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To access VCU resources, every VCU student needs to log into the portal first. The resources provided in the VCU portal are generally myVCU Portal, Blackboard, VCU Mail, eServices, VCU Libraries resources, VCU SafeNet and other departmental apps.

Then, you come to this page to find out the information about VCU Student Portal that you can access, don’t you? Thankfully, this post will show you the information related to which URL or anything else that you need to access the VCU Student Portal. So, let’s see our post below!

Accessing VCU Student Health Portal, Here’s the Guide!

The VCU web portal login can be accessed at

After accessing the link, a login window will appear which requires you to enter your VCU eID and password. So, make sure to remember your VCU eID and password to be able to log into VCU web portal. If you have filled your eID and password in the available bar, you can then click on the ‘Login’ button to continue logging in.

VCU Student Health Portal

What is eID? The eID is an alphanumeric set of characters. This is a username that you will use every time you login. Your eID is along with a corresponding eID password. The eID here is not your student or employee number which is commonly known as vID, V-number or also Banner number.

Basically, the eID is providing all VCU affiliates with authenticated secure access to the information. So the students will have a simple, single login process with the use of eID.

How If You Forget Your eID and Password ?

No worries! If you really forget your eID, you just simply verify your identity to quickly and securely find out your account. You definitely can verify and retrieve your User ID through the link here.

After you access the link, you will be required to fill some points, at least you need to enter 2 of the 3 points to proceed. The items here will be:

  • Birthdate (Enter your birthdate with a format of mm/dd/yyyy)
  • Banner ID
  • VCU Cards

Once you have filled all of the points, you need to tick a box to confirm that you agree to receive an SMS and/ or email with a PIN Number for eID password reset. In this case, the Msg and Data rates may apply. Then, click on the ‘Submit’ button. Afterwards, you may need to choose where your eID wants to be sent.

Meanwhile, if you forget your password, you can also reset your password on this link. This reset page is secure and quickly reset forgotten passwords to your accounts.

To reset your password, you need to verify your identity and then request a PIN, by entering your user information. You will need to enter your eID in the available bar and then tick a box to confirm that you agree to receive an SMS and/ or email with a PIN Number for eID password reset. Then, click ‘Submit’.

Afterwards, you may need to choose where your eID wants to be sent and then validate your PIN by entering the PIN which was sent to your mobile device. Now, you already know your password to use for accessing the VCU web portal login.

How If You Receive an Error Message When Logging?

However, you have to wait up to 7-10 business days if you get an error message when you are logging into the VCU web portal. The VCU Student Health will accept your information from Records and Registration. So, you will have to be assigned a V# and eID and also password that you can use to access your VCU Student Health web portal.

Generally, most error messages occur, because of improper size and format. Make sure to upload your files in PDF or JPEG format with no more than 5 MB in size. If  you can log into the Student Web Portal, but you cannot upload your Covid-19 vaccine documentation, please wait and try again later. There may be technical problems.

Alternatively, you can contact the Student Health Immunizations at 804-827-8047 if you still have the problems when using the Student web portal.

What Can You Do After Accessing the VCU Student Portal?

As we’ve mentioned, you will get a number of information when accessing the VCU Student Health portal. Well, the VCU web portal login can be used to:

  • Access secure messaging

Securing messaging will allow the Student Health services to communicate with you outside of the clinic. Make sure to not ignore any messages, due to they often have some important health information. Well, to respond to secure messages, you just simply log into the Student Portal with your eID and also password.

  • View approved lab results

By accessing the VCU Student Health portal, you are able to view your approved lab results. To view it, you need to click on the ‘My Profile’ tab once logging in.

  • View patient health brochures

You can also see patient health brochures which have been sent by your medical providers. To view it, you only need to click on the ‘Appt. Scheduling tab. Then, choose ‘View Appts’ and clickon the ‘Previous’ tab. Then, the brochure will be attached to the related appointments under the ‘Documents’ column on the far right.

  • Submit and view immunization records

Your immunization records may take up to 15 business days. Then, if your immunization records have been updated, you can view or also print your vaccine records by going to the ‘My Profile’ tab.

  • Upload any documents

By accessing the VCU Student Health portal, you are able to upload your documents related to the health information, such as medical release forms and your health insurance.

  • View appointments

You can also view both your past and future appointments. To see them, you need to click on the ‘Appt. Scheduling tab.

  • Complete medical forms

Through the VCU Student Health portal, you can complete your medical forms related to your appointment visit such as travel health forms and more.

For more information, if you are facing any issues when accessing the VCU online services, you can call Student Health at 804-828-8828.

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