What Happens if You Cheat on Penn Foster?

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If you are one of the students of Penn Foster, you may be wondering about a lot of things. One of the things that you want to know about is cheating. If you are planning on cheating as you find one or more questions is hard to find the answer during exam or if you have a friend who cheats in front of your eyes, you may be wondering what happens if one is cheating on Penn Foster. So, what will actually happen if you cheat on this platform?

Before anything, it is better for you to know the definition of cheating as written in Penn Foster’s Student Handbook, specifically in the Academic Dishonesty section. According to this handbook, cheating is described as any inappropriate collaborative activity in which the work submitted to the school does not represent the work of the enrolled student. This kind of thing would include submission of someone else’s work, submission of answers obtained through inappropriate measures, and providing answers to another student.

Then, what will happen if one is found to cheat on Penn Foster? If one is suspected to cheat, they will be notified and required to respond in writing to the charges made. The response will go to the Academic Review Board so that they can make a decision on the enrollment of that student. It is possible for the disciplinary action to be applied and in the worst case it can include termination of their enrollment. It should be noted that any inappropriate behavior on the part of a student in the final exam process will make the exam invalid. As it is invalid, the exam has to be repeated as a make-up test.

Once again, if you cheat on Penn Foster, you will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from your academic program. Apparently, the same thing will happen if you violate the Rules of Academic Integrity through some other things such as plagiarism, submission of non-original work, harassment of the other students, and other unethical or illegal activity.

Not only that, it is also possible for cheating or violating some other Rules of Academic Integrity such as misuse of course or exam materials, and violations of copyright and trademark to result in civil or criminal liability.

As stated above, the thing about cheating on Penn Foster is explained well in the Penn Foster’s Academic Integrity policy. Aside from cheating or academic dishonesty, there are some other things that you will be able to be found on Penn Foster’s Academic Integrity policy, including:

Student identity Verification:

All new students are provided with a unique student number. This student number should not be shared with anyone else. In order to gain entry into the online learning management system and access study materials, students need to enter their student number and a unique password that restricts anyone else from accessing their student record. Sharing student numbers or passwords with any other individual is in violation of the honor code and can lead to disciplinary action. Students will also need to provide a government issued photo ID during the proctored exam process to verify their identity.

Student Code of Conduct:

Penn Foster has adopted a Student Code of Conduct to protect the rights of students, faculty, staff, and Penn Foster itself. This code ensures that student and faculty/staff interactions are characterized by mutual respect and civility. All Penn Foster students are required to abide by all standards and policies established by the school in their academic work and their personal conduct.

Students shall:

  1. Treat fellow students, faculty, and staff with courtesy, respect, and dignity and behave in a manner that reflects the integrity of the school.
  2. Comply with directions of Penn Foster officials acting in the performance of their duties.
  3. Accept responsibility for the consequences of their actions.
  4. Abide by all published policies including, but not limited to, those that appear in Penn Foster catalogs, study materials, and enrollment agreements.
  5. Never misrepresent the school or its staff in any online social communities.
  6. Observe all rules on submitting work and taking examinations and will never turn in work that is not their own nor present another person’s ideas as their own.
  7. Never ask for, receive, or give unauthorized help on graded assignments, quizzes, projects or examinations via any method including email or the internet.

The Student Code of Conduct, as well as the preceding guidelines, applies to all Penn Foster students. An official of Penn Foster may, at his/her discretion, take disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from the school for failure to comply with any aspect of the Student Code of Conduct.


Penn Foster expects students to behave properly and use good judgment when communicating online with the school. Illegal or improper use of the Web within the school’s environment will not be permitted and may result in disciplinary action.

Online Behavior:

Penn Foster expects students to behave properly and use good judgment when communicating online with the school. Illegal or improper use of the Web within the school’s environment will not be permitted and may result in disciplinary action.

Program Material Copyright Notice:

Penn Foster or its vendors hold all ownership rights in the Program materials. Students are strictly prohibited from copying and/or providing to any third party all or any part of the Program materials that Penn Foster provides to students without Penn Foster’s written consent. If a student violates this prohibition, they may be subject to criminal and civil penalties and fines, as well as disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from the Program.

Disciplinary Action:

Any inappropriate behavior can result in several forms of disciplinary action. This would include anything from awarding a “1” grade on an exam to termination. Faculty members will report inappropriate behavior by students; this will be forwarded to the Academic Review Board for action and a final decision.

Customer’s Acknowledgement of Recipe

Customer’s Acknowledgement of Recipe

The services and materials to be provided to Customer are subject to the Penn Foster Master Services Agreement. All terms shall have the same definition as set forth in the Master Service Agreement between the Parties.

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