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Are you already registered as a student of  UCCS? As a public research university it’s a great chance for you to be one of the students in this famous university. UCCS which refers to University of Colorado Springs is one of four campuses that form the University of Colorado system.

The UCCS has over 12,400 undergraduate and 1,822 graduate students with 32% ethnic minority students, as of fall 2017. In the fall of this year, UCCS is going to roll out a majority of in-person courses, on-campus experience.

Then, how to get the information about your classes, your schedule, pay tuition fees and many more? Sure, that’s pretty easy to do in order to get any information about your study as UCCS provides a portal to access. How to access the UCCS Student Portal?

Here’s How to Access the UCCS Student Portal!

The portal of UCCS is a site where the students, staff and faculty have a right to access. It’s intended to manage the majority of the school systems such as the pay stub and classes system. Through this portal, the students are allowed to add, drop and swap classes for their curriculums as well as pay for their school bills.

While, for staff, employees and faculty can manage their employee information. So, seeing rosters and managing their classes through this portal will be easier for faculty.

access the UCCS student portal

  •  You can access the UCCS student portal here.
  • Once you access the link, you’ll be taken to sign in page.
  • On the sign in page, you’re allowed to enter your username and password that you already register in the UCCS.
  • After entering your username and password, you can then click on the Sign In button.
  • If you enter the correct username and password, of course, you’ll be successful to access the UCCS student portal.

That’s it! You will now get access the information on this portal depending on what you want to do.

What’s the UCCS Portal For?

Once you already log into the UCCS student portal, your UCCSS account will give you access to a number of information resources that you will use every day. Your UCCS account will allows you to access:

  • Email
  • Log into a computer on campus
  • Check faculty, staff and student portal
  • Register for classes
  • Use blackboard
  • Get on UCCS-wireless
  • Many more

How to Protect Your UCCS Account?

As a UCCS student, you may be afraid when your personal information is stolen by a scammer or fake website on behalf of the UCCS. Sure, fake websites are really designed to steal your account in order to get your personal information.

Fake website and phishing email will pretend to be legitimate emails and sites while tricking you into typing your UCCS username and password which potentially share other private information.

After replying to a phishing email or type in your UCCS account information into a phishing or fake website, your information can be used by someone else to send spam and phishing emails which may compromise more users. Of course, they will even try to steal your personal information and use it for their own goal.

When you’re finding a site that asks you for your UCCS username and password, you should be careful as it may be a scam. Then, how to protect your UCCS account? Surely, to help protect your email account and personal data which are stored in various campus apps, you should notice plenty of points below!

  • The UCCS site will always have “uccs.edu” or “cu.edu” in the URL before the “/”. Some third party sites may be authorized to sign into.
  • The UCCS site will always be started by https://.
  • Search for the padlock
  •        In the subject name, the certificate information will be UCCS or CU.

Well, if you find a phishing site or fake website of UCCS, you can send an email to itsecure@uccs.edu or contact x3211 on campus.

Discovering the UCCS Programs

You may also want to know what programs that you will choose in the UCCS. Here’s for the list:

UCSS Bachelor’s Degrees

Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Department of Nursing

  • Nursing (Traditional Program)
  • Nursing (Accelerated Program)
  • Nursing (RN-BSN dual enrollment online)
  • Nursing (RN-BSN online)

Department of Health Sciences

  • Allied Health Completion Option
  • Health & Wellness Option
  • Medical Laboratory Science Option

Department of Human Physiology & Nutrition

  • Human Physiology and Nutrition
  • Exercise Science

Pre-Professional Programs

  • Pre-Dentistry
  • Pre-Medicine
  • Pre-Physical Therapy
  • Pre-Pharmacy
  • Pre-Veterinary Medicine

College of Business

  • Accounting (BS)
  • Business Administration (BS)
  • Finance (BS)
  • Human Resource Management (BS)
  • Information System (BS)
  • International Business (BS)
  • PGA Golf Management (BS)
  • Management (BS)
  • Marketing (BS)
  • Service Management (BS)
  • Sport Management (BS)

