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When you want to pursue your dream to be a CFA, you may want to attend the best university. If you study at the best university, you will be able to get the best facilities as well so that hopefully you are able to reach your dream as a CFA. But, what are the top best universities for CFA?

According to various sources, here are the best universities for CFA.

  • According to the Analyst Prep site, here are the top accounting and finance colleges in the USA.
    • University of Pennsylvania
    • New York University
    • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    • University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
    • The University of Carolina – Berkeley
  • According to the, here are the best CFA courses/programs.
    • Schulich School of Business (Canada)
    • The University of Iowa (Henry B. Tippie College of Business) (USA)
    • Howard University School of Business (USA)
    • Cass Business School, City University, London (UK)
  • According to the Gyanberry site, here is the list of top universities in the USA which offer a Bachelor of Chartered Financial Analyst CFA Course.
    • Adrian College
    • Ashford University
    • Baylor University
    • Bowling Green State University
    • Campbell University
    • Christian Brothers University
    • And some more.

It is better for you to check them again to ensure whether these universities or colleges offer a CFA program and check again whether these universities or colleges are the best for that program or not.

The Best CFA Exam Preparation Course

According to Investopedia, here are the best CFA exam prep courses.

  • Kaplan/ Schweser

This institution is the largest and most established provider where it offers its products in packages that increase in price accordingly. The basic package which is self-study lists about $699 and contains notes, practice exams, questions, and planning tools. Schweser also sells access weekend and week-long review package as standalone products where it is good if you rely solely on self-studying and want a new tactic. In the weekend reviews, it brings everything together and focuses on exam strategy rather than instruction.

  • Salt Solutions

Salt Solutions has its Beta platform for CFA Level I exam prep in late 2020. Now, it is officially out of Beta and the full CFA learning experience is available for Levels I and II. Salt Solutions breaks a large volume of material into small chunks to complete in 10 to 30 minutes. Salt Solutions also improves the process of study by showing you which steps are most important. This platform has an interface which is user-friendly with a light or dark mode so that it will be easier on your eyes after studying for long hours. Now, the platform has assignment questions, a scheduler with weekly goals to stay on track, and videos that can be downloaded.

  • Bloomberg Exam CFA Prep

It provides an AI-based learning platform which is modern that aims to help identify and focus attention on the weak areas. It provides the self-study and instruction-based package and gives you access to ‘micro-lessons’ on the whole curriculum. Variable amounts of access to practice questions and instructors will also be obtained by you depending on any add-ons that you choose. In the base package, there are 10,000+ questions, full exams and the ability to message an instructor 20 questions. If you choose the Ultimate package, you will get four more exams, unlimited question-messaging, and five private tutoring sessions.

  • FinQuiz

If you are looking for an affordable complement to working directly from the CFA test materials, FinQuiz can be your choice. A variety of options that emphasizes what the exam is expected to ask are provided by this service. The products in FinQuiz are chapter notes, online question bank, smart summaries, six mock exams, a study plan, and formula sheets. The basic program of FinQuiz is just questions and mocks where these are challenging and designed to stretch the candidates. If you want, you are able to choose the premium package where it provides access to detailed summaries of the company’s materials and an active learning study plan.

  • Fitch Learning

It takes a modular approach to its offerings where it means that you are able to purchase just one product that you need rather than wasting money purchasing a package which contains materials that you do not need and will not use. Fitch Learning offers a basic which is an online-access self-study package, but you are able to buy a range of review and instruction-type packages separately. Are you looking for access to questions? If so, the cost is around $195. If you need mocks, the cost is around $60 and if you want review courses, the cost is around $475. This platform also offers various online, live, or on-demand classes that you are able to buy separately.

  • My Guru

It offers individual tutoring which is affordable from CFA charter holders in person or online. You can get a lot of flexibility with tutors about when and how it takes place. Usually, tutoring is used as a supplement to in-person or online self-study or an instructional course. An individual teacher is present to help you make a more customized study plan out of whatever materials or curriculum which are present and focus on the topics and concepts which may be challenging. So, with My Guru, you will be able to choose how many lessons you need as you study and you will get personalized attention dedicated to your specific concerns.

  • Wiley Efficient Learning

This platform offers layers of packages that increase in price by the number of materials that you need. If you choose the standalone self-study course, it costs around $645 and notably includes questions and two mock exams. If you pay for $995, you are able to get instruction in a live-on-line or video format and also the right to email questions to an instructor, flashcards and other goodies. If you pay $1,395, you get a review course, including an online class, a mock, and a book. Fewer hours of video lectures and questions are available as you progress through the three exams. For tutoring, you can get responses from instructors in 24 to 48 hours.

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