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To apply for a position as a Walmart employee, you may need to pass a series of assessment tests until you’re eligible to occupy the position. The assessment test basically measures the ability of candidates to understand and handle situations with customers as well as testing whether you can work under supervisors and with co-workers or not.

So, if you want to apply for employment at Walmart, you actually need to take the Walmart Assessment test that requires you to pass the examination before starting to work. If you really want to work at Walmart, you need to prepare yourself to be ready to take the Walmart Assessment Test. No worries! We’ll show you the Walmart Assessment Test Answers that we got from some sources. Here you go!

What Is the Walmart Assessment Test?

Walmart Assessment Test Answers

It is known that Walmart Assessment Test is another name that is given to Walmart’s most popular current assessment. This test aims to screen candidates for hourly positions. When taking the assessment test, you should answer the questions based on your common sense or hunch. However, the question will change based on the position. Furthermore, your answer needs to take into account issues like consistency and reliability that Walmart looks at behind the scenes.

Keep in mind, after you fail, you cannot retest in six months. So, make sure to prepare yourself before taking the Walmart assessment test in order to answer for the assessment test as correctly as possible. The point is, whatever the position you want either to be a cashier, order filler, front end worker, personal shopper and others, you definitely should take the assessment test first.

If you are looking for Walmart assessment test answers, you may not find them, since there’s no leak about the answer, even more the questions may be different for each position. Instead of giving you Walmart Assessment Test Answers, we will show you some examples of questions available on Walmart Assessment Test and what you will find on.

Walmart Assessment Test Answers

Here’s the specifics of the Walmart Assessment Test with some practical examples we got from that will give you a feel for the real thing:

Section 1: Work with customers/members and associates

The first section will focus on a Situational Judgement Test (SJT) where Walmart will provide you with various situations which you can face as a Retail Associate. Sure, you have to select how you respond to each scenario.

  • Sample question

“You’re serving a customer at the store when your colleague interrupts and says that a customer is on the phone asking to speak with you specifically. If you are in this situation, what would be the least effective response for this situation?”

  1. Ask your colleague to help the customer on the phone and continue serving the customer in the store.
  2. Ask your colleague to help the customer in the store and go answer the phone.
  3. Excuse yourself, answer the phone and ask the customer if you can call them back.
  4. Excuse yourself and ask your customer to wait; answer the phone and help the customer who called, and only then return to the customer in the store.

How to answer this question?

The least effective response is (d), as it actually creates its balance, but the customer needs to wait for the entire duration of the conversation. This is the least efficient response, as you try to serve them both at the same time that you neglect the customer in the store. So, make sure to not answer (d). You will have two good answers between (b) and (c), but the right answer is not obvious.

Section 2: Handle customer/member transactions

In this section, you need to use a cash drawer to handle a few transactions. So, try to answer the questions immediately while staying accurate.

  • Sample question

“Use the fewest number of bills and coins possible to make the exact change.”

Total amount: $53.82

Amount paid: $60.25

Change due: $6.43

How to answer this question?

The smallest number of bills and coins that are needed to reach the correct change of $6.43 is one $5 bill and one $1 bill to reach $6. You can add this one of each type of coin except cents (0.01), where you need three and get the correct change of $6.43.

Section 3: Tell us your story

This section is a biodata questionnaire where you need to share your background and work experience. Instead you can share academic and extracurricular activities if you do not have previous work experience.

  • Sample question

“If contacted, how would your recent supervisor describe your customer service skills compared to other team members?”

a. The very best
b. Among the best
c. Above average
d. Average
e. Needing some development
f. Needing substantial development

How to answer this question?

You may need to be consistent with your Curriculum Vitae and your answers. However, different questions will be able to evaluate the same information. Certainly, your personality profile needs to make sense.

Section 4: Describe your approach

This isa 27-question personality test that is designed to assess your suitability for the job and preferred work style that you applied to. When answering each question, you may need to think of work situations and not your personal life. You can also try to stay very consistent throughout your answers, since some questions probably ask the same thing but in a different disguise.

  • Sample question

“Please indicate to which extent you agree or disagree with the following statement.”

a) I enjoy theoretical discussions and thinking about abstract concepts.

b) Thinking too hard about a problem frustrates me.

  1. Most like (b)
  2. Somewhat like (b)
  3. Somewhat like (a)
  4. Most like (a)

How to answer this question?

Answering the kind of this question actually depends on the position that you apply to. For example, if you apply for an administrative position, Walmart will think that you have high boredom intolerance, indicated by statement (b). On the other hand, you will not be expected to create relationships easily (indicated by statement (a), as a customer service rep would.

Okay, those are some examples of questions for the Walmart Assessment Test. We emphasize that the questions will be different when you take Walmart Assessment Test, so make sure to always prepare yourself with reference to some of the sections we have mentioned above. Good Luck!!!

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