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Are you looking for information about the Landlady CommonLit answers key? If so, I have the Guiding Questions Landlady CommonLit answers key below according to the CommonLit site. You are able to check the answer key below and also the Landlady review from Quizlet.

  • What type of lodging is Billy looking for?
    a. Luxurious lodging
    b. Lodging with animals
    c. Lodging with a garden
    d. Inexpensive lodging
    Answer: d. inexpensive lodging
  • Why does Billy think that the bed and breakfast looks promising?
    a. There are animals
    b. There are flowers
    c. It is brightly colored
    d. It is crowded
    Answer: a. there are animals
  • What is Billy’s initial reaction to the landlady?
    a. He is afraid of her
    b. He is suspicious of her
    c. He finds her kind
    d. Her finds her too pushy
    Answer: c. he finds her kind
  • Why don’t many people stay at the bed and breakfast?
    a. The landlady is unwelcoming to guests
    b. The bed and breakfast is run down
    c. The landlady is very particular about guests
    d. Non many people visit Bath
    Answer: c. the landlady is very particular about guests
  • Why does Billy think the landlady is a little odd?
    a. She calls him by the wrong name
    b. She is too generous
    c. She will not let Billy leave
    d. She refuses to leave him alone
    Answer: a. she calls him by the wrong name
  • What is abnormal about the boys in the guest-book?
    a. Billy went to school with them
    b. They have uncommon names
    c. They are celebrities
    d. They sound familiar to Billy
    Answer: d. they sound familiar to Billy
  • Why is Billy fixated on the names of the two other guests?
    a. He starts to remember something that happened to them
    b. He saw them not long ago
    c. He knows that the landlady is lying about their whereabouts
    d. The landlady keeps calling Billy by their names
    Answer: a. he starts to remember something that happened to them
  • What does the landlady insist Billy do?
    a. Stay for a few more days
    b. Drink his tea
    c. Have dinner with her
    d. Meet Mr. Mulholland and Mr. Temple
    Answer: b. drink his tea
  • What does this scene suggest about Mr. Temple and Mr. Mulholland?
    a. That they were so happy at the bed and breakfast that they chose never to leave
    b. That the landlady was in love with them, which chased them away
    c. That they were better and friendlier guests than Billy
    d. That something strange happened to them while staying with the landlady
    Answer: d. that something strange happened to them while staying with the landlady
  • What is unusual about animals?
    a. They are stuffed
    b. They are sick
    c. They are mistreated
    d. They are abnormally well behaved
    Answer: a. they are stuffed
  • What is wrong with Billy’s tea?
    a. The cream is bad
    b. The tea is bitter
    c. The tea is poisoned
    d. Billy doesn’t like almonds
    Answer: the tea is poisoned

However, for the assessment questions, I could not find the answer keys and discussion.

The Landlady Review According to Quizlet

According to the Quizlet, here is the Landlady review.

  • What does Billy need when he arrives in Bath?
    Answer: a place to stay
  • Why does Billy go to Bath?
    Answer: To start a new job
  • When he gets to Bath, what is Billy looking for?
    Answer: a place to stay
  • What is the “Bell and Dragon”?
    Answer: the local pub
  • What does Billy see through the window of the boardinghouse?
    Answer: Flowers, a Dachsund lying in front of a fireplace, a parrot in a cage; large, comfortable looking furniture
  • What is Billy’s initial impression of the landlady?
    Answer: she is a nice, motherly figure although a little ‘dotty’ (strange)
  • After showing Billy his room, what does the landlady insist that Billy do?
    Answer: Go back downstairs to sign the guestbook
  • What is unusual about the guest book?
    Answer: there are only two names in the guestbook, and they are from more than a year before. The names in the book look very familiar to Billy.
  • What does Billy notice when he is drinking his tea?
    Answer: It tastes odd, and smells of bitter almonds.
  • What does Billy notice about the landlady’s pets when he goes downstairs?
    Answer: They have been stuffed.
  • Theme
    Answer: One of the most obvious themes is that of appearances versus reality. The landlady is very kind at first to offer Billy his own floor for a very low price, but Billy does not realize that the landlady is very sinister.
  • Rising Action
    Answer: Billy suddenly saw a boarding house with a big sign “BED AND BREAKFAST”. After a while, it seems that he was hypnotized when he decided to sleep at that boarding house although he preferred to sleep at pub a minute before. After that, when Billy press the bell, the Landlady suddenly appear. It is strange because normally when you ring the bell, you have at least a half minute’s wait before the door opens.
  • Conflict
    Answer: Billy felt that there was something wrong with the landlady. When he asks about the two names, the Landlady always interrupts him, as if there was something that she was hiding from him.
  • Climax
    Answer: she gave Billy a cup of tea which smells like almond. Actually, it is a cyanide poison because almond smell is a characteristic of cyanide. Finally, the landlady told him that the dachshund and the parrot are all embalmed dead animals.
  • Resolution
    The author let the readers guess the resolution by themselves, but it is pretty obvious that the almond smelling tea had cyanide in it, and that Billy was to become one of her embalmed pets.
  • Billy Weaver
    Personality – Pretty much a model citizen, he is doing well and he is industrious, smart, thrifty, and not tied down by a family.
    Motivation – Is to seek a job and become successful businessman.
  • The Landlady
    Personality – Described as a Good person with blue gentle eyes. However there is something mysterious about her.
    Motivation – Is unclear when the story begins, she acts kindly to the man that she has never known before by giving him a cheap charge. At the end the landlady’s real motive is to make Billy apart of her art collection.
  • Relationship
    At first we assumed that Billy and the Landlady are just the hotel visitor and the owner, but in the end Billy and the Landlady become the Victim and the Murderer.
  • Point of View
    This story is in third person omniscient because the author does not mention himself in any way.

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