TOP 30+ Best Educational Documentaries for Students

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For those who are looking for the best educational documentaries for the students to watch, you are at the right page. Educational documentaries will show the reality of the teachers and students from other societies, countries, and cultures. Here, we are going to share 30 best educational documentaries for the students.

30 Best Educational Documentaries for Students

Here is the list of best educational documentaries for students to watch:

TOP 30+ Best Educational Documentaries for Students

  1. Against Educational Lag
    This analyzes the situation of the educational system in Mexico and the difficulties that several students have to face to study, either due to their personal economic situation or due to the lack of existing infrastructure in the country.
  2. The Children of the Red-Light District
    This documentary focuses on demanding an improvement in the educational conditions of the children of this neighborhood, so that they are able to go to class and leave their marginal environment and dissociate themselves from violence and prostitution.
  3. Collaboration: On the Edge of a New Paradigm
    This documentary analyzes the paradigm shift which has taken place in scientific development, education and learning.
  4. Miss Olga’s School
    Olga and Leticia were two teachers at a school in the Argentine city of Rosario. This audiovisual presents the experience and point of view of the students and classmates who attended class with those two teachers, who applied a pedagogical model called ‘Escuela Serena’.
  5. Girl Rising: Educate Girls. Change The World.
    This film allows us to reflect on situations of injustice and complete a project which fights for social integration and the right to education of girls all over the planet.
  6. Dream the Future
    It travels through educational centers in France, England, Denmark, Spain, the United States, and India to search for the answer to different questions related to the future of education and the need to adapt the educational curriculum to prepare the students for the professions of the future.
  7. Not Going. The School of the Future
    The objective of this documentary is to criticize the shortcomings of the United States educational system and also seek possible solutions. To discover them, he uses the opinion of the researchers and educators who agree on the need to make innovative environments based on advances in neuroscience.
  8. He called me Malala
    This documentary tells Malala’s story and collects his struggle from a personal perspective and close to his figure.
  9. Waldorf Education, the documentary on education
    The Inlakesh School has filmed this educational documentary focused on Waldork pedagogy and which extends to 3,000 schools in different parts of the world.
  10. When I Feel Like I Already Know
    This is a Brazilian documentary on educational innovation with Spanish subtitles.
  11. The value of education
    Through this documentary, we are able to learn about the personal stories of several young people and what it means and represents for them to go to school.
  12. Eye of water, a different look
    This documentary reveals the experience of 15 years betting on an educational environment in which people decide how to use their time and when to learn.
  13. I Want to Help You
    This document is directed by Sara Lopez, it shows the importance of artistic education as an essential part of the educational process.
  14. Alphabet
    This documentary seeks to expose the new educational models which are being forged and the scale of values which is promoted in these centers.
  15. Gifted: East of Gaussian Bell
    This documentary brings the opinions about the educational system in which they learned, as well as their vision of the parents, teachers and experts, to explain the difficult integration they faced in schools with the aim of not repeating mistakes.
  16. Finland’s Educational Success
    This documentary is the work of the documentary filmmaker and writer from America, Michael Moore, known for his progressive stance and critical vision of globalization.
  17. The Waltz of the Useless
    This documentary deals with the Chilean student movement through two parallel stories: a teenager immersed in the political climate of his center and an ex-prisoner of the dictatorship of Pinochet.
  18. Ghada’s journey
    This film tries to educate the general public and children about the current migration problem through the story of two refugee girls.
  19. Etre et Avoir
    This documentary talks about the real life of a teacher who teaches children of different ages in a school in a French town.
  20. Waiting a Superman
    This documentary shows the differences between public and private schools, good and bad teachers, and also the educational learning problem.
  21. The Teacher is the Child
    This film exposes the values, the implementation and the challenges of Montessori pedagogy, through the daily life of a class of children.
  22. Forbidden education
    The film collects the educational initiatives of eight Latin American countries, explores their ideas and makes visible the experiences that have dared to change the structures of the educational model of the traditional school.
  23. The Finnish Phenomenon
    This documentary describes the Finnish education system, where the students study less, have fewer tasks and teachers have a more competitive salary and are more involved in their job.
  24. Between Teachers
    In the documentary, the methodology of Professor Carlos is tested with eleven students selected from Secondary to live the experience in a twelve-day workshop.
  25. Teach me but pretty
    This documentary shows different alternative educational experiences to the traditional learning model.
  26. Coría and the sea
    This documentary describes the difficult situation of Sahrawi women living in refugee camps.
  27. Japan: Failure forbidden
    This documentary describes another extreme of education, that of excessive teaching. It tells the specific case of Japan, in which society pressures children to achieve a perfect curriculum.
  28. The Good Lie
    The documentary centers on a group of Sudanese children fleeing their country at war searching.
  29. Way to School
    The documentary explains the story of four children from India, Kenya, Morocco, and Argentina for whom going to school is an adventure. Each of them has to go a long way to get to school.
  30. Oscar’s Land
    Alex Zapico and Juan Tizon have produced this film for the NGO DASS with the support of the Asturian Collaboration Agency.

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