked to login to the cloud with your E# and password before it brings you to the registration page. When you are on the registration page, you are able to click the button which says ‘register’ and then click the button which says ‘go to course.’ Next, you will be able to work your way via each module and pick up basic skills to more advanced skills as you progress. After you register for the course, it is going to live on your BLEND dashboard and you are able to access it whenever you want to continue your learning.

Is BLEND the same as Canvas?

Actually, in the previous paragraph, we explain about BLEND and Canvas. So, is BLEND the same as Canvas? As far now, there are many people who ask whether BLEND is the same as Canvas. Also, you may hear some people refer to BLEND as Canvas. The answer is that BLEND is the same system with Canvas, only rebranded for Austin ISD. Keep in mind that BLEND = Canvas.

Main features of BLEND

Commonly, there are three features of BLEND. Here are they:

  • Teacher norms
  • Student expectation
  • Course structure

Benefits of BLEND

Commonly, there are same benefits of BLEND. Here are they:

  • One place of access
  • Online ongoing collaboration
  • Immediate feedback
  • Archive of learning
  • ePortfolio
  • Transparency for parents
  • Access to commons
  • Collaboration in PLCs

Why are the teachers using BLEND?

With BLEND, the teachers are able to do many things. In the text below, we are going to explain what teachers can do using BLEND.

  • The teachers are able to personalize learning for students connected to standards (TEKS).
  • The teachers are able to receive and grade student assignments, discussions, and quizzes.
  • The teachers are able to provide the students with written, audio, or video feedback.
  • The teachers are able organize all work and course-related events into one calendar.

Why do students benefit from using BLEND?

The students are going to get some benefits from using BLEND. In the text below, we are going to explain what students can do using BLEND.

  • The students are able to access their class materials such as assignments, calendar, and quizzes online by using any device.
  • The students are able to track their progress.
  • The students are able to receive course announcements, grade notifications, etc.
  • The students are able to collaborate with peers and teachers easily.

Blended Learning in Austin ISD

What is Blended learning? Need to know that Blended learning is a formal education program in which a student learns:

  • Part online: In part online, several elements of control over the time, path, place or pace of their learning.
  • Part Face to face: In part in a brick and mortar location away from home.
  • Along a learning path: Learning resources and activities are thoughtfully organized to design an integrated experience.

Based on the research, the Christensen Institute explains blended learning as a learning experience which takes place:

  • At least in part online learning
  • At least in part face-to-face.
  • Along each student’s learning path, designed in a way that gives an integrated learning experience.

This type of learning combines the best practices of traditional face-to-face learning with the purposeful integration of technology and student voice and choice. In a blended learning environment, the students are going to have access to ongoing collaboration with peers and more immediate feedback opportunities from their teachers.

BLEND will offer a safe and secure online learning platform where the students are able to engage in meaningful, teacher-designed learning activities. By offering one point of access for online learning tools, BLEND promises to become a strong archive of learning for our students.

If you have questions about how your student is utilizing BLEND in a blended learning environment, you are able to reach out to your student’s teacher. This is a great chance to learn more about how and what your student is learning and build a relationship with their teacher.

BLEND Support

Each campus has an assigned District TDC (Technology Design Coach) as well as a campus-level Campus Innovation Coach (CIC). There are two documents which will guide you in the right direction of BLEND support. The first document is a PDF entitled “Meet Your TDT” which will share with you who your district Technology Design Coach is by campus. The second document is similar, but is a Google sheet which is updated throughout the year to reflect who your support contact is for BLEND, blended learning, and instructional technology integration at a district AND campus level. For note: This document will only be accessible if you have AISD Google drive access. If you are still waiting for access, then you are able to return to the BLEND support page at a later date.

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