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For those the students or faculty or staff or University of Texas at San Antonio who face some difficulties with its learning management system known as UTSA Blackboard, this post might be helpful for you so please keep reading until the very end.

If you have any questions, you can reach out the representative of the university by calling 210.458.4520. This one is the most popular and the most recommended way to reach out them as you will be able to talk directly. To get the best response, it is better for you to dial the number on the work days and work time. Please explain everything that you want to ask or everything that you are currently facing so that they will be able to help you with the best solution possible.

If you are the type or person who does not have a confidence in talking over the phone or if you are too lazy to talk to the representative of University of Texas at San Antonio, you might want to send an email instead. If you want to send one, here is the email address that you can use: utsa@edusupportcenter.com

Before calling the number or sending an email, you are suggested to visit the official website of University of Texas at San Antonio to find the solution of your question. There is Blackboard Learn help for students. In the Blackboard Learn Help for students, you will be able to find some questions that are commonly asked by the users, along with the answers. Below are some common issues that have been faced by many. If you want to find more, please visit the page by clicking this link: https://help.blackboard.com/Learn/Student.

Forgotting Password

For anyone who forgot your password, you can reset it by following these instructions:

  1. The first thing to do is to the URL where you access UTSA Blackboard, tap here.
  2. On the login page, you will have to click Forgot/Reset Passphrase.
  3. In the new page, you will be able to see a total of four options: Take the Passphrase Tour, Enter Your Contact Info, Duo Setup Authentication, and Reset Your Passphrase. As you are going to reset the passphrase, the one that should be chosen is the last one. To choose it, click the Begin Reset button.
  4. If you want to request a passphrase reset code, you will have to enter your myUTSA ID, your cellphone number, and the non-UTSA email address.
  5. When everything is done, it is time for you to press the Submit button.
  6. If you entered the cellphone number, the next thing that you have to do is to open the SMS text message from TechCafe@utsa.edu.
  7. Then, enter your myUTSA ID and reset the code from the text message before clicking Submit. Please do it as soon as possible as the reset code will expire within two hours of its delivery.
  8. After that, enter a new passphrase twice and then click Save Passphrase. Talking about the passphrase, there are no restrictions on the kinds of characters that you can use or you cannot use. However, it must be at least 15 characters. Also, there should be no common phrases, patterns of numbers and letters, similar to the previous one. In addition, it should not be able to be guessed easily. If you are blank and do not know how to create a good passphrase, there are several ways to come with one, including creating a sentence, creating an acronym, and creating a string of several words.
  9. If the process is successful, you should get a confirmation in the form of a text message notifying that you have successfully reset your passphrase.
  10. If you entered the non-UTSA email address instead of the cellphone number, after clicking Submit, go to your email and log in.
  11. Then, find the email sent by TEchCafe@utsa.edu and open it.
  12. Please follow the guide included in the email. Just like the one sent via cellphone, the reset code sent via email will also expire within two hours of its delivery.
  13. Next, enter a new passphrase twice and then click Save Passphrase.
  14. In the end, you should be able to get a confirmation email that you have successfully reset your passphrase.

Finding or Opening the Assignment

If you cannot open your assignment, you must reach out your instructor or the help desk of UTSA. Besides, you can also find the web for your institution’s name + Blackboard + help or support.

Contacting The Instructor

You are able to view the messages that are sent in each of your courses. Aside from that, you are also able to make and reply to the messages as long as you are allowed by your institution. On top of that, it is also possible for you, your instructors, and your friends to exchange the messages to each other if allowed. Keep in mind that the message activity will remain inside the Blackboard system and there is no way for you to view or send these messages to outside of your course.

Thing To Do When Losing the Work

The sad news is that there is nothing that you can do when you lost your work in the middle of a task. The possibility of it to lose permanently is high. In this case, the only option that you have is to make a new one. In case you face this kind of situation during a test and cannot continue, the best way is to contact your instructor immediately. apparently, Blackboard does not have access to the Blackboard Learn of your school and it cannot help you in fixing the issues.

In order to prevent the same unfortunate event from happening for the second time, you are suggested to use a wired connection if it is possible. It has been known that some of the wired internet connections are less reliable. It is also prohibited to refresh the browser page, close the browser window, and use the back button of the browser.

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