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The School of Nursing usually uses the Typhon system for the student portfolio development and the student clinical activity tracking throughout the curriculum. Here, in this article, you are going to get find the Typhon information you need including Typhon Student Login.

If you are anew student of UT Health, you are able to go to the page of Typhon information by visiting https://nursing.uth.edu/typhon/. Then, you are able to use the links on the right to log in to Typhon. There are also other links that you are able to use to submit a site or preceptor request, set up an account for yourself, or contact the support team. Besides that, if you are new to Typhon, we also suggest you to visit and reviewing the Basics & FAQ page. There, you are able to get lots of information about Typhon.

You have to know that all site or preceptor requests have to be submitted to your track director via the online form. It is going to submit your request to them. Remember that any requests which received directly from the students will not be processed. By the way, how to login to Typhon Student? We inform you that to login your Typhon Student is very easy. In logging Typhon Student, you have to enter your username and your password. But, before you continue to the next step, you have to ensure that you have already entered your username and password correctly. After that, the next step which you have to do is you just need to click at login button.


1. In requesting access, firstly you have to complete the online account request form. To go to that form, you are able also to click at the link ‘account request form’ which provided by University in the official website of UT Health university. In this case, you are able to use your UT email address on the form. It is very important for you to know that as forms with outside addresses such as Gmail and Yahoo, it will not be processed.

2. Usually, the process of requesting access takes 5 to 7 days. You are going to be sent your login information via email once your account has been created.


1. In requesting a site or preceptor, the first thing that you have to do is log in to Typhon to view whether your desired clinical site and preceptor are already in the system or not. For this case, you are going to need to know this once you are completing the form. To do this, you have to select “Setup Default Choices” under “Information and Setup” on your Typhon home screen.

2. The next step, you have to complete the site or preceptor request form. In this case, you have to ensure that you have already chosen Track Director and Typhon System for submission correctly.

3. The last, you are going to be notified via email once your site or preceptor have been added to the system.

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