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If you are currently having a task to answer all the questions included in the Wanted a Just Right Government iCivics and are having a hard time to find the answers to the questions, you are on the right page as you will be provided with the answer keys. For those who have tried to answer and want to check out if your answers are all correct, you can also check out the followings.


What were the effects of British rule?

British government treated the American colonist harshly.

Many Americans feared a powerful government.

Many former colonists feared losing their freedom to a new government.

Americans made sue their new government could not take away state’s freedom independence.
British government taxed the colonists unfairly.

New government did not have power to collect taxes.


What problems did the Article of Confederation lead to?

Government under articles could not collect taxes to raise money.

Government could not pay debts from war and America lost standing with other nations.

Legislature under articles gave equal power to large and small states.

Large states were unhappy – larger population = more power
Articles did not create courts.

When a problem arose, there was nowhere to settle disputes


What problems did the new Constitute solve?

Small and large states could not agree on how power should be divided in legislature.

New constitution split the legislature so states had equal power in one half and proportional power in other.

States could and did ignore laws passes by congress under articles.

Constitution says laws passed by congress are superior to state laws.
States made laws that penalized out of state businesses.

Constitution required states to treat citizens of other states the same as their own.

Under the Constitution…



1. Laws are made by the B branch.



2. States must treat people from other states A.

The same


3. Laws passed by Congress are B to state laws.



4. Congress has B.

One chamber

Two chambers

5. Each state gets two votes in the A.



6. In the B, the number of votes each state gets is based on its population.



7. A change to the Constitution must be approved by B.

All states

¾ of states

Wanted a Just Right Government iCivics Answer Key


  1. Early Americans had something in common with this fictional character!: Goldilocks
  2. These were the “individuals” in the “confederation” created by the Articles: States
  3. Under the New Jersey plan, these states would have more power: Smaller
  4. The branch that carries out laws: Executive
  5. In the House of Representatives, the number of votes a state gets depends on this: Population
  6. The chamber of Congress where each state gets two votes: Senate
  7. A group of individuals united together for a purpose: Confederation
  8. The Articles of Confederation was America’s first plan for ___: Government
  9. One of two things people were afraid states might lose: Independence
  10. The Articles of Confederation created a government that had only one of these: Branch
  11. The Constitution says laws passed by Congress are ___ to state laws: Superior
  12. One of two things people were afraid states might lose: Power


  1. Fraction of states that must agree to change the Constitution: Threefourths
  2. Under the Virginia Plan, these states would have more power: Larger
  3. The branch that makes laws: Legislature
  4. States must treat their own citizens and other states’ citizens this way: Same
  5. The branch that interprets laws: Judicial
  6. The document that replaced the Articles of Confederation: Constitution
  7. One problem was the states charged these on goods from other states: Taxes
  8. Under the Articles of Confederation, congress could not do this to its laws, so states could just ignore laws: Enforce
  9. The Articles let Congress create this but not pay for it: Military
  10. States send these to Congress: Representatives
  11. Under the Articles, America did not have one of these: President

These followings will feature a brief information about Wanted: A Just Right Government. For those who are not that familiar with the topic, you are suggested to keep reading.

When the American colonists got their independence from the British when the Revolutionary War ended, they were having an issue, which is what type of government should they have. These people had lived for a long time under the rule applied by British and they clearly often complained and did not agree with the rule. After getting their freedom, they would make a government from zero and they had several requirements.

Americans were a bit not confidence after under British rule for so long. In general, all of them wanted a government that could not do much. At first, they began everything by making a draft in the form of document known as the Articles of Confederation. The term confederation is used to call a group of individuals who are united together with the same purpose. In this case, these individuals refer to a total of 13 states that had been British colonies before the war. In the Article of Confederation, there is an explanation about how the 13 states would be governed as one nation. The basics include:

  • Every state was independent and had its own government.
  • Every state would send representatives to the Congress of Confederation, a lawmaking body.
  • Congress was the only branch of government, meaning the was no president nor courts.
  • In Congress, every state received one vote.

The pro of the Article of Confederation is that it had qualities that were appreciated by the citizens. The reason is because the Articles set up a weak government and states had to keep their power and independence. On the other hand, there were several issues. First, the Articles handed Congress the power to pass laws about particular things but not to enforce those laws. Second, Congress failed to make a military to protect the new nation. Third, Congress also relied on the states for money due to the fact that it had no power to collect taxes.

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