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University of Texas at San Antonio has a portal called ASAP. This one is intended for every student of the university to access their information and their academic records at UTSA. In ASAP, you are as a student are able to see the schedule of classes by going to the Schedule of Classes page on the official website of University of Texas at San Antonio (ASAP section).

In addition to that, you are also able to view it on the schedule planner, which is linked from the Student Services tab in ASAP. For those who have no idea, the thing known as student planner is offered by University of Texas at San Antonio. This one is really helpful for you to do your best at managing your schedule as perfect as possible by considering your needs. You are allowed to include the courses that you want and eliminate the ones that clash with your work or your extracurricular activities.

In you want to look for courses, here is step by step to follow:

How to Search for Courses

  1. The first thing that you should od is to choose a Term. If it is summer, you are able to further narrow your search by choosing the certain parts of term such as first 5 weeks, second 5 weeks, 8 weeks, and so on.
  2. Then, choose the Course Subject. It is effective to narrow your search. Feel free to choose multiple subjects. If you want to do it, you can just hold CTRL or SHIFT key when clicking through on the subjects. For anyone who knows the certain course number, you can enter that in the “optional sections” portion.
  3. You can search for courses by Course Number & Attributes. If you are searching for a certain course, all that you have to do is to enter the certain course number in Course Number. If you want to find the ones that have certain features such as online (Internet), graduate level, free textbooks, and so on, you can choose the appropriate Attribute. For your information, the Lower Division Courses are the undergraduate level ones with the course numbers starting with 1 or 2. As for the Upper Division Courses, they refer to undergraduate level courses that have course numbers stating with 3 and 4.
  4. Searching the courses by Part of Term is also possible. It is able to be used to view courses that are offered during a certain part of term for the semester.
  5. There is also searching for courses by Campus. This one is able to be used to filter for courses offered by campus. There is Main Campus or DownTown Campus in Face to Face courses. There is a campus or Internet in the courses that are online. The current method to look for the online course is to choose internet campus only checkbox in the campus section on the class schedule. Every course exclusively for fully online student has an online version of the campus.

Apparently, the class schedule is organized in a table. For those who have zero knowledge about each column listed and what it is about, below is the brief information about each of them for you:

Anatomy of the Class Schedule

  • Stat (Course Status): This one is where you will see the status of the course. It can be open, closed, canceled, or waitlist.
  • Sub/Crse/Sec/CRN/Title (Course Information): The course information is identified by this one. Please focus on the thing that you will need to register for the course called CRN. You will have to click on the course if you want to see the description of the course. It is also possible to view any required textbooks and course materials by clicking on the View Book Information.
  • Cred (Credit Hours): This one shows the number of credit hours that you could earn from completing the course.
  • Meeting Times: This one shows the date and time when the class meets. If you see nothing, it means the course is asynchronous or is individualized instruction such as Master’s Thesis, Independent Study, Doctoral Dissertation, and so on.
  • Campus
  • Fees: This one is the additional fees to take the course.
  • Location: It is the building and room the students of the class meet on the campus.
  • Dates: It is the time when the semester starts and ends.
  • Notes: It includes the special requirement or additional information about the course.
  • Final Exam: This one displays the date and time of the final exam if the course is face to face or synchronous. You can check out the course syllabus for the final exam date and time of the asynchronous courses.
  • Weeks: This one is the length of the semester.
  • Instructor: It shows the instructors who teach the course.
  • Sts/Enr/Avl (Seat Information): Sts means seat, which refers to the number of many students that may enroll in this course. Enr is the short of enrolled. It indicates how many students that are already enrolled in this course. As for Avl, it is available. It Means how many seats or open spots are still available for the students to sign up in this course.
  • WL (Waitlist Information): It shows the number of students who are on the waitlist for this course.
  • Section Link & Register Also with Section Link

For more information of UTSA ASAP Schedule of Classes, the best thing that you can do is to visit the official website of University of Texas at San Antonio. Please visit it when it works properly. At the time of writing, University Technology Solutions or UTS owned by University of Texas at San Antonio is under maintenance to the Banner application system. The maintenance started from Tuesday August 31 at 5 PM to Wednesday, September 1 at 8 AM. During the maintenance, everyone is not able to get the access to the services offered by University of Texas at San Antonio and ASAP is one of them. Aside from ASAP, the other services that are affected include Banner 9 Admin Pages, RowdyPay, TouchNet, the mobile app, and Xtender.

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