College of Education

  • Inclusive Elementary Education (BA)
  • Bachelor of Innovation in Inclusive Early Childhood Education (BI)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Human Services
  • Elementary Education
  • Secondary Education
  • Special Education

College of Engineering and Applied Science

  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Security
  • Data Analytics and Systems Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Engineering Education – Teaching STEM Licensure
  • Game Design and Development
  • Mechanical Engineering

College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

  • Anthropology
  • Biology
  • Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Communication
  • Economics
  • English
  • Geography & Environmental Studies
  • History
  • Interdisciplinary Studies (on campus or online)
  • Mathematics
  • Philosophy
  • Physics
  • Political Science
  • Pre-Dentistry
  • Pre-Medicine
  • Pre-Physical Therapy
  • Pre-Pharmacy
  • Pre-Veterinary Medicine
  • Professional and Technical Writing Program
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Spanish
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • Art History
  • Film Studies
  • Museum Studies
  • Music
  • Theater and Dance
  • Visual Art
  • Women’s and Ethnic Studies

School of Public Affairs

  • Criminal Justice
  • Social Work

UCCS Master’s Degree

Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Department of Nursing

  • MS Nursing – Nurse Practitioner Option
  • Post-Master’s Certificate – Nurse Practitioner

Department of Health Sciences

  • Master of Science in Athletic Training
  • Master of Sciences in Health Promotion

Human Physiology & Nutrition

  • Master of Sciences in Applied Physiology
  • Master of Sciences in Sport Nutrition

College of Business

  • Business Administration (MBA), Online or On-Campus
  • Master of Science in Accounting (MSA)

College of Education

  • Counseling and Human Services (MA): School Counseling or Clinical Mental Health track
  • Counseling and Leadership (Air Force Officer Command)
  • Curriculum and Instruction (MA)
  • Curriculum and Instruction: Literacy (MA)
  • Leadership (MA) with concentrations in: p-12 Education, Principal Education License or Student Affairs in Higher Education (SAHE)
  • Science Education (MA)
  • Science Teaching (MSc)
  • Special Education (MA)

College of Engineering and Applied Science

  • Computer Science (MS)
  • Computer Science: Games & Media Integration (MS)
  • Electrical Engineering (MS)
  • Cybersecurity (ME)
  • Engineering Management (ME), Online
  • Mechanical Engineering (MS)
  • Software Engineering (ME)
  • Space Operations (ME), Online
  • Systems Engineering (ME), Online

College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

  • Applied Geography (MA)
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Biochemistry (MSc)
  • Biology (MSc): Ecology & Evolution, Molecular & Cellular
  • Chemistry (MSc)
  • Communication (MA)
  • History (MA)
  • Mathematics (MSc)
  • Physics (MSc)
  • Psychology: Clinical or Psychological Science (MA)
  • Sociology (MA)
  • Sociology and Public Administration Dual Degree (MA/MPA)

School of Public Affairs

  • Criminal Justice (MCJ), Online or on-campus
  • Public Administration (MPA), Online or on-campus
  • Social Work (MSW)
  • MPA/ MCJ Dual Degree, Online or on-campus
  • MPA/ Sociology (MA) Dual Degre, Online or on-campus

UCCS Doctoral Degree

Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences

  • Post Master’s Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP)
  • Post-BSN to Doctorate of Nursing Practice

College of Education

  • College of Educational Leadership, Research and Policy (PhD)

College of Engineering and Applied Science

  • Engineering (Ph.D)
  • Security (PhD)
  • Computer Science (PhD)

College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

  • Applied Science: Mathematics or Physics (PhD)
  • Clinical Psychology (Ph.D.)
  • Geropsychology (Ph.D)
  • Trauma (Ph.D)

College of Business

  • Executive Cybersecurity Management Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

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