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Financial aid is a great method to pay for your educational investment. Here, we are going to talk about UTSA One Stop Financial Aid. If you want to know that information, make sure you will not go anywhere and keep staying on this page.

Overview – UTSA One Stop Financial Aid

As we said above, Financial aid is a great method to pay for your educational investment. One Stop will be able to assist in applying for financial aid, understanding types of aid and receiving your offered funds. If you are not sure when your aid is going to be applied to your bill, UTSA One Stop will be able to support you.

Types of Financial Aid

Financial Aid comes in lots of forms, and includes funds offered at the federal, state and institutional level. Usually, most financial aid funds are offered based on the financial information provided on your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Financial aid offers may consist of a combination of these funds. The Scholarships and grants are considered as gift aid because they usually require no repayment.

In contrast, work-study and loans are considered “Self-help” aid. For your information, loans are funds which need repayment. While, work-study is paid to the student after a job is secured. You have to remember that a work-study offer is a potential to obtain funds. It is not a guarantee which you will obtain the entire amount offered.

Additional Types of Aid

Here are additional types of aid:

  • Consortium Agreements
  • Exemptions/Tuition Waivers
  • Hazlewood Exemption
  • House Bill 1403 Students
  • International Student Aid Programs
  • Study Abroad
  • Texas Tomorrow Fund & Other 529 or Pre-Paid Tuition Plans
  • UT Online Consortium
  • UTSA EEB (Employee Educational Benefit) Program

Applying for Aid

For the new students, if you are eligible for the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), then you are able to complete your application before you submit an admission application. If you are eligible for the TASFA (Non-Citizen Texas Residents), then you are able to submit your application after you have applied and have your myUTSA ID and passphrase. For note: You have to be admitted to be offered financial aid.

For continuing students, you have to reapply for financial aid each year. If your income or family condition change from one year to the next, then your financial aid is also going to change. If your condition do not change dramatically, then eligibility must also not change. But, the application process is annual, depend on available budgets and is evaluated in the context of every given year.

Key Dates:


The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) always opens on October 1. The deadline to submit your FAFSA application is January 15 for fall, and November 1 for spring.


The TASFA (Non-Citizen Texas Residents) application is available on October 1. The deadline to submit your TASFA (Non-Citizen Texas Residents) application is January 15.

Several other crucial things to note: If you are attending classes during the summer, you are going to need submitting a special UTSA Summer Aid Application to inform us that you are interested in being offered financial aid. Also, there are several other things to consider if you are a TASFA (Non-citizen Texas resident), an international student, military affiliated or a veteran, a student athlete or interested in studying abroad.

Here is a way to apply for aid:

  • Submit a Financial Aid Application

Firstly, you have to fill out the federal FAFSA application and use school code 010115. Aid applications must be completed by January 15, however the FAFSA opens in October of the previous year, so we suggest you to submit it as early as possible. For note: Late applications are accepted, but on-time applicants have a better opportunity in getting grants and scholarships. If you are a non-citizen Texas resident, you have to submit the state TASFA application.

  • Check your Student Aid Report

After you submit your FASFA, you are going to receive a Student Aid Report. Please check to see it is not rejected. Also, UTSA will receive a copy, but it is the student’s responsibility that their aid report is correct and not rejected.

  • Check your UTSA Preferred Email

After UTSA receives your information from the Department of Education, you are going to receive emails from UTSA. You have to check your UTSA email carefully. The sooner they get missing documents from you, the sooner they are able to finalize your aid package.

  • Accept Your Offer

The students are going to be notified of their offer via email. They are able to accept their financial aid through the ASAP student portal. For the new students, you have to be admitted to UTSA before you are able to be offered financial aid. To receive your aid money, the students have to accept all or parts of their financial aid offer through the ASAP student portal. Disbursement of aid occurs before the payment deadline of each semester. Please find out how to accept your offer.

For note: You are going to be asked to authenticate yourself through your DUO account when trying to access financial aid information on ASAP.

Receiving your Aid Money

Financial Aid begins to disburse federal, state and institutional aid 10 days before the first day of class for the fall and spring terms.

Summer disbursement dates are able to be found on the Disbursement of Summer Aid webpage. The students have to be enrolled for the required number of hours as budgeted before aid will be disbursed. You have to accept your financial aid offer through ASAP and have to complete any actions needed. This includes making sure you have no financial aid holds or outstanding requirements. If you estimated your income on your FAFSA, you are going to be required to update your tax information.

It is important that you check your preferred email and ASAP account frequently. Emails are sent to students’ email accounts as indicated on ASAP to tell you of updates and notifications of outstanding requirements. Also, you are able to check your financial aid status on ASAP.

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