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Are you looking for Tina Jones Cardiovascular Shadow Health answers? If so, you may be able to check what I found about it according to some online sources such as Quizlet and StuDocu. If you want to use the answers below, you have to make sure that it is for your study, not for cheating. Also, it is better if you check it again because I am afraid that there are some mistakes.

Tina Jones Cardiovascular Shadow Health Answers According to the Quizlet

If you access Quizlet, you will be able to find Shadow Health | Tina Jones | Cardiovascular flashcards as you are able to see below.

  • Asked about heart problems
    Denies heart problems
  • Asked about heartbeat
    – reports normal heartbeat
    – reports normal heart rate
    – denies palpitations
    – denies arrhythmia
  • Asked about high blood pressure
    – denies high blood pressure
    – reports last blood pressure check Finding:
    – reports last blood pressure check 140 over 80 or 90
    – reports belief that current blood pressure is on the high side of normal range
  • Asked about heart murmur
    Denies heart murmur
  • Asked about swelling
    Denies swelling other than foot wound
  • Asked about blue skin
    Denies blue skin
  • Asked about cardiac tests
    – Denies having a stress test
    – Denies having an echocardiogram
    – Denies having a coronary artery CT scan
  • Asked about cardiac surgeries
    – Denies having a heart catheterization
    – Denies having angioplasty or stent
    – Denies having a pacemaker
  • Asked about chest pain
    – Denies chest pain
    – Denies angina
  • Asked about chest tightness
    – Reports chest tightness during asthma exacerbations
    – Denies current chest tightness
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Cardiovascular Tina Jones Shadow Health Transcript

According to the Online Nursing Papers site, here is the Cardiovascular Tina Jones Shadow Health transcript.

A: Hello my name is Danielle I will be your provider today.

B: Hey.

A: Can you verify your name?

B: Tina Jones.

A: Your date of birth?

B: February 17th.

A: Thank you.

B: You’re welcome.

A: What brings you in today?

B: I’ve been noticing my heart seems to be beating too fast every once in a while lately, and it started to worry me. My mom said I should make an appointment. You don’t want to ignore heart stuff, I guess.

A: I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing those symptoms, they can be very uncomfortable. I’ll ask you some questions to learn more about your symptoms, and we will try to determine what’s causing you to feel this way

B: Thanks for saying that.

A: When did you first notice these symptoms.

B: I think the first time was about a month ago.

A: What were you doing when you noticed these symptoms (Clarified to What were you doing when you got the palpitations?.)

B: I usually notice them on my way to class in the mornings. My schoolwork has really been picking up and I’ve been drinking energy drinks to help keep me focused during the day, so maybe the caffeine or whatever else is in those things has something to do with it. (Clarified to what I was doing when the palpitations occured.)

A: How many energy drinks do you drink per day.

B: Usually just one in the morning, kind of like some people have a cup of coffee. Some mornings lately I’ve had two, though.

A: Drinking high levels of caffeine can make you feel stressed or anxious, and can dehydrate you. over time, lots of caffeine can make you experience “crashes” during the day, too. let’s talk about healthy alternatives

B: Sure, I think I understand what you mean.

A: How often were you experiencing these symptoms.

B: No.

A: How often do you notice your heart racing fast (Clarified to How often does your heart beat fast?.)

B: It’s been about once a week for the past month. (Clarified to how often my heart beats fast.)

A: Can you describe it for me (Clarified to What is your heartbeat like?.)

B: It’s usually normal, but it’s way faster during these episodes I’ve been having. (Clarified to what my heartbeat is like.)

A: How do you feel when your heart is racing fast.

B: Well, when my heart starts beating really fast, it just feels like a thumping in my chest. It makes me anxious and uncomfortable.

A: Is there anything that relieves the fast heartbeat (Clarified to Does anything relieve your symptoms?.)

B: I haven’t tried anything specific, other than just trying to relax and breathe deep. (Clarified to if anything relieves my symptoms.)

A: Do you take any medications to help you with your symptoms.

B: Nope.

A: What medications are you taking.

B: I have a daily inhaler and a rescue inhaler for my asthma.

A: Are you taking any new medications?

B: Yeah, I have a daily inhaler now that I’ve been using.

A: What’s the name of the medication.

B: The daily inhaler is Flovent, and the rescue inhaler is Proventil.

A: Do you have any new allergies.

B: No, not that I know of.

A: Do you have a history of hypertension.

B: …I’ve never been diagnosed with blood pressure problems. But I think it can be on the high side sometimes.

A: Do you check your blood pressure?

B: Only when I’m here at the clinic.

A: Do you have any health history that would contribute to hypertension (No matching questions found.)

A: Do you have diabetes.

B: Yeah, I was diagnosed a few years ago.

A: Do you have high cholesterol?

B: I’ve never had it tested. My family has problems with high cholesterol, but I don’t think I do.

A: Any history of a heart murmur?

B: No.

A: Do you have health insurance?

B: I have health insurance through work. To be honest, though, I’m not exactly sure what it covers.

A: Are you able to afford your Medications?

B: It wasn’t the cost that was a problem. I just didn’t like taking it.

A: What is your access to healthcare?

B: I have health insurance through my job, so I can go to the doctor if I need to. It’s always a hassle though, so I try to avoid it unless I really have to like right now.

Well, it is just some part of the transcript and if you want to see the complete one, you are able to access Online Nursing Papers site.

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