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It may be annoying for you when you watch videos on YouTube with distractions like comments and side-bar related videos. If you want to be free from them, you are able to use ViewPure. How to use it and what it can do for you, you are able to read the explanation below.

The Steps to Purify a Video on ViewPure

If you want to purify a video on YouTube with ViewPure so that you are able to watch videos without distractions, you are able to do that by following the steps below.

  • The first thing that you have to do is to find a YouTube video that you want to watch.
  • After that, you have to paste it into the field on the ViewPure homepage which says “Enter YouTube URL or search term…”
  • And now, you are able to click on the Purify button and you are able to watch the video to enjoy it now.

ViewPure - View Youtube Without the Clutter

3 Ways to Search for Your Videos to Purify with ViewPure

According to the ViewPure site, there are 3 ways to search for your videos to purify with ViewPure as you are able to read below.

  • Using The Purify Button
    The first method is that you are able to use the Purify button to purify the YouTube video. It can be done by dragging the Purify button on the ViewPure site to your bookmark bar or favorites bar in IE. Then, you have to click the bookmark on any YouTube page to purify.
  • Entering YouTube URL
    You are able to purify any YouTube URL that you want and it can be done by entering the video URL in the search box on the ViewPure site.
  • Entering Search Term
    You can get all the purified videos at your fingertips by entering your search term in the search box of the ViewPure site.

With ViewPure, all distracting comments and side-bar related videos are removed and it makes the videos that you use for your school or social media group purified without distractions or “inappropriate content”.

What Can ViewPure Be Used For?

According to the ViewPure site, it can be used for the things explained below.

  • It can remove inappropriate ads and comments from videos to show kids.
  • It can remove unwanted related videos at the end to show students.
  • It can create memorable URLs to a YouTube page to share with students.
  • It allows you to do YouTube search with a cleaner UI and filtered results.
  • It allows you to have a cleaner interface to view YouTube videos.

ViewPure has been used by a lot of people such as students, teachers, college professors, parents, educators, homeschoolers, organizers, social influencers and more.

The Reasons Why There Are Still Ads

According to the ViewPure site, the videos on ViewPure do not have ads. However, some other parts of the site do and they help pay for domain fees, server costs, Clicky Analytics, and other maintenance costs so we are able to keep ViewPure going.

It is important for you to note that some videos will always have ads, no matter where the videos are viewed or embedded. On the ViewPure site, it is explained that there is nothing that is able to be done from ViewPure, but at least there are no trolls and distasteful comments.

Some FAQs About ViewPure

To know more about ViewPure, here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) according to the ViewPure.

  • Do you know the ViewPure Membership Area? What is it?
    The ViewPure Members Area is the place where viewpure is able to give you additional tools and resources. It is free and there is a lot of cool stuff in there which can be used for clean viewing of videos and of course you will like it. If you want to sign up for the ViewPure Membership Area, you can sign up using this link for free:
  • Why do we get the no video error?
    It is important for you to note that there are some videos from YouTube which are not permitted to be embedded. So, ViewPure cannot show them. If it happens, there is nothing ViewPure can do to work around this problem.
  • What do we have to do if we want to use the bookmarklet?
    If you want to use the bookmarklet, the thing that you have to do is to drag the bookmarklet link to your bookmarks toolbar. After that, you have to click the Purify link in your bookmarks toolbar whenever you are on any YouTube page and then it will automatically remove ads, comments, and other clutter.
  • Why do we get errors with the bookmarklet?
    If you keep getting errors when you are trying to use the bookmarklet, it seems that you are using an outdated version of it or you got it from a previous version of the site or from a third-party site. If so, you are able to fix it by going to the homepage and then reinstalling the bookmarklet.
  • Do you know what the custom URL is?
    The custom URL feature permits you to create easily memorable URLs. Most custom URLs are kept indefinitely, even though some are cut if the view count drops below 10 over a 6 month period.
  • Why was our custom URL rejected?
    It is important for you to note that your custom URL must be both alphanumerical (A-Z, 0-9, no special characters) and available. It is not able to be exactly 11 characters, to avoid conflicts with YouTube IDs which are 11 characters. Let’s say that you are sure your custom URL follows the rules. If so, it is likely that somebody else already took the custom URL that you wanted. In this case, you are able to try variations such as or
  • Why cannot we find a specific video?
    You need to know that only videos which are available and embeddable are shown, even though some adult videos may also be filtered. If you want to avoid it, you are able to set the filter bar from SafeSearch to None.
  • How do we use the filters?
    To use the filters, you have to click on the dropdown select menu to choose between the three main filters for searches namely:

    • SafeSearch: It can control the content that you want shown in search results.
    • Sort By: It can control how the results are sorted.
    • Results Per Page: It can control how many results are shown at once.

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