Top 5 CFA Exam Prep Providers in the World

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To earn a CFA charter, you may need to pass exams for all three levels of CFA. The CFA exam aims to measure and certify your competence and integrity before you become a financial analyst. If you pass the CFA exams, you will obtain analytic skills and expertise in quantitative methods, financial reporting, economics, etc.

If you have a plan to take the CFA exam, you may need to consider taking courses to make sure you are as prepared as possible. You definitely can take CFA courses provided by CFA exam prep providers. In fact, there are a number of reputable CFA exam prep providers you can choose from.

Top 5 CFA Exam Prep Providers in the World

If you’re accidentally looking for the CFA exam prep providers, you shouldn’t worry, since we will give you top 5 CFA exam prep providers you can choose. Here are they:

1) Kaplan Schweser

Kaplan Schweser best cfa

For the past 30 years, Kaplan Schweser is known as the largest and most established CFA exam prep provider in the world. They have been providing great material to the CFA program students across the world. With the authenticity of the materials provided by Schweser, many other prep providers start to distribute their material for preparation involving the CFA society in New York.

Talking about the Success Rate, the students’ pass percentage is not disclosed by the Institute. The institute, however, claims that 97% of the students recommend the course, on the basis of their internal survey.

Kaplan Schweser offers two budget-friendly packs which are introduced for the students that include a plethora of features and materials. Here are they:

  • Essential Package costs $699 that includes jumpstart, instructor link, checkpoint exams, activity feed, quick sheet, 4 mock exams, videos, Schweser notes and question bank.
  • Premium Package costs $999 that includes all of the features of the important package. Aside from that, it offers On-Demand Class, Schweser’s Secret Sauce and an On-Demand review workshop.

They also provide forth print, online and mobile study tools and also student-friendly courses since it distributes the 300 average hours weekly.

Schweser also sells access weekend and week-long review packages as standalone products that are great if you have relied solely on self-studying and would like a new tactic. Additionally, the week-long session is about review and instruction.

2) Wiley


Another CFA exam prep provider you can choose is Wiley that is also known as the largest online platform for CFA Program Learning. Why you should choose Wiley is because they provide wide-ranging resources with a personalized course platform.

They offer layers of packages where the price increases by how many materials you need. The cost of the CFA exam course is around $645 and notably includes questions and two mock exams. Approximately $995, you can really gain instruction in a live-on-live or video format and also the right to email questions to flashcards, an instructor and other goodies.

If you choose the $1,395 package, you will get a review course including an online class, a book and a mock. Of course, there are fewer hours of videos lectures and questions when you progress through the three exams.

3) Bloomberg Exam Prep

Bloomberg Exam Prep CFA

You can also choose Bloomberg Exam Prep as an online learning platform for the CFA program aspirants. If you choose this provider, you will save more than 130 hours on average compared to the real 300 hours that are dedicated to each level as directed by the Institute.

They claim a past success rate of above 80% and also provide pass assurance to the students. Furthermore, if you fail to clear the level, you are eligible to get a full refund. They offer three types of packages, including:

  • Essential Package costs $699 that includes notes, Video Lectures, question bank, 7-full exam and 20 ask-a-tutor-questions.
  • Premium Package costs $1,199 that includes notes, Video Lectures, question bank, 8full exam and 80 ask-a-tutor-questions.
  • Ultimate Package costs $1,999 that includes notes, Video Lectures, question bank, 7-full exam and 5-private tutoring sessions.

4) Salt Solutions

Salt Solutions CFA

Salt Solutions is a newer option for CFA Exam prep provider that offers the full CFA learning experience for Level I and Level II. Salt Solutions actually breaks the material into small chunks to complete in 10 to 30 minutes.

They actually improve the study process by informing you which steps are most important for you. The scheduler also determines weekly goals to keep you on track, while the platform offers flexibility.

Salt-Solutions has a user-friendly interface with a dark or light mode to make it easier on your eyes after long hours of studying. They currently provide assignment questions, a scheduler with weekly goals to stay on track and downloadable videos.

Even though Salt Solutions does not have a proven track record yet, the software looks promising, especially for people who are tired of staring at textbooks. You may already understand that passing all three CFA exams is not easy. Of course, Salt Solutions come to help you achieve your goal.

5) The WallStreet School

The WallStreet School

Based in India, The WallStreet School is one of the best CFA Prep providers that has been imparting instruction to CFA students in the online and in-person mode for the past 12 years. They claim a success rate of 91% that is the highest amongst the lot.

The WallStreet School also shares the list of its alumni who have shared the CFA exam, on their website with their Linkedin profile links. They provide two different plans, including:

  • Online self-paced Program: This plan costs $388 (Level I) and $410 (Level II) that includes more than 120 hours of videos, with access until the clearance of exam, exam planner with mock tests, solution bank of 2500+ questions and unlimited doubt sessions)
  • Instructor-Ied Live Classes: This plan costs $437 (Level I) and $490 (Level II). This plan lasts for 4 months with more than 200 hours of Live classes on weekends including everything in the Self-Paced Program.

Okay, those are the top 5 CFA exam prep providers in the world. You can choose to take CFA courses in preparation for your CFA exams, so you can easily pass the CFA exams.

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