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University of Texas at San Antonio has a thing known as Once Stop Enrollment Center or just One Stop. For those the new students of the university who just heard and not familiar with it, this one is really helpful to help you with the questions related to the financial aid, undergraduate admissions, and registration. Apart from that, it can also help in submitting paperwork, requesting a transcript or verification of enrollment. Everyone in the team is always ready to help you and the other students of University of Texas at San Antonio.

UTSA One Stop is such a great thing for the students. Not only it is helpful but it and every content in it is also able to be accessed freely without having to log in. However, since it relates or is affiliated with UTSA, it is still better for you to log in to UTSA. You can log in to the portal by entering the username and the password.

As stated before, UTSA One Stop is where to go when you want to know about a lot of things such as financial aid, undergraduate admissions and registration, how to submit the paperwork, how to request a transcript, how to verify an enrollment, and so on. Its official website is really great and the information shown is well-explained. One of the information that is featured on the site is about the financial aid.

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These following paragraphs will explain about the financial aid as explained on UTSA One Stop. Basically, there are a few types of aid. Those include scholarships, grants, loans, work study, consortium agreements, exemptions or tuition waivers, Hanzlewood exemption, House Bill 1403 students, international student aid programs, study aboard, Texas Tomorrow Fun and the other 529 or pre-paid tuition plans, UT online consortium, and UTSA Employee Educational Benefit or EEB program.

Then, what should you do to apply for aid? Everything is simple. For every new student who is eligible for the FAFSA, you can complete your application even before submitting an admission application. If you are counted as one of students who are eligible for the TASFA, you are allowed to submit your application after applying and have the myUTSA ID and passphrase in your hand. It is worth noting that it is a must for you to be admitted to be offered financial aid.

As for the continuing students, it is needed for you to reapply for the financial aid every year. Your financial aid might change if your income or the income of your parents change from one year to the next. If there is no much change, it means eligibility should also not change.

In order to apply for a financial aid, you can follow these following steps:

  1. The first thing that you need to do is to submit a financial aid application.
  2. After submitting, check your student aid report.
  3. Then, check your UTSA preferred email.
  4. Lastly, accept your offer.

If you want to accept your financial aid offer, here are instructions to follow:

  1. First of all, log onto your Automated Student Access Program or ASAP.
  2. Once you are in, click the Financial Aid tab. By clicking it, you will be asked to authenticate yourself through your DUO account when you are trying to access information after this point.
  3. The next thing that you have to do is to click Award.
  4. After that, click Award by Aid Year.
  5. Then, choose the applicable aid year and do not forget to press submit.
  6. When everything is done, it is time for you to click the Accept Award Offer tab.

It should be easy for you apply and to accept the financial aid that is offered to you. If you find it hard, go seek a help from UTSA One Stop or the one that you think knows about it.

Talking about UTSA One Stop, everyone would agree that it is the best thing offered by University of Texas at San Antonio for each of their students. If you do not find the answer of your question on the official website of UTSA One Stop, you are recommended to call the team. There are two available numbers to call: 210 458 8000 and 1 800 669 0919. These numbers are available from Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. You might have to wait and get in queue in the peak hour but this method is still the most recommended and the most favorite one as you will be able to get the response directly.

For those who prefer to chat than call and wondering if there is a way to reach out the representative of UTSA One Stop through chat, the good news is that there is a Live Chat feature. This one is found on its official website. Just like call, this feature is also well-loved by many that’s why it is often limited during the peak times.

Aside from chat, you can also send an email. You will not have to worry about dehydrate from talking too much as you will be able to deliver what’s in your mind through text. If you want to send one, you can send it to onestop@utsa.edu. However, it is less effective compared to the first two above as you might be able to get a response in approximately three to five business days.

Another option that you can choose to discuss about a lot of things related to your study at University of Texas at San Antonio is to visit the campus. If you like the idea, you can make a visit on the day except from Saturday and Sunday. Feel free to visit Main Campus or the Downtown one. The address of the Main Campus is One UTSA Circle San Antonio, TX 78249 while the Downtown Campus is located at 501 W. Cesar Chavez Blvd. San Antonio, TX 7820. You can make a visit anytime from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM.

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