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When you access the website of The University of Newcastle Australia (UON), you will see that there are three menu at the top of the main page including Library, Current Students and Current Staff. If you are staff of UON, you are able to access anything related to UON staff at Current Staff menu.

By clicking that, you will be able to access the organization, systems and tools, teaching and research, and also information that is related to working there.

For staff of UON, there are several systems and tools that they are used. Those are as listed below.

  • Email. Staff can login to access their staff email account, Unify and stay in touch.
  • ¬†Forms, guides and templates. Staff can find all the forms, guides and templates that they need in one central location.
  • Discover. You can find, book and manage courses through the staff learning and development portal.
  • HRonline. You can login to update personal details, view current payslip or add a new timesheet.
  • Fraedom. You can login to Fraedom to keep an eye on your staff credit card details and invoices.
  • Maximo. You can login to maintain requests and key access requests.
  • UONline. You can access staff resources ad update course and program information for students.
  • 17triplezero IT service portal. It can be access to help will all your IT issues and concerns.

There are still more tools for staff to research systems such as Adverse Circumstances, CareerHub, ChemWatch, Computering Requisition Service and more.

Talk about systems and tools for staff, one of them is Email. To be able to access the Staff email, you have to go to the Current Staff menu in the website of UON at www.newcastle.edu.au. In the menu of Current Staff, there will be a lot of options such as Email, Discover, HRonline and more as we mentioned above. To access staff email, click on Email menu and then you will be brought to a page where you will enter your username and password at Office 365. Enter your username which is your UniID and then enter your password. After entering both fields, then hit the Sign In button.

If you face any problem, you are able to click on “Need help signing in?” under the Sign In button. Then, there will appear some options including Forgot Password, Forgot Password (Alumni), IT Service Desk and Help. If you forget your password, you can click on Forgot Password and then you will be brought to a page of password reset. In the Password Reset page, you will have to enter your username and then hit the Next button. Another link that you can use is Help. This link can be chosen if you cannot login to your account. This link will brought you to a page where you will have to fill some fields including Name, University ID, Contact email (not your University Email), Contact Number and your issue or questions. After filling in all fields, you have to hit the Send button.

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