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UNG or the University of North Georgia uses eLearning@UNG as its online learning management system, the one that uses the platform named Brightspace by D2L. If you are not familiar with UNG D2L, here is the orientation for you.

Way to Install UNG D2L on a Phone

If you want to install D2L on a phone, you will have to download the app named Brightspace Pulse.

Way to Log into UNG D2L

  1. In order to access D2L UNG, the first thing that you will need to do is to navigate to auth.ung.edu/.
  2. Then, enter your username and your password.
  3. After that, you can just click the Sign In to log into your dashboard.

In case you forgot your UNG password, please click on the Change/Forgot Password link located below the page. When it is done, you can follow the steps to reset your password.

Way to Use eLearning at UNG D2L

There is an eLearning or D2L tutorial made by DETI’s Online Student Success team. Feel free to self enroll in the tutorial within eLearning@UNG (D2L). You are able to find the link for self enrollment on the right hand side of your eLearning@UNG (D2L) homepage. Aside from that, there are also some tutorial videos and more D2L resources on the eLearning@UNG (D2L) new window homepage. For anyone who needs further assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to the representative through email at deti@ung.edu.

Way to Find Your Course Within eLearning UNG D2L

Each course is able to be found in My Courses. In case your course is not shown on the homepage, you should click on the view all courses link. After finding it, you can pin it to make it show up on your homepage. If you need detailed instructions, you can find them within the Finding and Pinning a Course resource located on the right hand side of your eLearning@UNG (D2L) new window homepage. In case you still cannot see My Courses or Content in D2L, you are encouraged to contact an Online Student Success Advisor at ungonline@ung.edu.

Tips And Tricks for Those Who Have Never Taken an Online Class

There are some tips and tricks at your disposal made by the Online Student Success team. If you want to know more about it, please go to the Online Learning Tips webpage. In case you need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact UNG at deti@ung.edu.

Resources That Could Help Those Who Are Not Very Experienced with Using Computers

If you want to find the resources that could help you who are not that familiar with using computers, you can visit the Goodwill Community Foundation’s technology tutorial. Some tutorials to use the Microsoft suite, internet usage, computer basics, and some other ones are offered. Besides, you are also able to find the information within UNG’s Online Learning Tips webpage.

Access to Tutors Online

Every student has access to tutors online. This kind of tutor online is free and is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can access it through Smarthinking that is able to be accessed directly from your courses in the D2L new window for the UNG Online classes. In addition to that, you can also access Smarthinking through your courses in GoVIEWnew window for eCore classes.

About A Unicode Character

The term Unicode character is used to call any character that is not on a U.S. keyboard. One of the examples is a character of a non-English language. However, you have to know that it is an optional requirement.

About Your Username

If you want to find out your username, you can just visit https://activate.ung.edu.

About Your Username

Reason Why Is Your Enrollment Outdated

If you receive a message saying that your enrollment is outdated and are wondering what it is about, it refers to Password Management only. In this case, it is needed for you to contact the Service Desk in order to get your password reset.


Learning about something is usually more effective with videos. If you want to learn everything about UNG D2L, here is the list of the videos that you can watch:

  1. https://ung.view.usg.edu/shared/StudentTutorials/navigation.html: Click the link if you want to know more about Navigation.
  2. https://ung.view.usg.edu/shared/StudentTutorials/account.html: Click the link if you want to know more about Account Settings.
  3. https://ung.view.usg.edu/shared/StudentTutorials/profile.html: Click the link if you want to know more about Profile.
  4. https://ung.view.usg.edu/shared/StudentTutorials/notifications.html: Click the link if you want to know more about Notifications.
  5. https://ung.view.usg.edu/shared/StudentTutorials/calendar.html: Click the link if you want to know more about Calendar.
  6. https://ung.view.usg.edu/shared/StudentTutorials/content.html: Click the link if you want to know more about Course content.
  7. https://ung.view.usg.edu/shared/StudentTutorials/discussions.html: Click the link if you want to know more about Discussions.
  8. https://ung.view.usg.edu/shared/StudentTutorials/dropbox.html: Click the link if you want to know more about Assignments (Dropbox).
  9. https://ung.view.usg.edu/shared/StudentTutorials/quizzes.html: Click the link if you want to know more about Quizzes.
  10. https://ung.view.usg.edu/shared/StudentTutorials/grades.html: Click the link if you want to know more about Grades.
  11. https://ung.view.usg.edu/shared/StudentTutorials/classlist.html: Click the link if you want to know more about Classlist.
  12. https://ung.view.usg.edu/shared/StudentTutorials/pager.html: Click the link if you want to know more about Instant Messages.

This following will talk about one of the D2L UNG features named Instant Messages. As a student, you are able to send a message to your classmates and the other users. It is possible to be done by accessing the tool named Instant Messages. A red dot on the Messages alert icon in the minibar indicates unread mail and messages. You can click the icon if you want to access Instant Messages. By selecting Go to Instant Messages, you will be taken to your inbox. If you want to read the message, you can just click it. If you want to reply, you can just type in your message and then press the Send button. Once everything is done, you will be taken to your inbox. There is the Friends tab that can be used to view your contacts. Do not forget to watch the video to know more about it.

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