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University of Texas at San Antonio or UTSA has an online database. The name of the database is UTSA Handshake. UTSA Handshake offers a chance for the students and the alumni of this university to do a few things, including to post resumes, view the events related to career, schedule appointments with University Career Center team, find internships, and look for their dream jobs.

In order to do such things, log in is needed. Then, what should you do to log in to UTSA Handshake? Find out the way to do it below.

  1. The first thing that you have to do is to go to UTSA Handshake by navigating to https://utsa.joinhandshake.com. The link will take you to the login page of UTSA Handshake. UTSA Handshake
  2. When you are on the front page, you have to find The University of Texas at San Antonio Sign On and click it and you will then be directed to the UTSA Login page.UTSA Login page
  3. In the UTSA Login page, enter two things, which are your myUTSA ID and passphrase.
  4. After filling out these two, do not forget to press the Log In button and you will be in immediately.

If you have no account, then you will need to make one first. If you have no idea how to make one, this following guide will guide you:

  1. The first step is actually the same as the method to log in to UTSA Handshake, which is to navigate to https://utsa.joinhandshake.com.
  2. As mentioned before, the default page will be the login page. In the login page, move your cursor to the top right of the page where the “Sign up here” link is located. Upon finding the link, click it and you will be taken to a new page.
  3. In the new page, enter the University of Texas at San Antonio .edu email address.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Then, click Next again.
  6. This time, you will have to choose a password. Talking about a password, remember that it must be at least 8 characters and it must contact more than two of the categories, including letters, numbers, and special characters.
  7. Check “I agree to the Terms of Services and have read the Privacy Policy” and click Create account.
  8. During the process of creating an account, you will be asked to tell you about yourself. Please require the information about the first name, last name, major, graduation month, graduation year, and so on.
  9. After providing the information, the process of creating an account is done and you can check your email and follow the instructions in the messages to confirm your account.

If you love to access a thing through a phone other than using a computer or laptop, there is actually an app version of Handshake called Handshake Jobs & Careers. To download the app and log in to an account, here is step by step to follow:

  1. Firstly, find the app named Handshake in the app store. For iOS users, you can go to the App Store to find it and for those with Android, please go to Google Play Store instead.
  2. After finding the app, download it.
  3. When the process of download is done, the next thing to do is to open up the app and then enter the school email address linked to your Handshake account before tapping Continue.
  4. By doing the step, you will get a unique code sent to the email address associated with your Handshake account. Go to your email and get the code.
  5. Since the code is now in your hand, you can just copy and paste it into the field and then tap Continue. Just like that, you will be taken through the on boarding process and into the Handshake account.

It should be easy for you to log in to UTSA Handshake. In case you have a hard time, you can try to call 210 458 4589 and ask for help.

UTSA Handshake Login
For the students of University of Texas at San Antonio, you are able to access UTSA Handshake one or two days after you register for classes. It means you will have to wait if today is your first day registering for classes.

Talking about UTSA Handshake, it cannot be separated from work-study. If you want to find work study or on campus jobs, follow everything below:

  1. The first thing that should be done is to click on the JOBS tab.
  2. Then, choose On Campus located under Job Search and then look for Work Study.
  3. In order to set up the daily or weekly notification for the new work study positions, you can click Save your Search.

In order to upload the document, you can find the sample resume templates in the Resource tab on https://careercenter.utsa.edu. Apart from that, the second way that you can do this is to meet with one of the staff during Drop in hours every week. To check when you should meet the staff, you are encouraged to go to the official website of UTSA to check out the available hours. In addition, there is also another way to review your resume, which is to go to VMock and log in to it.  Here is the link that will direct you to the login page: https://www.vmock.com/login. When everything is ready, it is time for you to upload the Student Schedule, Award Letter, and Resume that you saved before by clicking on the field button in each designated area.

For everyone who is eligible for work-study, do not forget to check YES in the FAFSA application when you are asked if you are interested in this program. Remember to also make sure that you are awarded work study by log in to your ASAP account, clicking Award, clicking Award by Aid Year, and clicking on Award Overview. If you are indeed awarded, copy and paste the information into a Microsoft Word document and save your Award Letter.

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