Top 5 Countries Where a CFA Charter Can Land You a Job

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For those who are looking for a career, you may want to consider getting a CFA charter. People who have a background in finance, accounting, economics or business are usually the ones that take the CFA Program. Actually, having a financial background is not important to get the CFA charter. In order to become a CFA Charterholder, you will have to get 4,000 hours of professional work experience completed in a minimum of 36 months in some areas such as trading, corporate finance and economics.

If you are wondering if earning a CFA charter is worth it, it is, for some people. Keep in mind that every single one will have their own set of personal factors to consider when deciding if the CFA charter is the right one for them.

  • Career goals

While it is true that the CFA charter can help you in your career, it is not the key to success. Then, what is the key to success? Bear in mind that the key to your success is you. As for the CFA charter, it is just one part of that. There are several things that can help you career, such as leveraging personal contacts, joining a CFA society, network on social media, attend events related to your career aspirations to meet possible employers, sharpen your presentation skills, practice interviewing, and try not to get discouraged along the way

  •  Salary expectations

It is not easy to determine the money you can expect to earn after passing all the CFA exams. For those who earn the CFA designation as a mid-level analyst, you can expect a 15-20% increase in salary. In fact, the CFA designation seems to provide more experienced analysts and managers with a large salary increase. Remember that salary increases are determined by a number of factors.

  • The cost to pursue the CFA

It is worth noting that the CFA Program is not free. To pursue the CFA charter, you will have to spend around $3-6,000, depending on when you register for each exam and how much you pay for CFA prep.

Once again, earning a CFA charter is worth it. If you agree with this statement and are interested in it, you can start by registering for CFA Level 1. In order to apply for this, you will have to fill out the form. Aside from filling out the form, you will also need to include a few documents, such as scanned copy of your international travel passport, scanned copy of your graduation mark sheet, scanned copy of your graduation degree, scanned copy of your sign, and scanned copy of your passport size photo. Make sure to keep ready the required documents as per the prescribed size and formats.

When filling out the form, you will be asked to provide the important details of yourself, such as educational details, personal details, professional details, and so on. After doing that and after uploading all the documents, it is time for you to submit the requisite fees for the registration. Apparently, the registration fee varies, depending on the deadlines of registration. It is a must for every candidate like you to submit the one time enrollment fee of $459 while registering for the CFA course. If you register within the early registration deadline, you will have to pay $700. However, if you fill the application form after the early registration deadline but before the last date, you will have to pay a standard registration fee of $1000.

The main goal to earn a CFA charter is to get a job. Before earning your CFA charter, you may be wondering what countries where a CFA charter can land you a job. For those who are wondering about it, the top 5 includes:

  1. United States of America
  2. Canada
  3. Australia
  4. Singapore
  5. United Arab Emirates

According to CFA Institute, the United States of America, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and United Arab Emirates were included in the 10 countries with the most new charterholders in 2018, along with China, India, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and South Africa. Here is the full list:

  1. China: 19,598 people
  2. United States of America: 12,126 people
  3. India: 6,889 people
  4. Canada: 4,392 people
  5. United Kingdom: 4,367 people
  6. Australia: 3,357 people
  7. Hong Kong: 2,289 people
  8. Singapore: 1,379 people
  9. South Africa: 1,369 people
  10. United Arab Emirates: 1,054 people

There is a high chance of CFA charterholders to get a job in these countries knowing a lot of locals also try their best to pursue the certification. These countries are believed to be the ones that actively hire those with the designation.

Which one among these countries is the best place to work? It is true that not every county mentioned above is appealing. Therefore, it is better for you to look at the countries ranked as the top countries in the world for expats to live in. It means these countries are also likely to have a significant expat community and there is a chance for them to be open and welcoming to people from abroad to live and work there. According to the World Economic Forum, the living conditions are also known to be great.

  1. Country: Singapore
    Rank: 1
    2018: 1
    2017: 1
  2. Country: New Zealand
    Rank: 2
    2018: 2
    2017: 2
  3. Country: Germany
    Rank: 3
    2018: 3
    2017: 3
  4. Country: Canada
    Rank: 4
    2018: 4
    2017: 4
  5. Country: Bahrain
    Rank: 5
    2018: 5
    2017: 9
  6. Country: Australia
    Rank: 6
    2018: 6
    2017: 5
  7. Country: Sweden
    Rank: 7
    2018: 7
    2017: 6
  8. Country: Switzerland
    Rank: 8
    2018: 8
    2017: 8
  9. Country: Taiwan
    Rank: 9
    2018: 9
    2017: 12
  10. Country: United Arab Emirates
    Rank: 10
    2018: 10
    2017: 7

In conclusion, the United States of America, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates are the top 5 countries where a CFA charter can land you a job. Not only do they make it to the list of the countries with the most new charterholders but also they make it to the list of the countries that are known as the good places to work.

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