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Raz-Kids is known as one of the things under the Learning A-Z. If it is your first time hearing about Learning A-Z, it refers to a thing that offers the teachers and students learning resources. For the teachers, it is effective to save time, while for the students, the benefits include getting supported to reach their goal in education.

On Raz-Kids, the kids of the students are able to read and record themselves reading online. The things that they read are the passages and books offered by Raz-Kids. Here are some passages and some books that they can read:

What Can Kids Do on Raz-Kids

  • Level aa: The Animals in Summer, The Little House, My Animals, The Spring Day
  • Level A: This Plane, He Has Two, Here is a Number, Three Birds
  • Level B: Ted Sees a Pond, Near the Pond, Big and Little, We Read About Animals
  • Level C: What Will You Have At a Party?, Monkeys Have Many Feelings, The Moon Can Look Different, It Is a Birthday Party
  • Level D: Animals Like to Eat, At the Playground, We Use Out Senses, I See Tall Trees
  • Level E: Shoes in Different Seasons, Where birds Make Nests, Jen and Ben Learn About Farms, I Need Shoes to Play Soccer
  • Level F: Colors, Workers Make a Tunnel, Jake Sees a Tunnel, Energy Helps My Body Move
  • Level G: Steps to Make a Garden, How to Penguin Dance, Sally‚Äôs Bath, Fruit From My Garden
  • Level H: Brain Works, Dinner with the Animals, Hide and Seek Games, Hide and Seek with Tank
  • Level I: Giant Squid, Monsters are Not Real, We Love Bamboo, Dark Night on the Water
  • Level J: Leopards, The Laughing Lady, I Want a Leopard, Fossils
  • Level K: The Great Zoo Escape, The Treasure Map, Map Tools, The Bronx Zoo Cares
  • Level L: Home for Lunch, Peanut Butter: An American Favorite


  • Level aa: Funny Cat, The Zoo
  • Level A: Fruits, I Go
  • Level B: The Sandwich, This Turtle
  • Level C: How Things Move, I Can Help
  • Level D: How We Get to School, The Wheel
  • Level E: In the Sea, The Vet
  • Level F: Monkey to the Top, Terrific Tree Houses
  • Level G: A Dog for Sally, Big and Small Cats
  • Level H: How Long Does It Take?, Living Together
  • Level I: Land and water, On Vacation
  • Level J: Animal Games, What Comes From Plants

In order to record themselves reading, the kids or the students can follow these steps:

  1. First of all, the kids or the students have to log in to their Raz-Kids account.
  2. When they are in, choose a book.
  3. The next thing is to click on the Book icon to be able to read the book.
  4. After that, click the triangle icon located at the top of the screen in order to open the eTools menu.
  5. The fifth step is to click the microphone icon.
  6. When the microphone is on, it is time to record for the maximum of 15 minutes by clicking the Record button. Once the 15 minutes passes, the recording process will automatically stop.
  7. In case the students want to stop the recording, they can just click the Stop button. If they stop the recording for a while and they want to resume it, the button that should be clicked is the Record button. If they stop the recording because they want to start over and erase everything that has been recorded, please click the New button instead. They can resume listening from the start if the Stop button is clicked during the playback of a recording, which can be done by clicking the Play button. Apparently, the Play button is disabled until after the recording has started.
  8. When the process of recording comes to an end, they can send the recording to the teacher by simply clicking the Done button. Take note that it is needed for the recording to be at least 30 seconds long for it to be in the In Basket of the teacher and for the students to gain starts.

The recordings that are sent by the kids or students to the teachers will be assessed by the teachers. The teachers will make the score based on the chart below:

Running Record Accuracy Rate Quick Check Comprehension Quiz Thing to Do
95% + 100% Advance student a level
95% + 80% Instruct at this level
95% + <80% Lower a level, assess again
90-94% 80-100% Instruct at this level
90-94% <80% Lower a level, assess again
<90% N/A Lower a level, assess again

The assessment is important for the teachers to decide about what will happen to the kids or students. The kids or the students will be able to move up the level if they get a decent result. On the other hand, they might stay in their current position or even have to go back to the previous level if the result is not that satisfying. After recording themselves reading the passages or books, the students can take the quiz to challenge themselves. The questions that are included in the quiz are based on the thing that they have read.

Raz-Kids is such a good thing for the students or kids. In addition to practice active reading, the students are also allowed to explore content, such as:

  • Tools: These are for taking note, drawing, highlighting, and stamping.
  • Individual Word Audio playback: This one can be used to read the individual words aloud to support phonics and fluency development in Raz-Kids.
  • The eJournal: This one makes it possible for the students to explore new words and expand or improve their vocabulary through writing.
  • Vocabulary Cards: These cards give additional information and context about the key vocabulary words in a text.

There is no doubt that Raz-Kids is worth it and there are a lot of things that the kids or students can do on the platform. Go try it now to find out what it offers.

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