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The University of Texas at San Antonio seems to make the students (incoming and Roadrunner) discover their campus easily through the main campus map. We think that if you are enrolled students and first time come to UTSA campus, you may not really know each location on your campus.

Well, the UTSA main campus map will guide you to find a location that you are looking for. To make it easier for you to learn about UTSA main campus, we also show you the UTSA main campus map. So, let’s learn the map to discover each location at UTSA!

Learn UTSA Main Campus Map

The University of Texas at San Antonio provides at least four maps, including Main Campus, Downtown Campus, Hemisfair Campus and also Park West Campus. Certainly, we not only provide a main campus map, but all of them will be explained below!

Here’s the view of the UTSA main campus map!

UTSA Main Campus Map

On the UTSA main campus map, you will see a number of locations that you will find at UTSA. To ease you learn the main campus map, we also show you a list of locations  provided on UTSA main campus map. Here are they:

  • FAB: Fan Amenities Building
  • TSS: Track and Soccer Stadium Building
  • AC: Activity Center (Available at G4 coordinates)
  • AET: Applied Engineering and Technology Building (Available at L8 coordinates)
  • ART: Arts Building (Available at M6 coordinates)
  • BB: Business Building (Available at L4 coordinates)
  • BBL: Baseball Lockers (Available at F6 coordinates)
  • BOS: Bosque Street Building (Available at J4 coordinates)
  • BSA: Business Services Annex (Available at D6 coordinates)
  • BRS: Tito Bradshaw Bicycle Repair Shop (Available at K8 coordinates)
  • BSB: Biosciences Building (Available at L7 coordinates)
  • BSE: Biotechnology Sciences and Engineering Building (Available at M7 coordinates)
  • CAR: Center for Archaeological Research  (Available at C6 coordinates)
  • CC: Convocation Center (Available at J7 coordinates)
  • CDC: Child Development Center (Available at E9 coordinates)
  • CRW: Central Receiving & Warehouse  (Available at C6 coordinates)
  • EB:  Engineering Building (Available at L7 coordinates)
  • FLN:  Flawn Sciences Building (Available at L6 coordinates)
  • FSB: Facilities Services Building (Available at C7 coordinates)
  • GSR: Graduate School & Research Building (Available at K4 coordinates)
  • GH: Guadalupe Hall Under Construction
  • HSU: H-E-B Student Union (Available at K6 coordinates)
  • IAB: Intercollegiate Athletics Building (Available at J6 coordinates)
  • IFH: Intramural Field House  (Available at G6 coordinates)
  • JPL: John Peace Library (Available at M5 coordinates)
  • LST: Large Scale Testing Laboratory (Available at D3 coordinates)
  • MB: Main Building (Available at M5 coordinates)
  • MBT: Margaret Batts Tobin Laboratories (Available at D5 coordinates)
  • MEM: MEMS Lab (Available at E6 coordinates)
  • MH: McKinney Humanities Building (Available at L5 coordinates)
  • MS: Multidisciplinary Studies Building  (Available at L6 coordinates)
  • NPB: North Paseo Building  (Available at K4 coordinates)
  • PDS: Power & Dynamics Systems Lab  (Available at E5 coordinates)
  • RACE: Road Runner Athletic Center of Excellence Under Construction
  • RRC: Roadrunner Café  (Available at G4 coordinates)
  • RWC: Recreation Wellness Center (Available at I7 coordinates)
  • SCG: Sculpture & Ceramics Graduate Studio  (Available at D6 coordinates)
  • SEB: Science and Engineering Building (Available at M8 coordinates)
  • SEL: Science and Engineering Lab  (Available at E5 coordinates)
  • SL: Softball Locker Room (Available at I6 coordinates)
  • SRL: Science Research Laboratories (Available at D5 coordinates)
  • SU: Student Union (Available at K5 coordinates)
  • SSC: Student Success Center(Available at K5 coordinates)
  • TEP: Thermal Energy Plant (Available at J5 coordinates)

Okay, those are all locations that you will find at UTSA main campus map. The UTSA Main campus is located at San Antonio, TX 78249-3209 with phone number at (210) 458-4011.

About Parking Information at UTSA main campus, you can obtain it by stopping at either of the Information Booths which are located on Ximenes Ave (South) and Peace Blvd (North). Well the exact locations will be denoted on the campus map image that you can see above. If you need information about Booths, you can see on Monday – Thursday from 7:30 a.m to 6:30 p.m and on Friday from 7:30 a.m to 4:30 p.m.

Learn Other UTSA Campus Maps

Aside from Main Campus, UTSA also has the remaining three maps, here are they:

Downtown Campus Map

Downtown Campus Map

Here’s a list of locations that you can find in Downtown campus map:

BVB: Buena Vista Street Building K8 (Available at K8 coordinate)

  • College of Liberal and Fine Arts
  • Downtown Advising Center
  • Extended Education
  • Library
  • P-20 Initiatives
  • Student Health and Counseling Services
  • Police Department
  • Testing Services
  • Theater

DBB: Durango Building (Available at G9 coordinate)

  • Campus Fitness Center
  • College of Education and
  • Human Development
  • College of Public Policy
  • Institute for Economic Development
  • Student Union
  • Tomás Rivera Center for Student Success

FS: Frio Street Building (Available at  I8 coordinate)


  • Administration
  • Bookstore
  • Campus Services / Parking Office
  • Extended Education
  • Fiscal Services
  • Food Court
  • One Stop Enrollment Center
  • Registrar
  • Riklin Auditorium
  • Writing Lab

South Wings

  • College of Sciences
  • Police Department
  • Veteran Certification Office

ITC: Institute of Texan Cultures (available at Inset coordinate)

MNT: Monterey Building (Available at J3 coordinate)

  • Bank of America Child and Adolescent
  • Policy Research Institute
  • Monterey Café
  • Pre-Freshman Engineering Program (PREP)
  • College of Architecture,
  • Construction and Planning
  • UTSA Mexico Center

The UTSA Downtown campus is located at 501 W. César E. Chávez Blvd. San Antonio, TX 78207 with phone number (210) 458-4011.

Hemisfair Campus Map

Hemisfair Campus Map

Here’s a list of locations that you can find in Hemisfair campus map:

  • ITC: Institute of Texan Cultures I9
  • LC: Log Cabin K9
  • BN: Barn L9
  • SH: School House L4
  • FT: Fort K10
  • AH: Adobe House K11
  • OB:  Official Business Parking / Loading Dock J9
  • EP: East Patio J10
  • LOT 1: Staff B Parking L10
  • LOT 2: Staff A Parking K9
  • LOT 3: Bus Parking I6 (700 Tower of the Americas Way)
  • LOT 7: UTSA Student, Staff and Faculty Parking E10
  • LOT 9: Visitor Parking F9

The UTSA Hemisfair  campus is located at 801 E. César E. Chávez Blvd. San Antonio, TX 78205-3209 with phone number (210) 458-2300.

Park West Campus Map

Park West Campus Map

Here’s a list of locations that you can find in Park West campus map:

  • FAB: Fan Amenities Building J10
  • TSS: Track and Soccer Stadium Building J8

The UTSA Park West campus map is located at 8000 N. 1604 W. San Antonio, TX 78249.

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