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Are you a new student of University of Pacific (UOP)? If so, the information about Student Login must be known by you. It is important to know by you because you will need to login to your student account to find out information about grades, schedule, and many other information about your need in campus.

If you want to login to your account in the website of University of the Pasific (UOP), you have to go to the website of UOP at www.pacific.edu. When you access the site, it will be a little bit confusing because you will see a lot of things in the homepage of the site including latest news, calender of events, and some other things. The thing that you have to choose to login is to click on Inside Pasific. Inside Pasific can be found in the upper right corner of the page next to search bar. If you click on that, you will be brought to the login page.

The login field can be found on the left side of the page. There, you will see that there are two fields that you have to fill in same as when you login to your social media account. The fields that you have to fill in is your PacificNet ID and your password. After you fill in those fields, then press Login button. If you do not know your PasificNet ID and you need a help to log in, you are able to click on the link of “Admitted Students – click here for assistance loggin in”. By clicking that, you will be brought to a page where you have to enter your University ID and also your Birth Date and then click on Lookup. You have to know that as an admitted student, you need your PacificNet ID and password to be able to login into the portal and confirm your enrollment. This information was included in your admission pocket. In case you do not own that information, you need to find that by filling clicking link as we mentioned previously. If you have logged in and then you have finished all of your business in your account, make sure that you log out and exit your web browser after that. It must be done for security reasons. You also need to know that Pacific Technology will never ask you to put your password into an email message except it is scammers. So, do not share your password with others.

If sometimes you have forgotten your password, the thing that you can do is to reset it by using Locksmith. In the login page, you will be able to find Locksmith link to reset your password. Click on that and then you will be brought to a page where you need to enter your domain and ID user. If you are still facing problems when you try to access your account, you are able to click on the link of “Need help logging in?” in the left side of the login page. Then, there will be a pop up message containing description about how to login and also contact which is able to be contacted by you.

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